Mind is officially blown (36 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    #14 as I always say I’m a vegetarian in the second degree.

  • Reginald

    Haha.. very clever, it took me a while but

    1. pick #
    2. #x2 = even number
    3. even number + 5 = odd number
    4. odd number x 50 = xx50
    5. add 1762 or 1761 to xx50 = xx12 or xx11
    6. subtract birth year… xx12 can be 2012… this year…
    7. there's your age.

    • Rett

      Mother of God …

    • Aaron

      Buzz kill, lol j/k

  • somebody

    #14 as I always say I'm vegetarian in the second degree

  • SinisteR

    #33 Was there words on this photo or something, I didnt notice.

  • tv_paul

    #33 It lost me at number one realizing how much of my life is devoted to this.


    #13 #33 what the hell man?

  • putnam120

    #33, "simple math". The first 4 steps are just to get you a multiple of 100 plus 50. Then the next 2 steps boil down to doing 2012 – (year you were born).

    This all falls apart if you're 100 or older though.

    • Aaron

      Yeah, well if you're a 100 or older it falls apart at step 1, sorry

    • ToothyisaFaG

      I will still be fappin way past 100!

  • diz

    #25 You forgot Indigo Plateau. NOW your mind is blown.

  • Qwixel

    #33 – I fucking LOVE the math behind that one. awesome job to whoever worked it out.

  • Darrelly

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  • http://www.facebook.com/iamboredatwork MasterDrank


  • Wanker

    #33 My number was 4 digits long, is that good or bad?

    • Tugger

      I had the same problem. "Forever Alone" never seemed so real.

      • AAWWYeah

        It's not the number of TIMES you fap, it's the number of DAYS on which you do it. So, twice in one day still counts as only one day.

        • silky

          what if you fap right on 12:00AM, does that count as this morning or last night? and which time zone are we using, GMT or local time? I need help with this to calcumalate shit

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.eck.50 Joe Eck

    #33 is clearly witchcraft.
    Also, #36 is awesome.

  • bigcityreem

    #33 Is that Sasha Grey? I was too busy staring at the pic to do any calculations.

    • Pete

      like you don't know

  • vegasnites

    I knew when I saw Jenna do that last week we'd be seeing her on The Chive… 🙂

    (And I think she got them done.. I don't think they were that big a year or so back)


    • vegasnites

      Oh and give Jenna a chance.. sometimes her stuff isn't that great but sometimes it's fucking hilarious.

  • Catzb

    #33 What amazing sorcery is this…lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/heyitscarlos Carlos Rodriguez

    #33 works because the number of days you fap a week is irrelevant to the rest of the equation.

    Not very mind blowing, just a cheap trick.

  • JTW

    #4 because folding up a stroller without mechanical assistance is so hard

  • Jeff

    #30 – Google > Apple, hands down.

    • Aaron

      …Except for all the numbers shown in this picture. If you're gonna argue that point, why cite a source that says you're wrong?

  • Scott

    # 33


  • Sean

    #33 Ha! My result was a FOUR digit number where the last two digits were my age. That's right, bitches! Cruising through mid life and still whacking it just as hard!

  • http://www.facebook.com/zeb.westrom Zeb Westrom

    #27 Did anyone else thing of Portal when they saw this?

  • Josh

    #33 I got 4,522. Crazy how they know my age…

    • Josh

      Well that sucks, after looking at the rest of the comments, my idea was already used. 😦

  • https://www.facebook.com/JohannOyama Ricardus Rodríguez

    #33 What kind of sorcery is that??

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #36 boobs…

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