Babies that don’t suck (30 photos)

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    […] Babies.  They’re the cutest things besides your Grandparents that crap their pants on a daily basis. (thechive) […]

  • bob

    the face on #10 CLASSIC 🙂

  • JovieJov

    #6 that's my nephew.. Future chiver and next great DJ/entertainer

  • quailman8907

    Stay Calm and Chive!

  • not you

    Gay post. Kids suck. Especially other peoples kids.

  • Chiven

    #30 Haha, this guy

  • sugeknight

    #23 – yo somebody wanna make sure that baby dont die?

  • AFE

    Hey Chive…thanks for not including the aweeome picture of my son. Bastards.

  • MUpde

    #26 WEBSTER!!!

  • Heath

    #20 Raising em right in a nice Olds!

  • Jrg

    #22 MOAR!!

  • Chrissy

    #11 He is so adorable. My son rocks and I am so glad we have taught him well. Thank you Chive for posting his picture in here 🙂

  • Sethiroth

    #22 is chocolate wasted

  • JoeFIII

    #13 da fux dude, that was not me… that shit was all you.

  • UnsweetC

    #26 John Woo called- he's got a role lined up for you in about 20 years!

  • Brad

    Thats my BOY!

  • bkfrijoles

    #6 Techno Baby

  • Tony

    Boobies that dontt suck

  • Yurr

    #24 Thank you for gracing us with your presence, gorgeous humans…

  • NP1972



  • Irwin

    #26 LEGEN (wait for it) DARY

  • Very Funny Pictures

    Really nice and cute kids.

  • Drew Necaise

    #9 "Milk? From COWS?!?! Da Fuq did I just hear?!?"

  • thevillian

    #21 Reef? as in, coral reef? stupid name

  • Kansas2002

    #29 YEA LILLI!

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