• Thomas Radiguer

    She won't get our virginity with violence.

  • Jim

    Guys, hasn’t anyone ever told you to never hit a girl

  • Jim

    Guys, hasnt anyone ever told u never to hit a girl even if they are really good at fighting

  • sleazydz

    Jean Claudia van damme

  • GUI

    She prob sucks in bed though.

  • Foreman

    Amy Johnston. Youtube amy Johnston vs Katelyn Brooke

  • Chris Buehrer

    Know why none of them are wearing pads? Cause none of those blows actually hurt. I like the choreography and Bruce Lee style sounds though.

  • Anonymous

    Very nice but you’re missing something. The name of the girl. 🙂

  • Steve-o

    My team

  • Niki Blacknail

    could you please teach me those moves??? plz plz plz plz???

  • summer

    what marcial art is this?

  • BigBear

    Nikki Stanley?

  • adMANistrator

    but where is the oven?

  • socket2me

    yawn, was that really worthy of a post, I doubt it

  • Krelian

    Is it just me or does this remind you of Tom Yum Goong?

  • BangKingMong

    I was expecting flips and flying kicks from this fight choreography.

  • WaikikiWayne


  • sam

    that woman just murdered several people!!

  • DH99

    Even women learn Muay Thai, cool

  • Steve

    jeeze i went to high school with her!!


    so – when does the movie come out ?…..

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