• Wuuut?

    I think she might be Caity Lotz.

    • Coldzilla

      I believe youre right

      • Loadedcarp

        I like these girls. They are fun to watch. <creeper>

      • Emzilla

        That was fucking adorable, I don't care what you guys say.

        • Coldzilla

          Like the name LOL 😉


          • Emzilla

            Thanks, if you play wow, look it up on Tortheldrin. 😉

    • Aval

      Actually, her name is Amy Johnston, and she's part of the Thousand Pounds Action Company. They are a "film production team that specializes in martial arts action." Here's a link to this video in hi-rez, check out some more of their videos, they're pretty cool:

      • Aval

        Okay, let's try that again, here's the link to the video instead.

  • ayo

    reminds me of cat woman

  • DeAnna Michelle Weppler

    1:26 / 1:27 I see your vest 😛

    That was bad ass demo… kinda wish I could do that.

  • Lonestar_Sapper

    In case anyone is wondering where that school is, it's formerly the White Lotus Kung Fu studio in the San Fernando Valley. The school is now called JAM (Joining All Movement) which teaches White Lotus Kung Fu, Kickboxing, Parkour, Tricking, Martial Arts Tricking, Tai Chi, etc…

    Make sure to check out the videos because they are sick!

    • nateb123

      Cool for film. But I'm gonna guess it's real life effectiveness might have been oversold by the inept, expendable henchmen.


    this video just proves that white people can't fight.

    • John

      Yeah but our cocks are WAY bigger then yours!

  • shawn

    I’d be ok with her defending my honor against a few street thugs.

  • TerdFurguson

    If Jet Li and Jackie Chan got together and fucked, and Jackie Chan got pregnant, this would be their love child.

  • Hrdwood

    Looks like my honeymoon…

  • FoolOfATook

    Strike Fast, Strike Hard, No Mercy!

  • AllanA

    Found my new partner in case of a zombie apocalypse

  • Coldzilla

    When she says NO she MEANS "Go ahead and Ill kick your ass afterwards"

  • :DDD

    Is the cameraman trying to avoid the punches? shaky

  • bryan dowis

    Not only do I think I am in love, But I think I need a new pair of boxers to go with it! DAYYYUUUM DAYYUUUMMM DAYYYYUUUUUUUUUUUUUUMMM!

  • justin

    too bad real fights dont happen in such a lovely choreographed sequence.

  • will

    Impressive but Rhonda Rousey is sexier and will probably teach her a lesson or twelve. most likely break her arm and smile wuth her perfect teath.

  • Lawrence Panis

    I love the choreography, and she's kinda hot, but Imma be honest. As a fellow practitioner of the arts, choreography doesn't show your skill. It shows you can entertain. Lets see her in a real match, that's what I like. Let the "thumbs down" fall, because I know they will.

    • will

      so….. Miss Rousey would woop this chicks cute little ass? just not in such a fascinating way???

      • Lawrence Panis

        Sorry, I'm not into mma. Every fight in the mma ends on the floor with very few exceptions. Now days, people are too afraid to go toe to toe. Not saying i dont like to grapple, just that there's very little footwork involved, instead they charge in for a takedown. Martial arts on the most part should be graceful as well as deadly, just as this video depicts, without the "choreography".

  • Mike Mus

    Performer from Clandestine, Amy Johnston.

    Choreographed by James Young.

    "Amy vs Many – Thousand Pounds Gym Practice", just youtube that and it will lead you right to her and the other stuff shes in, and RivenX3i page.

  • Ryan Cheek

    I just put a down payment on a ring. Let me know.

  • bfox

    I'd like to see what she could do against some jiu jitsu. All those fancy moves are great until someone grabs you and puts you on the ground.

    • runnermedic

      her father is a 5 time world champion kickboxer, and she is a third degree black belt!

  • Meh

    Mostly pretty good choreography. But at 1:33 you could see her foot completely miss the guy's face.

  • @Anakrusix

    Has anybody else watched Ip Man? The sound effects and music sound very similar to the movie. (When Ip man takes on 10 karate masters.)

    Entertaining though. I would love to see more.

  • bigcityreem

    That was the coolest vid I've watched all day. Anyone know the origin of this video? Is this a stunt school or something?

  • @ztkraptor

    Solution: Grab her hair/head, spike head off floor..walk away in victory.

  • Kevin

    That is one big, weird kitchen…

  • sureman123

    fun video… but you just don't see the usual fight were they attack one at a time and stop and wait after missing a punch to be hit or taken down.. the fight choreography certainly could have been much better..

    Lets see what she's got against ALEXIS DAVIS!!!

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