People who are proud they shed the pounds (33 Photos)

Via Huffingtonpost

  • Don Rickles

    She's got that same look in her eyes that a guy gets when he gets his first sports car. That "Just look at this baby! I am going on one hell of a ride!"

  • Lex_Luthor_II

    Why do most of the girls here, and other places, do the arm on the hip thing in pics?

  • Timothy Kaul

    To all of you. Great work you're one hell of an inspiration. I recently started the same journey and with any luck will have some bad ass before and after pics in the months to come. I have to lose enough weight so I can fit in one of those fine KCCO shirts if nothing else.

    • Zapbabyphat

      Sending you lots of luck and weight loss vibes! You've got it!!! 🙂
      (Girl in photo one)

  • Brad

    #26 Find her!

  • So*Cal_Chiver

    Great job everyone..this proves that eith hard work & determination you can do just about anything

  • Rockets

    #8 You're doing it right!

    • boo

      thank you, Rockets!

      since that photo, i've lost another 20 lbs 🙂

  • Mrmin24

    Very good, but how?

  • Ryan Joel

    All you guys ROCK!!!! You get my big neon AWESOME sign.

  • Enrique Carreon

    Wow, these people just impressed and motivated the hell out of me. But at the same time made me realize something, damn I'm lazy!


    12 and 31 are the same person.

    • Monica Farbota

      Yup! I sent in 2 pics and they posted both.

  • What_Tha

    #15 Holy Shit.

  • Adam Brewer

    What a bunch of badass's!!!!!!! I love this strand!!! Standing in applause!!!!

  • jim bob

    Not really that impressive. Maybe you shouldn't have gotten fat in the first place. And now you are all back to normal. Not a lot of sympathy to those who make a choice to eat themselves into obesity.

  • kate

    Such appreciation. Thanks for being brave enough to share your before pictures, and congratulations on all of your Afters. You all look incredible and it's inspiring to see!

  • Joey

    Good work everybody! 🙂 I'm inspired

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  • Anonymous

    Posts like these that inspired me to lose some baggage… 10 lbs and counting


    WELL DONE PEOPLE!!!! You ALL deserve to be congratulated !!!!!!!!

  • LanceFabulous

    11 thumbs up for everyone here.

  • Baba Booey


  • Casey

    That is so awesome!!!! you all are such an inspiration!!!!

  • troy

    #1 is cute now

  • jay

    Is it wrong that I'm going to leave this post up so that my wife sees it?

  • AmericoPolk

    Can we have a reverse of skinny people that got fat?

  • Jacob Jones

    To everybody in this post, congratulations. I have a friend who is trying to lose weight. So if you have any tips or tricks you could pass on to her that would really be great.

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