Bota Bota is no ordinary ferry (30 Photos)

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  • BOATS!


    • BOAT!


    • Lolasaurus

      GTFO and grow up.

      • BOOOOATS!


        • skyfireCO

          Becky impression from How I Met Your Mother?

        • Lolasaurus

          GTFO and go drown on a craptastic inflatable duck.

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  • IrishInNJ

    But do they serve Poutine?

    • Verbal_Kint

      yes, but they call it roasted baby carrots with a balsamic glaze and tofu "curds"… So, i guess, no…

  • Russel Strawser-Fox

    i like this

  • Unfkngblvbl

    Build's spa to fight cold temps………………..puts pool and showers outside.

    • M T L

      Look at pic #28.
      Far left condo, top floor. My house.
      Not kidding.

  • electric boogalo

    So it's a $10M hot tub and a sauna?

  • Berryrules

    Montréal rules !!!

  • vagabond

    Boats & hoes!

  • Jeff

    I never implied that. get out of chive, dbag. Darrelly does not KCCO.

    • Applefish


      • Boomer Sooner

        Damn it, I don't want racist/offensive stuff on here, but now I want to know what it said hah.

  • Yeah

    Chive, can't you do something about this??

  • RW Griswold

    #9… really? they couldn't have waited 2 seconds for her to move out of the shot, or asked her not to move if they wanted her in the shot?

  • Sean Cyphers

    How long before the place starts to smell, like a dead fish in a sweat sock?

    • bob

      Not long, then they just move it to France!

    • heywood jablowme

      that depends on whether or not you plan on visiting.

  • Fred Masse

    J’habite à 10 minutes de ce spa et je ne le savais même pas.

    • chuck

      whats that fred??? you pooped in the refrigerator???? and you ate a whole wheel of cheese????

      • MylesofStyles

        He said that he lives 10 minutes from this place and doesn't even know it…and that he passed a whole wheel of cheese out his ass.

  • twoedges

    can you get a happy ending at this spa is my only question

    • william

      nop lol only if u bring ur own bitch

  • Kcruz09

    I would never want to get out. Air is fuckin cold.

  • Joel BigSlice St-Pierre

    Right beside my workplace!

  • Dave

    Chive on from Montreal!!

  • Anthony Hadley

    One more reason I love Montreal.

    • Nascar69

      Name another reason to love it?

      • william


  • DemonIAm

    #9 And apparently, this place is haunted.

    • Wagonist

      ….by a 1920's era woman's prison inmate?

  • CallMe Maybe

    Where is the vending machine for the ketchup chips?

  • Nascar69

    Habs still suck! And they don't speak English at the spa, why do I have french on all my stuff in Alberta. Double standard.

    • Seb

      Go suck Harper's dick with your Canadians redneck friends.

      • btown

        nice to see Canadian politcs on the chive message board
        -Burlington Chiver

    • Wagonist

      It is doubtful that they do not speak english at the Spa. If you've ever been to Montréal (which I'm willing to bet you haven't) you'd know that it is actually a fairly bilingual city (depending on what neighbourhoods you go to). Besides, it would not be in the companies best interest to alienate potential clientele from the UK, or the US.

    • heywood jablowme

      my Canada includes Quebec, but, not necessarily all Quebecers.

    • Cassy

      Wow, ever been to Montreal? Most people speak english and will be more than happy to help you out in your mother tongue. And if their english is limited, they'll still try to help you out. It's one of the friendliest and most fun cities ever!

  • papafix

    Read carefully, you bastard. If Montreal is what it is right now, it's because of the francophones. We have our own culture, and our language. Calling us frogs is considered a big insult, and is a form of hate against our whole society.

    • Larry

      Lighten up, Francois.

    • hmcse

      A lot of people in your province are constantly pissing people in the rest of the country off, so what do you expect? You have your culture of annoyingness, political extortion and blackmail and we'll have our culture of being sick and tired of it all.

      • Cassy

        'Cause Harper is doing Canada any good???

  • Kzo

    Speak french.
    Doesn't matter, had sex.

  • dick

    why u trick us with "…everything you’d expect from a spa plus the beautiful view" and then no sho hot girls?!

    • Dave

      Come to Montréal my friend, I promise, you wont be desapointed

  • Retired Navy

    2 Things that need fixing to make this a real hit:
    1. A real bar
    2. Spell "Boat" properly (Bota???)

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