Wow, she seems friendly (36 photos)

  • HariboEggs

    Miranda Kerr is my mrs, she just doesn't know it yet 😦

  • BigSchem

    Wow, with the exception of a couple pictures…this is by far my favorite female-pic post…way to set the bar high Chive

  • hank1231

    why is her face so much lighter than the rest of her body?

  • jodyforla

    #19 is the beginning of a porn i've only dreamed about –
    " its so hot out here"
    " i know lets put tanning lotion on"
    " okay you do me and I'll do you"

  • Craig

    #2 awesome

  • Neil

    #3 God if looks can kill…

  • Justin

    No.13 – it is your mission to find her.

    Just stunning. And that hair, mm mm.

  • straightnochaser

    #1 #7 #9 #13 WOW DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

  • geo0202

    #33 Roll Mother Fucking Tide!

  • lebelge

    #11 #33 #46 moar moar moar…please

  • ryder long

    #12 is a victoria justice/winnie cooper hyrid.

  • man terra 90

    How to define several excellent poetry blogs as well as sites to create magazine blog posts?

  • Llcoolmatt

    Grew up in ft laud with #4 her name is Stacy Cole. Cool chick. Dated a few of her friends. I think she's married and lives in Pittsburg now

  • bill

    omg.#15 she is sooo beautiful. yummy,yummy,lick.

  • AmericoPolk

    #12 Awesome very friendly

  • Bastrol

    Ladies… absolutely amazing, each and everyone.

  • Bryce

    Dear Chive,
    Can you find ALL of these girls for me.
    Thanks, Bryce

  • absure2

    all so beautiful thanks ladies

  • willie

    # 3 for the win

  • C...

    much much moar #3 she should have her own gallery and lets not forget #9 omfg

  • Adrian

    #11 beautiful

  • Steven

    #2,#7,&#10 good job being beautiful

  • Telephone Man

    The "come hither" looks are great, but the smiles are to die for.

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