People who are proud they shed the pounds (33 Photos)

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  • Christopher DeMunbrun

    You only live once….you might as do it with 100% sexy and swag. Awesome job to everyone featured!

    • LP0716

      Keep your YOLO and SWAG off theCHIVE!

    • Tim

      Yolo and swag in the same sentence. Yep.

    • meh

      Swag?? Really? Is this Mtv or some other shit like that?

    • @dbumbaco

      Whata tool

    • Robin

      The douche(or Russian) version of Bane without his mask

      • Bane

        the douche version of Bane is still a compliment. please revise your comment.

  • chim richels

    #3 – Dude lost weight and turned into some weird Willem Dafoe/Jim Carrey in The Mask hybrid

    • dusty0601

      That's ripped!

      • aodsian

        ripped, but he should have kept the real smille

    • Guest

      BEAST MODE!!

  • humperdink

    Congrats to all the ladies in the gallery, you all look stunning!

    • noodle

      What about the men ? they look ultra fabulous too

      • Cecil

        Thank you kind person.

    • Schmeilsson

      #26 BEACHED WHALE!!!

      • Dustin Kuik

        You sir, you are a dick.

        • mastrrob

          Just a dick, not a sir.

          • meh

            Nah, not a dick or a sir. He's garbage.

            • This.

              A dick gets laid..and let's face it, he doesn't…

      • richmackin

        My condolences to you for whatever made your life such that this is what your best attempt at public discourse is. May you find meaning to your life, a better sense of humor, and a more thorough mastery of language.

  • Nantz

    Hats off to all of you for your hard work!

    • None

      The was so much potential for a Sarah Jessica Parker joke in this gallery…. utterly wasted.

    • Woody

      You can lose the weight, but some can't lose the ugly !!!

  • Shap


    • IrishInNJ

      Fail much?

      • Shap

        Daily, thanks

        • Trevor Muxlow


          • Shap


  • mike

    Awesome, congrats to these people

    • Levian

      Congrats to all of then for getting healthy!

  • Monzer

    Well done everyone!!!

    • Mr. Eggi Weggs

      Now if all the other fat asses in the world would take notice..

  • Chris Quagliata

    That is seriously awesome!!! Keep it up.

  • suck me dry

    suck me all the way off

    • AboutGorramTime

      You're an idiot.

      • anony

        do it, do it now

    • Shoshanna Dreyfus

      I don't know if I can handle all 3 inches…

    • Red

      You forgot "like my mommy used to".

    • SlutBag

      Well, whip it out..

    • Penis Wrinkle

      That's be like feeding a tic-tac to the former fatty in #9

    • Yuuup


  • Mlopez

    Primero Cabrones !

    • ChiSide


  • crustybubblechunks

    #1 Holy crap! Awesome job, you look great!

    • Deep Dish


    • just saying

      I don't know. I mean physically she looks great, but there's something about the eyes and that smile. Looks like someone I would not want to cross.

      • DUBU2DEATH

        Great FLBP but that "Im ready to kill everyone that didnt like me before" look. I see it too.

        • Jim

          You guys are nuts. That's about the sexiest look I've seen all day.

    • Si1entStatic

      Congrats and you look great but, seriously how do you not have any loose skin or folds from losing that much weight?

      there's got to be a limit on how much one's skin will tighten up, right? (serious question)

      • Zapbabyphat

        Hi I am the girl in photo one. I actually did this weight loss journey twice. I gained the weight when I had major complications during my first pregnancy and I lost it (121 lbs) in a year and a half. Then chose to do it all over again for my second little blessing. During my second pregnancy I had the same complications and same weight gain. I lost 123 lbs in ten months the second time round. AFTER dropping all the weight I did have a tummy tuck done on my stomach. There was no way the elasticity would have ever fixed it.

    • titsmghee

      i like your boobs

  • thatgirl

    Thats what im talking about! great job! people need to realize you can't be attractive if you are fat^_^

    • HumpDan

      If only more people believed that you can't be attractive when you're that stupid.

    • nathybaby

      Go sleep

    • Daniel Calugan

      Wow… you are a major idiot…. There are plenty of bigger people that look attractive the way they are, skinny CAN be gross. These people made a decision to get healthy and that's what they should be applauded for, not for being more attractive to what our social norm says.

      • Kristen

        Says the fat fuck.

