Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • Wisti

    #41 That isn't just baby fat, that poor little girl is going to be obese as a CHILD and it's entirely her parents' fault. That means when she's older she'll have horrible self esteem and have to work even harder to completely change her habits if she wants to be healthy.

  • OK Chiver

    #21 #44 #49
    21 you are very chive worthy in my eyes, how about MOAR
    44 oh my that is one great……laptop you have there
    49 you are excused, better late then never

  • Scott

    #41 is why our country is so fat. We think its cute at a young age and then, it can’t be reversed and boom! Fat.

  • Ispeakchive

    Thanks John , for not being Bob, his post have really been lacking lately

  • Bonertime

    The real pintrest for me is http://www.snatchly.com

  • anon

    #21 Your co-worker is a dick. Drop that fool from your friends list.

  • http://youtube.com/barringerkid Yankee

    #7 So beautiful!

  • http://www.toastertimemachine.com Rory

    Girls come and submit your photo's at toastertimemachine.com
    a site inspired by theChive. And guys if you have funny photo's you can submit as well to this
    Daily updated site. Thanks. Chive On!

  • Fogarty

    #25 brazzers

  • shortyclmt

    #4 Holy Hell, MOAR!!!

  • shortyclmt

    #45 Mesmerizing.

  • Caliguy85

    #44 wow perfect


    #25: have fun – but throw it away when you're finished.

  • MarcusAZ

    My god keep adding more of #33's thighs – AMAZING!!

  • IrishMan

    #21 You co-worker wants to bang you. Since he can't get you he's trying to piss you off.

    • IrishMan


  • vulva smash

    #35 is that a hattori hanzo blade?

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