• David W. Taylor


  • drew

    That chick gave me wood

  • Allan

    So… Guy thugs, easy fodder. Girl thug, actually had a chance. *coff*BS*coff*

  • Micks

    Great Camera work!

  • jon

    what movie is this for lol she kicks ass

  • Shadow

    I was hoping it would humorously end with her being under arrest for murder… lol

  • derpcycle

    Im so confused, that kitchen looks like a gym.

  • Steve

    Reminds me of xiao xiao

  • Edison

    Try it on ronda rousey.. Haha.. I

  • dgoyks

    breast fight ever

  • Houdini112

    wow very impressive , i would take a beating from her if we after the beating took a shower together

  • fish

    Dispatches 'em like a Boss.

  • Byron_Black

    And that one guy just keeps dancing in the background while people die.

  • amplidudes

    Still a better love story than twilight

  • ElChippy

    Did they record this with the Ten Commandments?

  • sBqOuMaBd

    Wait…. So Tex is a blonde? Holy F*CK… The Dark Armor really threw me off there.

  • Umpa Lord

    Looks OK in a play. Don't get me wrong she looks ok but I'll take GM Ciriaco "Cacoy" Cañete of Cebu Philippines' grandson Chucky. Eskrima is evil good. I work with one of MG Cacoy's students.

  • Steve Masterkock

    Thousand Pounds Action Company. The mini street fighter vs tekken movie they did was amazing, This is the link in case you want to see it:

  • Tommy

    Nice of them to wait for their turn.

  • Parkamus

    Completely non sexist but1 block which easily transitions into a counter from the other woman and this video is over. That's just one of the 55 sections that would end this video early. She is decent looking thought. Other than that it's bull shit, just like every scene from Rush Hour and all those movies with elaborately choreographed fights you will counter with.

  • Aaaa

    That's not her kitchen.

  • Sam

    Shmeh, choreography is decent enough, but actual technique underneath is pretty ropey. Fills a top though.

  • IrishWolfhound

    Choreographed bullshit.

  • Alex

    She is smoking hot. Too bad in real life, people don't wait for you to finish someone off before they jump you and hit you in the back.

    I love movies, but they need to show something more realistic. Like the hero doing less acrobatics and more real life ass whooping.

  • Patrick

    the name of this crew is Thousand Pounds Fight Team i think? they got mad videos on the youtube space. check out the Naruto fight scene they did

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