My personal pet peeve: girls who just look really tired (33 photos)

  • hmcby

    Yes each of these girls makes me want to go to bed and eventually pass out.

  • FishCalledWanda

    Not necessarily.

    For me, conveying an emotion in a picture is an important element of it's composition. Just because a models eyes might be closed doesn't mean she's asleep. Looking at the viewer through bedroom eyes can be sultry and convey lust, heat, and passion. Looking down, or away, can lend a mysterious or pensive air.

    Now, if a model looks like she's unconscious, bored or pouting (although those can work in the right context), well…

    #7 #8 #18 and #21 doing it right.

    My $0.02 in the form of a novel.

  • DJP

    For me these are the absolute BEST poses that girls can do. Beats anything else out there, hands down. Seductive yet subtle. perfection

  • K-1

    #8: Sultry!

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