A few writing pointers from famous authors

Post via Buzzfeed

Post via Buzzfeed

  • FarmBoy

    Prof. Dunlap, you smart man you, he told me most of this stuff my freshman year, did I want to listen no, what a dumb ass I am.

  • Bee

    S. King sucks. Proof's in the first quote; he ripped that off and added his own mediocre twist.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ModernMonroe Leah S.

    #17 is Ray Bradbury. #24 and #25 were perfectly placed.

  • Scott

    #26 I do what I want.

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  • tobiasosir

    Reblogged this on Speaking to the Eyes and commented:
    A great collection of inspirations for the writer!

  • http://www.sincsound.com Yijit

    #26 G.K. Chesterton is probably my favourite author of all time. Check out his books "Heretics", "Orthodoxy" and "The Man Who Was Thursday". I'm glad; not only that GKC was included but that he is last and warmly quoted.

  • NHale


    Wow, imagine that. Fitzgerald stole his line from Mark Twain.

  • mastrrob


    but did you have to kill Oy???

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  • Elisio

    Here, here, Vladimir. One can’t help but wonder if the aaicdentcl Judas in this picture might just be Verizon itself. That subscription fee may well find itself subject to change when Verizon succumbs to the consequences of idolatry in the form of worshiping false Gods or Murdochs Ah, same difference.

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