Don’t let a little flood get you down (63 Photos)

  • KCandChroll_On

    I wonder if all these people are going to try to live the rest of their days off of FEMA support like all the brothas and sistas in Nawlins

  • Rheiniel Del Rosario

    Filipinos Chiving on in times of floods 😀

  • @onebigkelevra

    In time of worry, it's always good to have a doll

  • GernBlansten

    #17 I see douchebag is an international phenomenon.

  • goForth


    Oh red Solo cup, thank you for being my friend!

  • Macro

    #10 I want one!

  • Jonny Apps

    #17 An umbrella, really?!!? Are you really worried about getting wet?!?!

  • J J

    That water is polluted and dangerous as fuck. Why let that stop you.

  • Hrdwood

    Can't imaging doing any of these… I start screaming if there's mold in my shower…

  • Bless1


  • Mike

    #17 #31 #38

    I love all of the people wading through water and holding umbrellas like they think that's going to help.

  • VedHead77

    #7 – Please stop posting this picture. It's a flop.

  • Gallus

    I have seen the kind of sh1t that can be in flood water. There is no way I would willingly get into flood water. For me, "fun" would be staying high and dry.

  • fotnot

    #57…stuff like this makes Louisiana Cajuns look more like redneck trash….we don't need any help…we already have movies like waterboy to ruin it for us.

  • Retired Navy

    YeeeeeeHaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! Hepatitis Harbors around the world Unite!!!!!!

  • isawoj

    What, no Heinekens?

  • Pwnsauce

    #17 and #22 I have done both of these at the same time but i would definitely go hardcore if my house flooded

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  • malmon

    Here in The Philippines when there's a flood… KCCO!

  • adonisallan

    hahaha I would say 60-70% of this pictures are from Philippines.

  • Collins Len Carlos

    flood more fun in the Philippines! KCCO!

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