• Kirk Lazarus

    I get excited about my foods man….

    • Tai

      Lol! He does get excited about his foods!

  • woohoo2

    This was awesome! We've all been there – but never with vegetables.

  • AlltheTacos

    I can't even… I mean.

  • wkdfrog

    That was pretty awesome! He should partner up with man vs food!

  • Mark

    Better than anything on the radio today

  • Shaheed

    Fucking horrible.

  • Davey Jones

    Well said. That was shit.

  • Josh

    In-N-Out > Five Guys

  • Ed Martinez

    " you bite the frie and the frie bites back" …..
    In tragic news it was later revealed the frie was on bathsalt

  • dragon

    this guy looks like he would eat shit off the sidewalk if u told him 5 guys made it, if u have eatin at 5 guys than you HAVE eatin shit off the sidewalk!

  • derpcycle

    Eat it in-n-out fans! Literally, come down from your all mighty cali cloud and have some real fucking food.

  • US and A

    If you guys live near berkeley Bongo Burger is awesome, you'll know your at the rite place. The cooks are always happy.

  • Pat

    This is my new ring tone… I'm going to have to call everyone back because I'm going to let the song finish and then head to Five Guys.

  • MBM

    I can't stop watching… Just keep coming back for more.

  • Minty

    Hahahaha he looks like my ex but about twice as big, I had to do a double take!

  • mmmaxxx

    Still better than every Chris Brown song.

  • bob

    You can tell…..the bit fat lazy cunt..

  • ilikestuff86

    I never want to eat a burger again. That was gross.

  • Tom Brady

    Forever Alone

  • drewdeze

    i have listened to this song repeatedly, i know the words now! this is better than their antoine dodson one

  • Oh My Goodness

    I want to have his BABY!!!!

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