The winners of The Chivery design contest are in….

The competition was stiff and the voting was intense, but in the end there could only be three winners. Thanks to all the Chivers who sent in designs, we were blown away by the level of talent brought by all the finalists. If you didn’t win don’t fret, we will be holding a $1,000 Grand prize t-shirt design contest once a month.

Quick note – The Lucky Indian got DQ’d because it wasn’t an original design.

  • Eric

    1999 was the year Office Space was released

  • Wil Ray

    I was really hoping for the 'Free Hugs Cactus"… Oh well. 😀

  • Stevenb

    #3 – my fav.

    I understand drinking is, 'the thing to do' but I dont want to wear clothes about drinking, seems childish..


  • Miles

    I feel like the Monday's logo should have been on a vacuum cleaner cause everybody knows Mondays suck!

  • Anthony

    Lucky Indian should have won.

  • nick3

    yeah, i don't think there's a letter "N."
    unless i'm missing the boat, the t-shirt is selfed



  • Eric

    I'll be there

  • Eat my ass

    These all suck. That is all

  • this guy

    There’s no Q or N in the a-z?!?!?

  • Kaleb Sweet

    Wish the Tootsie Wrapper Indian won =( I woulda bought that shirt.

  • Bill

    THose are all bad

  • Jay Mike


    • Troll'ed

      You'll still buy each one of them in the hope that a "chivette" will spot you in one and you'll have your first conversation with a girl

  • davidhendu

    Never bought my chive shirts from other sites but now I'm thinking it's not such a bad idea. These are counterfeit themselves, so obviously they have no moral stand against it. Out of 600??? Really? Are we to believe these knockoffs were the best designs? This thing really needs to be done over. Give the unoriginal Chivers thier pocket change and do yourselves a favor and don't saturate theCHIVERY with this garbage.

  • JMac

    IMHO, these are all pretty lame designs. Instead of wasting time, they should just print more KCCO, Chive and Murray shirts since they are always out of stock.

    • davidhendu

      Well they can't do that then those shirts wouldn't be as exclusive. People like those shirts because not everyone can have one. What they need to do is let the CHIVERS decide what shirts get added. Not let someone choose the 10 that their research says will sell the most. Now we are stuck with this horse shit in theCHIVERY and every time you see them you will know that all of these shirts have been done before. The Peety theme was a good idea, but the design is fuck ugly. And the other two are both alcohol related. Which don't get me wrong I like drinking. But i also like sleeping, yet I'm not wearing it as a badge of honor. "Case of the mondays" Already exist in several other online stores. I can't get over how piss poor of a job was done here.

  • Gringo Mohommed

    all lame

  • Gringo Mohommed

    Chive you starting to become lame.. No really.. What will you do when the sheep become wolves.. ?

  • grumpy

    #1 – can you at least edit out the apparent apostrophe?
    It's one thing that half the internet doesn't seem to understand how to use them, but let's not preserve the error on a Chive shirt.

  • Adam

    Case of Mondays is a good idea, but couldn't the artist take the time to skew the text to match the perspective? Rookie mistake sir.

  • zTom

    The 3rd one is OKish, the other 2 are completely crap.

    Globally, awful top 3.

  • Rob DeNivo

    All three are stolen from other designs. Google them and you'll find them. As a designer whose had his work claimed by others to be their own it's a pretty shitty thing to do.

  • Lori

    From my 16-year-old yesterday while scrolling the Chive for cool t-shirts to start the school year off:
    "Why is everything I want sold out? Fuck you Chive! This is some bullshit right here!" <walks away in anger>
    I'm sure many Chivers feel his pain.

    #1 – like the concept, but does that say "Monday's" or "Mondays" Can't buy it if it is the former.
    #2 – appears to have a letter missing there . . . "nausea"
    #3 – i hate birds and i will choose to forget Petey

  • Frank Taylor

    Fuckin a man. Y'all are like a bunch of women on your damn periods. Calm the fuck down. KCCO

  • FishNuts

    This looks pretty "Mondayesk:"
    do a quick google image search on "Case of the Mondays", you will have to go a page deep. If your lazy


    really is there much out there that hasn't already been done???

  • Keith Smith

    Not any…a) don't drink, b) don't think they're very clever, c) others better – sorry cHIVE, you lost this round…

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