• red4

    What the fuck was that? Huge build up to something utterly unimpressive. That "invisible helmet" looks cumbersome, uncomfortable, and completely impractical for HOT WEATHER. Also, does it really provide the same level of impact resistance as a conventional helmet? This video wastes a shitload of time being philosophical, rather than delving into the technical details, which is what would have impressed me. But as it stands, it doesn't look like improvement over conventional helmets at all – it just looks like some other pain-in-the-ass piece of shit that a bicyclist has to wear.

  • JTW

    What a long lead in to show a couple seconds of a head airbag. Yeah, that collar will be oh so much more comfortable than simply wearing a helmet.

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  • Guest

    I always thought it would be cool if you drove a motorcycle to wear a jump suit. You attach a lanyard to your bike if you get thrown from the bike, it blows up just like this bike helmet and turns you into the michelin man.

    However, the problem is if it goes off accidentally. It probably would in short order.

  • John Smith

    I leave my helmet alone for a week, it'll still work in an instant. I leave that bulging neck-belt alone for a week, it'll probably run out of battery.

    Also, it doesn't shield your head in rain (if you abandon cars, you're gonna be riding in rain from time to time). Airbags isn't gonna stop stuff from flying into your face: rain drops, bird poo, bugs, random asshat peeing from a bridge…

  • fleshy

    not invisible and not a helmet
    how is that going to protect me when kids throw rocks at me head
    am i going to have to fall over first

  • Todd James

    I was more put off by the 2.5 mins it took out of actual 3.25 mins of vid to stop whinging about being disrespected as an inexperienced and unappreciated female and show the dang product.

  • monoxxide

    If you did an endo over the front tire most likley you are gonna smash your face into the ground this device and even a helmet wont save you there. and some guy already came up with a similar device for motorcycle except its a full body airbag worn just like clothes and is activated by g force from an accelerometer or a clip that when you fall from your bike it pulls to activate it

  • socket2me

    Oh noes I'm a hipster feminist and I can't wear a helmet coz it breaks my hairdo ! that's what I got from this vid.

  • nope.

    i think someone may misunderstand the meaning of 'invisible'.

  • TheAwesomeGentleman


  • TerdFurguson

    "people wonder how girls could create something this technicle" hahaha! If your helmet is uncomfortable it's the wrong size and/or not being worn correctly. I couldn't imagine wearing one of those on a 20 mile ride in 100° summer heat.

  • captain

    thats funny,over here in america "invisible" means it is unable to be seen. and what you call a helmet, we call airbags.

  • Barkour

    This video was at least 3 minutes too long.

  • HLF

    People are surprised that women can be so technical? People say if you want order you need to bring in a Rooster? It's amazing that something could be imagined or produced (or borrowed from a cars airbag idea) by two women living in what appears to be the 1920's.It's 2012 ladies,you're not chained to the kitchen or constantly pregnant,act like it. On a personal sidenote: Sinking all my investment capitol in Huffy and Schwinn,since bikes seem to be the "future".

  • man air max ltd

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  • TheJoshMan

    Everyone keeps saying stuff about fashion or how stupid it looks. Am I the only one who noticed, when you go back and look, they are wearing the "invisible helmets" the whole time. Nobody thought it looked goofy… Until they focused on it.

  • Sushi

    Ha! Instant pillow! Just take a running jump into bed an POW! Your an astronaut…

  • Baylor

    holy crap can any one that doubts this please go ahead and cram it for 30 seconds! this is a very intelligent, well thougt out, and overall brilliant idea! granted yes, it seems quite primitive and has some flaws but damn! its called a prototype! and if they get more funding and improve on the idea then who know what it can turn into! personally i never wear a helmet while biking/rollerblading however if this device was more applicable i would be much more likely to wear it. because i do see the advantages to a device that could SAVE MY LIFE. how about we think about the overall picture we comment some half-baked thoughts, just saying

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  • http://www.cadenceperformance.com/ Basil Carlysle

    The only problem here is that you might run into a little trouble with the cops every now and then. It will look like you're not wearing a helmet after all.

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