The winners of The Chivery design contest are in….

The competition was stiff and the voting was intense, but in the end there could only be three winners. Thanks to all the Chivers who sent in designs, we were blown away by the level of talent brought by all the finalists. If you didn’t win don’t fret, we will be holding a $1,000 Grand prize t-shirt design contest once a month.

Quick note – The Lucky Indian got DQ’d because it wasn’t an original design.

  • Bob

    Drunk A-Z should have won. In my mind it was more clever and it looked like more work was put into it

    • Derek Jones

      Drunk A-Z was missing a couple of letters….

      • Terrible_Tattoo

        When you're drunk, you tend to forget some letters. I think it should have gone backwards, Z to A, the way the cops make you say it!

    • Derek Jones

      Drunk A-Z was missing a couple of letters….

    • PA2AK

      N & Q missing…almost reason to be dq'd

      • Derek Jones

        that is why it didnt get my vote…

        • Ryan Marie Pendarvis

          N Could've been Numb or Nailed to the Floor.
          Q could've been Quite gone.

          I loved the shirt, but if it's gonna be called Drunk A-Z, it should include all the letters from A-Z. Lol.

    • MassChiver

      #1 Case of the Mondays – Original???

      • @undeadRasputin

        Original design not original idea. The lucky indian image is on tootsie roll pop wrappers

      • opps

        oh snap. thats a bummer. i would def sue if i was the designer of the original.

    • nude queef

      He was too drunk to remember n and q

    • Matt

      Not to happy with the contest some of those shirts aren't orrginalll designs I call BS!!!

  • Ted


    • @immachiver

      and Dummer. just thought i would help you finish your thought about where the 3rd place is from

  • Clabra23

    Buying all three when released. Good stuff

  • Oscar

    The other ones were better.

  • Mike

    Confused on why it says " since 1999 "

    • hitman219

      That is when "Office Space" was released. The inspiration for "A Case of the Mondays".

    • <--- That guy

      Good catch. Dumb and Dumber came out in '94.

      • ^----Dumbass

        Office Space came out in '99.

      • Irrelevant Info Bot

        The Adventures of Pluto Nash came out in '02

        • knotmee

          John came out in '95.

    • Darin B

      thats when Office Space came out

    • Marc Sellers

      Office Space reference which was released in 1999.

    • frank

      office space came out in 1999

    • JTWise

      I think it is because many associate the "case of the mondays" with office space (released in 99)

    • Peanut3603

      It's from the movie Office Space which was released in 1999….. it's referring to "a case of the Mondays"…. has anyone ever said to you "seems like you have a case of the monday's"…

      come on Mike I thought you were better than that..

      • hitman219

        "No,, shit no, man, I'm fraid you'd get yer ass kicked for saying somthin like that…"

        • Kevin Mills

          hey Peter, watch yer cornhole bud.

    • Lok_D

      i think the first 9 replies that are exactly the same response have covered it

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Yeah, but why "1999"?

        • MattyDeuce

          I thought it was a Prince reference

    • Timothy R Harrison

      I think it's an Office Space reference. That's about when it came out.

    • @therealtoot

      Was office space released in 1999?

      • MartiniSteve

        That's the one where they had a British version first, right? Then Steve Carell became the boss, right? Seems like just a few years ago. Back in '99 or sumpin.

  • jackmurph1127

    No, fuck the last two. The Plane one was way better

    • DumbandDumberForever

      The plane one was pretty damn sweet.

    • chip"themeat"hayes

      All three of these are weak. Has the chive turned into some stupid punch line on a $5 shirt i can buy in a souvineer shop at Myrtle Beach. None of the top three can stand with the likes of a BFM.

      • Brellian

        The many have spoken

  • Pops

    Never forget Petey is great!!!!

  • Sal


  • Dustin

    Case of the Mondays, love it. Office Space reference for the win.

    • TheDude

      Sup with your pic man?

      • knotmee

        he's got a case of the uglies.

  • jrk

    I'm pretty sure that it was shown pretty heavily in the comments that the case of the Mondays wasn't original either??

    Congrats to the winners.

    • FishNuts

      so a simple google image search on "Case of the Mondays" popped up this. Now, did they create the t shirt before or after!

    • MrPants

      Well, if you take a look, nothing the chive does is original, just reformatted. from the shirts, to 90% of the content, the KCCO shirt/phrase. The DAR(E) shirts. The Mind the Gap (london underground). Beyond that, they are having chivers design their shirts because no one that "works" there possesses any creativity.

  • @RickvdS

    At least redesign the text, it looks bad :/

    • Curtis Shay

      Agreed, the text needs to be fixed

    • Carter2

      I honestly also like the one better because it puts the "The" on there which I think is more legit. I would buy theirs first, but I would buy BFM before it. I have 2 black on white BFM.

    • offdutygnome

      I like the concept, but redesign the whole thing. I can't believe somebody got paid $1000 to design something that looks like it was faxed from 1999! Although, if I were him, I'd be laughing all the way to the bank. Ha!

