Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Powerstroke

    #30 my hats off to you sir

  • Stick

    Fuck yeah, Chive. I'd feel the same way.
    You don't steal bikes.

  • BetaNDA

    #3 and #17 . . . same kid?

  • Nicole

    OMG #30 has officially made my day!! Laughed so hard

  • mateo

    #17 clearly not a parent complaining, if so he would understand that the mess is the reason you take the little monsters out. You can only clean up so much of that crap before you start thinking about how old you would be when you got out if you killed them.The problem comes when the parents don't leave enough of a tip.

  • richmackin

    So, #22 basically documents a sexual assault, unless the full video has some context showing otherwise.

    • richmackin

      …and I'll say, it could very likely be that there's audio of him calling the women by name, since they're all friends, and they might all be delighted. But out of context…

  • jerry garcia

    #30 that is hella funny!! i bet hes not going to EVER hear the end of it lol

  • http://thechive.com/ bkfrijoles

    #30 to bad it was only Bud Light

  • sl1200mkii


    Did you think that when you got a job at a fast food joint this sort of thing would never happen? Aren't you paid to clean up? It happens, now do your job, you know…the stuff you're paid to do.

    If you can't make it and complain about possibly the simplest of all jobs there are in the world, where do you expect to go? I've fired people with this attitude. The work isn't glamorous but it's a paycheck.

    • LuvsHorror

      Screw it, I can't teach people to be thoughtful. You all can be as piggy as you want, I can only care that I am not, and would not let my children be. They learned manners. So if it's okay to let kids make a mess for other people to clean up, what else is okay? Running around a restaurant, breaking things, mouthing off? Why not? Why not stop being a parent as soon as you step through those doors?

      • sl1200mkii

        …just because someone may leave a mess in a fast food restaurant for someone to clean up, someone who gets paid, who applied, interviewed and accepted a job in which the duties are outlined, who accepts money to do this sort of thing…instantly means that you are going to let your kids run wild and turn into heathens?

        That sounds very similar to the "if you let gays marry what else is ok? Animals??!? You let one thing go then everything must spiral out of control until chaos! I mean if it's ok to allow one thing then it must be ok to do everything else, end of the world!"

        Yes, it is ok to leave a mess in a place like this, a place that isn't really known for its fine five star dining and upscale atmosphere. It's a freaking fast food joint, if it was the Capital Grille, that's another thing.

        My complaint is with the entitled attitude of complaining about the job you were hired to do, you may feel that you are "better" than a minimum wage job but you are, in fact, working a minimum wage job and if you can't be bothered to do the duties that it entails (very simple, basic duties that do not require a lot of thought or effort) then you don't need to be working.

        My wife and I both clean up after our 1 year old daughter, she is messy, it's just a fact. Every where we go to eat and we attempt to clean up after her we are stopped by friendly employees who tell us not to worry about it (many if tell us "it's my job"). I was raised to be respectful and polite and my daughter is being raised the same way, don't even for one second pretend as if my child is some sort of demon that I release onto whatever business we may be visiting if we happen to leave a mess at Chipotle (we don't).

        This is not about "not being a parent" this about entitled minimum wage employees who feel that they are above the duties that they agreed to when they accepted their position.

        I've been there, I've worked those jobs, I hated cleaning up but I got paid to do it. Yes, I would complain but it makes no difference, if I wanted to keep my job I did what I was expected to do. The work isn't great but it's work. I got a degree, got a job, worked my way up and am sick of the entitlement generation that think they don't have to work for anything.

        • LuvsHorror

          This is completely about being a parent. In past forums people want to complain about kids being entitled. You don't have to let your kid make a mess in the first place. Clean it up as you go along. Make it a game for a toddler. It doesn't matter if it is someone's job, it is RUDE. Is this what they do in your kitchen?

          • LuvsHorror

            And the people who work there do clean this up. If they want to vent, what's the problem? There is even a regular photo article here called "I hate my job". Glad you're doing well, but have you forgotten the little people? If you've done this before, I would think you would have a little more understanding.

            • sl1200mkii

              Of course they will clean it up, the other option is to be fired or quit, but then you will sound really silly acting entitled without even a minimum wage job.

              There's nothing wrong with venting, I do it all the time. There is nothing wrong with posting pictures to the "I hate my job" postings, but this picture doesn't say "I hate my job" it says that if you make a mess, don't come in because I don't want to do my job, you're an asshole for making me do what I said I would do when they hired me.

              I don't like to refer to certain groups as "the little people" that's derogatory and makes you sound like you are better than them. I am no better than the next person.

              I have plenty of understanding and empathy for people in these positions, but I have no patience for those who feel they are above the job that they accepted. If you are truly above this then work your way up, but until then it is your job to perform the duties that you agreed to no matter how disgusting they are. Until then suck it up, grow up, and do what you agreed to do. People are always going to be messy and if you have a problem cleaning up after them then you should have never taken a job in which you would have to do just that.

