The Chivette of the Week: Brittany Rode (23 HQ Photos)

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You all recognize the alluring photos above and below the text here. Her name is Brittany Rode and today the Texas girl is on the big stage. Talking to Brittany, she knows theCHIVE better than I do, the girl doesn't miss a post, it's like talking to a Chiveclopedia. I know, hot.

Oh, did I mention she's newly single?
I'll let Brittany take it from here:

"Hey Chivers, Thanks so much for making me the COTW, your comments were so amazing, you know how to make a girl feel good. I'll keep it short. First, I have to admit I love Cat Saturday, I just do.

I value my friends above all things. Dancing is what I really live for, well that and popcorn with M&M's in it. As you'll see, I like to smile a lot, you really wouldn't be a Chivette if you didn't have a sense of humor.

I like fresh flowers and I suck at cooking brownies.

Honored to be the COTW. I have a little Twitter Machine and you're all welcome to stop in and say hello."

Brittany's Twitter Machine.

Brittany’s Twitter Machine.

She also has a Facebook Page.

  • Brett Joseph Forrest

    What's the point of picking a particular number? They are all incredibly amazing. Watch this… #12 See, sexy. I could pick any number and get the same results

  • Average John

    #5 Classy, elegant, and very hot…

  • tpridd

    #6 Fuckin Texas…..Titties are bigger all the pussies are shaved!!!!

  • rogerf350

    Dude are you fucking joking??? What stupid ass let this insanely smoking hot chick go!?!?!?!?? In another life….. in another life…….. Damn, I would do things to her…..

  • Roberto L

    jaw dropping pictures, KCCO

  • Shell shock

    Too bad georgous women are super expensive

  • Charlie Brown

    pics not HQ, just really crappy ones blown up big & shitty….

  • Brian

    Wow. Just.. wow.

  • Kenny

    #5 Beautiful Girl, but you need a better photographer!

  • billy

    #10 I want to hump you until those glasses fall off…….

  • Kuttter

    That's it, moving to texas

  • freddy boy

    #3 she's married. #4 she's not married. And on it goes. Sorry, Brittany, but you need to be clear because there's a ton of us out here who won't give you a second look if you're already hitched.

  • Drew Welch

    I got lost in those eyes.

  • Grant

    #1 I've been Chiveing for years now but not too many pic's "moved me" like your original. KCCO woman.

  • its_forge

    God dammit only two so-so dorsal views? What the hell is wrong with you people?? This woman has a beautiful fanny and we want to see some MORE of it!

  • manny

    i had sex with a girl named brittany…sadly it wasnt her😦

  • Anthony Joseph

    #7 #8 #14 #17 why don't the women in my office look like this!?!?

  • ChiveMaster

    #21 Now…Kiss

  • fernsyla

    shes doing it right.

  • Guest

    She's cute and all but popcorn and M&M's are the shit.

  • JSand

    lol i went to school with her

  • gobeavers

    #10 Hey! I am the rules… call me

  • Bebe_Steve

    I just have one question: how many iPhone cases do you have?

  • iwantachivette

    Holy shit. Yep she is amazingly hot.

  • Mr. McGibblets

    #4 Grazi ! ! !

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