Chive Everywhere (71 HQ Photos)

  • guy

    #71 wow

  • jmthibs

    I'd definitely give some of those chivettes a chive on or two

  • Kyle

    #30 = find her!

    • bdg

      Angry Boobs!!!!!!!

  • dave

    #71…need a lot MOAR

  • salmon

    #9 pretty sure you just lost that girl to blake, or atleast she will be thinking about him late night!

  • Rick

    #15 and #46 Glad to see I am not the only one in Utah !

    • SaltLakeChiver

      #46 – Indeed sir.

  • Brett Hall

    #1 Please god for all that is good in the universe….find that tiny cuteness in the middle!

    • Yeah

      Brett, your picture is creepy as fuck dude.

  • Calder027

    #37 Well this pretty much seals it that I'm wearing my KCCO Saturday when I'm at my buddies Bachelor when I'm at the Heart and Crown, lol

  • Kayci

    Awesome!!! Colorado Springs Made number 3 AND 40!!!!! Made my day! Also, my home state made number 46. My day is now complete. OK not really, can't wait for DAR too!

  • NonBrit


    Nice legs!

    Oh, and GO VOLS!

  • Laro

    #17 Girl on the left, you know what we want, MOAR!!!!!!

    • Matt

      She deserves her very on post!

  • VFR dude

    #30 Mother. Of. God. FIND HER!

  • Jimmy

    #18 Good way to get killed.

  • bigcityreem

    #9 I wonder if that's his girl. If so, looks like she'll be picturing someone else when they're doing the do.

  • bigcityreem

    #26 I paused here for a bit. Will this pic make a Hump Day appearance? Wouldn't be surprised if it did.

  • Jamie Carter

    #30 is gorgeous, need to find HER!!! and #71 is a great "END" to it all!!

  • Oilfield engr

    Super stupid… Those sence down hole pressure and turn on automatically at any time… Ive wanted to do that too but I'd only ride one I knew was off… Not an obviously functional one like this

  • flnvy

    #65 Looks like the douchiest bachelor party ever assembled.

    • Yeah

      You're a prick.

  • Dub

    #15. Utah chivette. Sweet. What a hump.

  • Katie Mc

    #27: Thanks so much TJ for the drinks! KCCO!!

    • Yeah

      Awesome! Now where are your humps?

  • kimohoyo

    Find that chivette in pink!! #17 we need moar

  • chiiive on

    #33 love seeing fellow iowan chivers!!


    Yay Canada!! #21 #37 #68

  • Juan R

    #1 Find the BFM wearing chick!

  • Epitomizer

    #18 Is a fucking idiot. I work in the oil field, and this is flat ass stupid. Pumping Units are Gigantic machines without conscience and will dismember or kill you if you slip at all.

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