Meanwhile, in the world I wish I lived in… (31 Photos)

  • Jon

    Thumbs up if you got to #31 and immediately googled Sara Foster.

  • Epitomizer

    I have had it with the mother fucking cats in this mother fucking house!

  • Alex

    #31 #32 Yeah I'd watch it.


    #25 Figured it would just have a mute button

  • DemonIAm

    #8 Should be mandatory in all places where waiting may occur

  • @JordanTurnip

    #32 she is going to have to move over, shes taking more than her fair share of that bed.

  • Macro


    #24 #25

  • misschris

    #20 No seriously, how can we make these signs happen??

  • wkdfrog

    #2 That would actually be a good muppet movie!

    • tv_paul

      "Am I a X- Man or am I Muppet"

  • @nickinwarcal

    #8 not real

  • Rubes27

    Like Cars? German Ones?

    Come visit my blog!:

    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • drives all day

    #20 in a perfect world, please make this happen!

  • The Oldar

    #25 would remove all the fun.

  • Cin

    #14 PLEASE DONT TEASE ME LIKE THAT!!! I look forward to the day they are all gone!

  • Kodos

    #31 #32
    I see what you did there..

  • bern

    I don't agree on #20. I travel a lot for work so I know the unspoken rules of the road differ greatly from place to place but if I'm in the left lane and speeding an acceptable amount and someone flies up behind me (if you can) then go around.I do it when I come up on somone going slower than me. But like I said–the rules are different everywhere (and I know that in some places you can only pass on the left–in that case I do move over).

    • Cazzo

      Passing on the left exclusively restores order to the universe. If you are driving slower than the car behind you and you are in the far-left lane, you should change lanes. The left lane is the "passing lane", right lane is the exit lane, and middle lane(s) is/are for everyone else. To make each lane a free-for-all creates gridlock.

    • Green Mountain Bot

      Are you passing someone?

      Yes? Fine. Use the left lane, but don't take a mile to finish passing.

      No? Then get the fuck out of the left lane. There is no place on earth (left-driving countries excluded – in those cases, replace "left lane" with "right lane") where cruising in the left lane is beneficial to traffic flow.

  • clumsy

    nice i know right where that was taken

  • Obviously

    #9 makes you ruggedly handsome, incredibly smart, polite, and value health care over the right to shot people who make you feel insecure

    • bern

      don't know that I'd call all canadians handsome and smart–I've met plenty who didn't meet all the criteria, but thumbs up on the health care/gun joke.

  • dwh101

    #5 – Never Happen!!!!

  • Keith Smith

    #20 – we need signs like this in BC Canada in the summer to help the Alberta tourists figure out how to "Get the f**k out of my way!"

    • Obviously

      Well so much for Canadians being smart & polite

  • LeftFlasherOn

    Google search for Chuck Norris. Good for a chuckle.

  • FunKiller

    #32 OMG….ummm, ok…….

  • no one cares

    #31 would be impressive since Brittany Murphy is dead

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    #9 Canadian, eh?

    #20 NO! SHUT YOUR FAT FACE! SHUT IT! SHUT IT! Let the idiots stay in the middle lane as I have the inside lane all to myself now!

  • krisbenson

    Absolutely awesome!!! I wish so many of these were true

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