• Joe Testarosa

    can she deflect bullets? Case Closed.

  • todd

    That might be my buddies group thousand pounds action group….they do street fighter choreo vids on youtube

  • OzWhistlerianChiver

    anyone else see the back brace disappear when she kicked the chick in the back? She could've worn it UNDER the t-shirt…. Cool though.

  • GeeGonkey!

    Well she REALLY needed to get in the kitchen to make me a sandwich!

  • Dan

    That's a weird kitchen

  • Jerry Reis

    She scares me, but still pretty hot 😉

  • clownfartposse

    I'm gonna start a service where you can like, stock your house with balsa wood furniture and doors and candy glass and shit, and then have a chick like this come over and kick your ass, breaking all your stuff in the process.

  • orangenod18

    Me next!

  • Boo-f-in-hoo

    I could take her lol

  • SinisteR

    I had an involuntary happy ending right about at 1:26.

  • Joe

    It's official she should fight Ronda Rousey after this weekend.

  • Ass Man

    I think in the last frame the guy in the background is about to dance

  • Someone

    Looks pretty simple when you know exactly what the other person is going to do…

  • Ed Martinez

    Let's just hope she was fighting her way
    back into the kitchen …… =/

  • MPMoore

    Directed by Paul Greengrass…..
    Head still hurts from the shaky cam.

  • Vinny

    What's next, wire work?

  • dave

    Makes me want to go home and watch Kill Bill.

  • Paul

    Thats weird…I didnt see a single oven in that kitchen

  • Rybo

    Then when the daydream was over she finished stirring the cake batter and went about her day.

  • Lex_Luthor_II

    This is what always bothers me in fight choreography in shows and movies… for guys and girls… the reaction of the person they strike is NEVER proportional to the power of the attack they receive. Like in this video, those people flying back, or being knocked back significantly, that just would not happen from strikes like that, not from a smaller girl like her… maybe from Wladimir Klitschko. It all started probably with Bruce Lee, guys going flying 20 feet from an open palm strike.

    Doesn't happen. Do you see people flying 10 feet in boxing after being hit? or in MMA after being hit?

  • @BatemansMind

    I didn't see one sandwich made in that whole thing. Not impressed.

  • Belrick

    Do they take turns being the one kicking arse?
    Bet they do.

  • Collin

    This looks like the Thousand Pound Action Company. They did some epic Street Fighter-based choreography for youtube about a year ago, and I recognizesome of these actors from those shorts.

  • Chris Quagliata

    Felt like I was watching a live version of Tekken. Pretty cool.

  • Grant

    if she needs help practicing my mattress can substitute as floor mats…

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