I’m not a vegetarian because… carnivores (22 Photos)


    #22 Nothing beats butcher shop bacon!

  • CaboWabo


    Tommy likes wingies!!!!

  • gs425

    #6 Mmmmm MOAR

  • bob

    #6 #10 #19 Yes please

  • Tanishab

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  • naturemade

    Good thing I smoked ribs today…..

  • durr

    i'm not a vegetarian because tastebuds and oxygen.

  • Darren

    These posts are one Instagram filter away from being hipster.

  • Circe

    #1 Beans on a sammich? Seriously?

  • tricky7373

    I think i just blew my load…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/miguel.alvarez.969 Miguel Alvarez

    Hump DAR then this…First my screen was sticky NOW my keyboards all wet, thanks CHIVE!!

  • r151

    This post reminded me that it's shark week. God, I'm so hungry right now…

  • kylecali

    Having a hard time getting through this post because I tried to make the bacon wrapped cheeseburger (a different variation) last night. It's been almost 8 hours and I know I'm still digesting it.

  • bob

    arent you supposed to label porn posts as nsfw???? haha

  • beerbelly

    Hey Chive, Hows about some fuckin recipes!!! Good lawd #1 looks good.

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #10 #21 soooo yummy

  • Sam

    Meat is murder….tasty, tasy murder

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    I want one of all of them!!!!

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  • 0_0

    #21 Wait you can make ribs in a crock pot. Woot!

  • Luimi_

    sponsored by ORBIT lol

  • Smokey Joe

    #1 – #22
    Pure. Sex.

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