          • sl1200mkii


            The issue is a minimum wage employee who feels as though he is above his job description.

            If the employee who's job it is to clean the mess (again, something he agreed to do when he accepted his position) were to say what you are saying, he would be fired. The manager of the establishment would never say those sort of things, he would tell the family "don't worry about that, let me get someone to take care of that".

            You may feel it's rude, and it may be, in fact, I agree that it is rude, but the bottom line is IF this happens (which it does) in a fast food restaurant (of all places) and the minimum wage employee wants to complain about it and is "above" the duties he agreed to he is an entitled douche.

            Complaining about kids being entitled, I agree with. But we do not know how the family acted in the restaurant, we do not know if they came in and were smug pretentious jerks just throwing their trash everywhere. All we DO know is that there is a mess and the employee who's job is to clean the mess is complaining about having to do his job.

            My daughter makes a mess in our kitchen all the time, we clean it up. We don't live in a fast food restaurant, nor do we have people that we hired to clean up that sort of thing. I don't see what that matters.

  • richmackin

    #7, heck, you don't even need to "really" think about it. Just a passing thought about it makes me giggle.

  • http://www.facebook.com/andy.martin.77985 Andy Martin

    #17 happens all the damn time. Some people suck hard!

  • http://blog.dirtyhotproductions.com/ waltgator

    #16 awesome! want!

  • Falthor

    #17 while I agree with you, if you are a dick to me because I have kids and you automatically think I'm going to do that to you, then karma's a bitch.

  • jugg

    Please Pick one:
    a) Ask the owner of the restaurant if he agrees with you
    b) Show me where the broom and/or mop is located and I will do my best
    c) do your job

    (I'm bettin' you aren't picking C…. ever)

  • Underbaker

    No I expect the person I am paying to clean the carpet to do that, much the same way I expect a bus boy to do what they are paid for. You however can go home and clean up after I have shoved your face in it, teach you to shit on my floor.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Tomsfoolery Tommy Dieterich

      The bus boy is paid to remove the dirty dishes and wipe off the table. NOT detail the restaurant because you're too lazy to pick up after yourself.

      Also, how about you STOP THE KID FROM DOING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. There is nothing worse than walking by a table and the parents are just laughing away as their kid is throwing food on the floor, chairs, tables, walls. and then even better have the nerve to make a comment to you about having to clean it up like it's funny.

      • Underbaker

        You won't hear me saying "next time you bring a computer in for repair I want you to open it up and clean out your cat hair and dust before I work on it". It is totally disgusting pulling out 5 inch hairballs from inside a computer, but hey that is what I get paid for when I fix your computer. If you are afraid of touching someone's dropped food, you are in the wrong job. For the record I am the guy that usually picks up after my kids and leaves a bigger tip if we make a mess, but I am not on your side in this argument.

        • Parent w service job

          I agree with baker. What's to saw the kid wasnt throwing a fit and the parent left abruptly to get the kid out of the restaurant? Maybe the kid has autism and is difficult to control his/her emotions already. Know all the facts before assuming you know everything about the situation. And God forbid you ever get sick and be hospitalized for any reason- I expect you'd clean up your own piss or vomit? Or sweep your own hair after a haircut? Mop the lobby after your dog pees or sheds all over the vet clinic? Grow up and do YOUR job.

        • http://www.facebook.com/Tomsfoolery Tommy Dieterich

          You must not work for Dell then. Because not only do they say that, they void your warantee if you don't.

  • TheBetterMan

    #17 Grab a broom and sweep up the mess you are paid to clean up, then grab a mop and dry up the tears you cried because you are unqualified or too lazy to get a better job.
    #26 I have your bike, come and get me
    #30 will need a good divorce attorney


    #4: Look everybody!!! It's a housetree !!!!!

  • RYAN


  • DeepestBlue2

    Nothing in #17 said the kid wasn’t willing to do their job. And frankly, it sounds to me like the ones with the entitlement attitude are the parents who come in with their spoiled brats and proceed to ruin a restaurant and think that’s all part I what they paid for. You as a parent are not entitled to bring your heathen spawn out in public and ruin everyone else’s dining experience. (Or movie theater expeience for that matter.) It may not sound like it but I love kids, but I trained mine to behave in public and at home. I got compliments everywhere I went with him. Somewhere along the line people got the idea in their head that their children could do no wrong and it was everyone else’s problem to deal with it and clean up the mess. How about this slant on it. You made the decision to have children, suck it up and do your job. Be a parent and teach them not to treat serving people like trash (No, it doesn’t matter whether they signed up for the job or not.) and to be a contributing part of society.

  • dre

    #17 Do your job and quit bitching! Dont like it? then quit

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