        • drea619

          SAYS THE BITCH

        • JHL1

          Kristen blows…. but not in the good way.

        • Daniel Calugan

          Yea, I'm fat, I was 280 now I'm 230 and working through it so what of it? At least I can admit my flaws, now your turn!

    • nonick

      The keyword is healthy…

    • 5eagles

      It's Paula…she just didn't take the time to log in.

      • chesterdrawers

        fatty fatty 2×4 cant fit thru the kitchen door

  • ChivetteLover

    I think I know #11 from high school but can't remember her name – – – if you went to CN in Columbus, Indiana, congrats!

  • frankie

    #1 kept the boobs!!! Awesome!

    • Christopher Lang

      Pretty sure the new ones are fake. I'll take it!

  • tralfaz

    #3 But I like beer.

    • beersafriend

      to Miller 64, to Miller 64, we drink our piss, we fuck our chicks to Milllllller 6444444!

      • strue

        Miller 64 is not beer, it's reconstituted alcoholics' piss.

    • dusty0601

      You can still drink beer. Everything in moderation.

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      She won't last long now he looks like that….

      • Woop

        True story

        • hey now

          She could be in the midst of her own transformation

          • Kristen

            "…her own double meat double cheese extra large pizza."

            • thedude325

              Seriously, he looks like he joined the Navy Seals.

  • jimctu

    #1 very nice… :)<img src="; width="1" height="1"/><img src="; width="1" height="1"/>

  • J.P. Mart

    Great jon everyone! Keep it going. Except #23 – Don't get any skinnier, you'll disappear.

    • Sad Panda

      It looks like she turned Asian with that weight loss

      • Jimmy

        Yeah, Great jon everybody

  • Katie O

    whoa! Watch out world we have ACTUAL badasses over here!! Way to go!
    I still have a few to go and maybe I'll finally be ready to post my chivette pic. 🙂 70 down 20 to go!!

    • JimBob SŦeen

      Keep it up! What program are you doing?

      • Katie O

        I ride the pole constantly and smoke wiener daily!

        • Kristen

          Hahahahaha. I bet it's a black wiener too…black dudes love the fat whities.

          • drea619


    • Trixi

      Awesome!! Congratulations on your loss so far!

    • SouthernRebel18B

      Keep Calm and Exercise On! I don't know you, but I'm proud as hell of you!


      Keep it up. Chivette gif at the top of the Rocky steps. You can do it.

  • Hazel

    Nice work! Can one of you come and help me stay motivated and help me get in shape?! Please? Baby weight is really hard to get off a 32 year old body – I am so impressed with all of you!

    • dusty0601

      Hazel, while I won't tell you it is or isn't hard, if you keep telling yourself that excuse it's going to make it harder for you.
      All it really takes is commitment, discipline, patience, and a little hard work.
      If all these Chivers can do it, so can you.

    • Guest

      Just keep at it! My wife is 36 and has now lost ALL of the baby weight from the three beautiful children she carried. Remember the same thing I told her – you ARE strong. You are a mother. You can do anything.

      • Kristen

        You ARE a fag. You are a cunt. You can't do anything…and I feel bad for your kids.

        • Osgood

          WTF is your problem? STFU.

    • Jack Wagon

      Sex. Lots and lots of sex 😉

    • guard

      Hazel, my wife is pregnant with number three didn't keep any baby weight with the first two, she says eat healthy exercise when you can and the babies will keep you active. She is as gorgeous as the day we met. KCCO.

  • Tuttified

    #27 Well done – lost weight = lost virginity

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      The cheapskate needs to buy a new suit though.

      • Llama

        Still looks better than you

        • AnyoneForCoffee

          Yep, and in both pictures!

  • Alex

    Loosing all that must be very hard, good work to you all! The hardest now is not to gain it back! Keep it up!

    • Sorry in advance.


  • Simon

    I wish I'd got me a photo in some big ass jeans when I was younger. I could be making a mint as a slimming model.

  • @JulyettaPCrosby

    amazing 🙂

    • Notme

      you too

  • Lojack

    I can respect people who do this. God bless 'em…


    Anyone else noticing that many look 'off' after the weight loss? As if their heads didn't shrink? They all look like their heads are way too big for their bodies.

    • DemonIAm

      Head fat & skin is the hardest fat to lose.

    • lolzreligion

      yep because god lost them all that fat

  • Anon

    Congratulations to everyone in this post, you all look fantastic!

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