    • Snark

      No shit. I'd buy it if it didn't have the apostrophe. It's a "case of the Mondays," not a case of the "Monday's."

      • pinky

        But it's only a 12 pack

  • ThaGnome

    i dont think #2 is original either ive seen it before but with marijuana termanology.

    • McChiver

      There is one at Spencer's that is in the shape of a marijuana leaf, and has all the different names for weed on it. But this shirt is still original.

    • johnny

      who the fuck says yahtzee?

      • JHL1

        People with 5 of a kind.

  • MOAR

    I still want a "Lucky Indian". Where can I buy one?

  • Mightyboosh79

    RIP Petey, may you find happiness with the snow owl

    • Awesome

      They should do a woman's shirt with two snow owls perfectly placed with a note stating "Nice Set of Hooters You Got There"

      • Mightyboosh79


  • Ben Petersen

    So the Drunk A – Z is missing the letter N and Q. just saying

    • Nikki.R

      hahaha i noticed that too… theres gotta be drunk words for N and Q!! maybe the guy was drunk when he designed it??

      • Q&N?

        I got so Native last night. I was so drunk I was Quagmired, I would've fucked anything that moved.

    • Ethix_

      Noggy or Numb for N, Quenched for Q. They're not all that common, but applicable.

    • Carter2

      the V is also a cop out.

    • it'sAme..mario

      oh man i didnt even notice that……kinda dont wanna buy it now, i know some ass will call me out on it

  • caleb

    Get some more Canada KCCO and Military in stock, stat.

  • Endo

    I think the "Case of the Mondays" date should be, whenever work hours were established during the industrial revolution. You know, when work became 9-5 Monday-Friday. Someone look that up and make that happen.

    • Endo

      1937 – Fair Labor Standards Act creating the 40 work week
      1940 according to ask yahoo or…
      When at the beginning of time, when God created the Sabbath and you rested and went back to "work" the next day. Technically I think the Sabbath is Saturday but who cares in this case.

      • Endo

        I like to comment on message boards just to hear myself type.

  • Lok_D

    wanted that lucky indian shirt, cool idea

    • Boomer

      My friend submitted that shirt. You can find him at

      • MartiniSteve

        My friend IS that shirt.

        • FunKiller

          That shirt is my friend……

      • I don't know

        So your friend is the one who plagerized another persons work? Cool.

  • Tim

    I like Drunk A – Z the most for sure…… case of the mondays…. "Since 1999" is on a different plane than the rest of the front of the case. looks weird, don't like it

    • mikeltn

      A-Z is a horrible choice. I would be embarrassed to wear it around my family. theChive isn't exactly PC, but atleast I don't feel ashamed for sharing it with my family

      • Tim

        Well sir I guess we've got different levels of embarrassment or shame! I'm sure I've got worse t-shirts at home. In fact I know I do. I appreciate the design in "Drunk A-Z". I'd wear it.

      • FunKiller

        I've been every letter drunk around my family……they still like me (I think).

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  • Michael Mckissick

    I am not really sure why the a-z is even here, it is not a-z!!

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Pretty sure #3 is breach of copyright…

    • JAYZ

      Whats copyrighted on it? Its a clear referance to the movie sure but the name petey and a quote from a movie wouldn't be copyrighted.

      • Jouhker

        It's been done before, not original. No issues with copyrights, just copying.

        • Stevenb

          Its similar, but not exact. Always different variations of shirts out there. Not 100% original, i can agree with theat.

          No copyright, doesnt say dumb and dumber anywhere. The words petey and a pic of a bird with his head taped on, arent copyrighted lol.

          • Stevenb


    • knotmee

      pretty sure the chive doesn't give a shit.

  • Alex

    Should show the lucky indian pic

  • Craig

    A – Z…. where's the letter N?

    • Caity

      Or Q?

    • Ashley

      And Q?

    • Tippsy McStagger

      It's inbetween the "b" and the "m", just above the space bar.

    • GFA

      yeah that shirt sucks it doesn't even use all the letters

    • pinky

      Please, the less N's the better if you ask me.

  • davidhendu

    Monday's with an apostrophe? What does the Monday own? Pretty sure theCHIVE fucked this whole contest up. Go ahead and thumbs down this shit. But all these shirts are knock offs and I think I'll go but the grammatically correct case of the mondays shirt at cafe press where it has been available for 3 years and won't cost 40 Dollars. Big disappointment.

    • Kaleb

      The monday has an apostrophe because it’s suposed to be a brand. Not a litteral case of Mondays. I.e. “monday’s brewing company”

      • grumpy

        No, but nice try. It's a pun on the phrase, "A Case of the Mondays." So the word is not possessive, it's plural. It's a bogus apostrophe on the shirt, and davidhendu is right.

        • Guy

          No, Kaleb is right and the case of Beer is supposed to be branded. The brand being something like Monday's Brewing Company. Just as mentioned. It can both represent a brand and be a pun.

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