Man rebuilds himself bionic hands after tragic DIY accident (8 Photos)


  • Turd F.

    Someone's watched Army of Darkness one too many times.

  • Mitch may

    I can’t even put together my Ikea dresser, and my hands are fine.

  • craIl

    he makes Chubbs Petersen look like a Chump

  • Neu

    Awesome. But seriously blast fishing? Pretty dangerous stuff and bad for the environment.

  • Matt Stoltz

    I understand creating a pulley system or whatever to make the hand close, but what is he doing to make that happen?

    • adMANistrator

      the force, duh

    • Nick Thomas

      …wondering the same thing

  • Anonymous

    Are you Sarah Connor?

  • rikooprate

    "…Sarah Connor?"

  • SteveO

    That's why God made fishing poles…

  • Dmac

    Do ya think when he put the hands on, that he looked at the camera and said " groovy." Real life Ash FTW.

  • Lolasaurus

    This is an example of "If you think you've got it bad, be grateful that it could have been worse". I salute this gentleman as he did it all like a boss… Too bad we (chivers & The Chive) should get him a KCCO t shirt!

    • Matt

      Yeah totally!! Cause a rural peasant from a foreign country who could give shyte about you or the retarded websites you waste your life on would upon recieving a shirt MADE IN HIS COUNTRY by sweatshop labour feel as though even though he has no hands and works to survive harder than you or I will ever understand, as though he could keep on carrying on through life. All thx to the chive.

      Why not call him a hero like that cannon fodder Taylor Morris, and assuage your guilt for a $5 fee?

  • zighawk73

    Once again putting First World problems into perspective.

  • @swiftenhaal

    And then he teamed up with Sonya Blade and entered Mortal Kombat.

  • Darrelly

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  • JohnD

    Good work, now you can continue fishing with explosives so that the fishery is destroyed by the time your children are your age.

  • TigerLily2012

    Don't blast fish!! Lets start there.

  • William Spencer

    This is really cool wow.


    now gimmie a reason that people cant get up and kick ass everyday!!!! kcco my dude that f@&king kicks ass

  • joemac12

    jamie lannister

  • Khaqan Javaid Qazi

    Seems a bit near to impossible but, since this one man did do this. It proves that humans can accomplish anything they set themselves on. Very impressive work.

  • lindy919

    This is the first fishing story I've heard where the fish won.

  • Rubes27

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  • svp

    imagine what he could do with the right materials and right work place

  • Baba Booey

    Wonder what it feels like when he jerks off with those? Redefines the term stranger

  • Picoecho

    # 1 looks like he created a bionic NOB also

  • Don Rickles

    Apparently a nationalized health care program isn't necessary if you refuse to let your problems define you.

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