I’d hang that on my wall (33 photos)

  • Buck

    Ha, I actually have the Kramer. Easily one of my top 5 possessions.

  • Superman

    I must have #11 and #29. Anyone know where I can get a large print or canvas print? I will be forever in your debt.

  • http://twitter.com/pyrosis pyrosis

    I like #8 for some reason.

  • Baba Booey

    #1-that's friggin awesome!
    #20-now that would of made the first 3 Star Wars episodes even better. "Say what again motherfucker I dare ya!"

  • naluukti

    Chive, Y U no have this in HQ?!

  • bill

    #25 and #28 can i get those on posters or shirts???!

  • Fuxslutzbutz

    need full size images!!!! …FUCK!

  • PDXChiver

    These should be sold in theChivery

  • Mike M

    #25 – Glad to see they made the list.

  • Swarley

    #9 #11 #16 #17 #32

  • chilly

    I'll judge those who sin different than me when their sin is directed at me.

  • Jason

    #7 The amazing thing that will happen is… Your employer will push you to work even harder and never give you a raise because of the economy!! I think its called being taken advantage of!! Go America!!

  • NameHere

    Mind the Gap?

  • Jay

    I've seen #21 on here on several occasions. Gets better every time! Has anyone found this lovely wet creature?

  • Brick

    #30 ok so like rapists and murderers? that makes sense.

  • https://www.facebook.com/juan.banda.716 Juan Banda

    #20 and #33…helped me look for a better tomorrow

  • Friederich

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