Man rebuilds himself bionic hands after tragic DIY accident (8 Photos)


  • Alej

    I don't I understand… How did this guy make the hands?

    • Lickher

      Be thankful if you never have to find out.

      • chesterdrawers

        "be thankful" fag…

        • MickeyFig

          hahahahahaha no shit

    • Jokes

      Why do you think it took 8 years…toes and tongue

    • Whorebait

      I dont think he did, im pretty sure it was Winrey, im pretty sure this guy is Edward Elirc, otherwise known as Full Metal

      • logan87k

        i see what you did there…

    • K1ngk0n

      Mind =blown *poof*

    • Juan David Arias

      Is there anyway we, the chive, can help him?

  • bagofrocks

    Ouch and awesome!

  • Jim

    How did he build them without any hands?!?

    • Twilightsucks

      with his frickin' eyelids. That's dope.

    • Santiago Canchola

      Hahaha That's a good one!^^^^

  • IrishInNJ

    Didn't Edward Scissorhands' father have a heart attack?

  • GeekyTex

    Somehow that makes the birdhouse I made less impressive……

  • MylesofStyles

    How good could they be? They're made in China.

    • Woop

      What do you mean Doc, all the best stuff is made in …China

      • Deep Dish

        *Japan. If you're gonna quote it, do it right.

        • Woop

          Oh dont understand the joke. But yes, the original quote is "Japan".

        • Chorel

          WHOOSH! Right over yer head. the dots my boy!

    • sirwiggelz

      Your iPhone is made in China

  • Master_Rahl

    #5 #6 #7 DIY Cyborg action, eh? I can dig it. Pretty cool what a little determination and 8 years can do. Plus, he can get back to the little things in life, family, work and rockin' the harmonica.

  • 13 original colonies

    how does he fap? my sex life would be ruined.

    • FunKiller

      Hah, veeeeeery carefully!

    • Sophia

      With WD40

    • LarryBirdsJ

      this guy built himself hands while he had no hands, pretty sure he could get a chick to take care of such things

    • Underbaker

      Why do you think he was so inspired to build the hands?

  • Monzer

    Never give up

  • captainmalcolm


  • tv_paul

    #4 #5 Tony Stark's Iron Man got nothing on this guy, Steampunk Sun Jifa.

  • @Sjd99

    This guy is a bad ass.

  • GernBlansten

    Wait, China doesn't have socialized medicine?!?

    • Jonathan Michell

      ironic isnt it

    • Lolasaurus

      Unfortunately in China if you don't have money, you can forget about getting treatment from hospitals.

  • Chubain

    Man with no arms "makes" prosthetic arms so he can work. Something does not add up here…

    • fred

      Must not be a liberal

  • moondog

    #3 Why would he not build a bed?

    • kryvian

      because sleeping in a raised bed isn't a global tradition. some sleep on the ground on some puffy blankets, some sleep on the ground in dirt huts and so on.

    • Perose

      Just 100 years ago people in the US slept on their backs, knees bent with feet flat on the bed. You can still find antique beds today and they are much shorter than beds today for this reason. Every culture sleeps differently.

  • Tuttified

    #5 Loses hands in DIY accident, DIY's new hands.

  • CallMe Maybe


    • Cut

      Finally an Evil Dead reference!

    • p-nutz

      Came here for this.

  • Wisti

    this guy is incredible…I'm paying thousands of dollars to become a mechanical engineer and it would take thousands more for a masters degree before I could do that…

    • Marc Para

      As an engineer, you are probably never going to be able to do what he did. You will sure be able to check your spreadsheets and sign off on a millwrights hours as he re-engineers your drawing and build the unit himself.


      • blah

        Then you suck at engineering retard

  • Charles Xavier

    *Telepathic High-Five*

  • Popple

    #7 Forever and all eternity whenever anyone uses the phrase "like a boss" they are referring to this man.

  • Ash

    Hail to the king baby.

  • swviper

    If he's not careful, #1, he's going to need to make a prosthetic something else…..

    • Tiger

      It kind of looks like that's what he's working on

  • Joe Dinger

    I hate being a few days behind on the chive, I get post after post and then I just have to wait. It's like watching a show on a dvr, skipping the commercials and catching up to live tv. Its still good, but now I have to wait.

    • Fog DUcker

      Just take a good 2-3 hours at work like I do to power chive and bingo, all caugt up!

  • Melvin A. Fisher

    Impressive engineering, but hard to feel bad for someone who blows their hands off in an effort to fish via explosive. Making a net seems much safer than making a bomb.

    • Samhedi

      Yeah, Karma is a bitch. Fishing with explosives destroys the entire lake ecosystem eventually. I have no sympathy.

      • Reality

        This isn't some first-world resort he's living in. Do you think he was fishing with explosives just because he's one of those fat, lazy Chinese guys who couldn't be bothered to build a net? Look at this guy! I dare say most of the things he does on a daily basis are out of dire necessity. It's easy to be an armchair environmentalist when you don't have to actually do anything for yourself.

    • Joshua

      Please, by using a computer you do the same thing. Look up tungsten, and how it's processed.

  • gadget

    go go gadget hands!

    • HonoluluChiver


      Give me some sugar baby.

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