A few simple secrets to living a super swell life (22 Photos)

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  • SFAlumni


    I'll have to try that, my oldest cat has recently developed a fondness for shitting on the carpet.

  • philthy phill

    #17- worst F-ing idea ever. I lose every chapstick within 3 days of buying it. This is a con from the same evil gnomes that steal your socks out of the dryer!!!!!!

  • TheHolmes

    #17 So put money in the most commonly lost item of all time? No thanks…

  • mark

    #11 somebody has excellent taste in wallets. saddlebackleather.com baby

    • Bmore Prince

      $100+ for a wallet. No thanks.

  • Rondo


    Food for thought: beer in one form or another is thousands upon thousands of years older than refrigeration. Now quit being a baby and get your beer out, because I'm 3 ahead of you and this party's getting boring.

  • https://www.facebook.com/roy.ice1 Roy Ice


    14lb. bag of ice and 3 gal of salted water. put it in a cooler with a piece of wood under one corner to make it uneven and sit back and rock the cooler with your foot and you can chill a dirty thirty of busch light in 7 minutes. ~Redneck wisdom.

  • Bongo

    Or use tags from store reward programs that hang on your keychain.

  • guest

    #22 a comb works as well.

  • asdfl


    thing looks like a fire hazard. also not sure if the tip means buy a cheap surge protector. Nevers skimp out on a surge protector. Also you need to replace those things about every 3/4 years

  • Retired Navy

    I tried this the other night. Shit it was MY wrist I was supposed to lick????? No wonder the girl got pissed at me!!!!

  • Brier

    #11 How on earth are they easier to remove if they're upside down???

    • Yep

      Because your name is bumpy and used as a grip.

  • beldar

    Spray antiperspirant works too. I find it easier to apply to my feet than a stick. They key is to reduce/delay foot sweat, which is a principal cause of both blistering (because the wet skin gets all puckered and wrinkly like when you're in the tub, then it RUBS raw even against a sock) and cold feet (because wet socks lose their insulating properties and start actively wicking heat away and out of your shoes/boots). You never apply it to your whole body, though, because even under warm clothes in cold weather, you need to be able to sweat to properly self-regulate your core temperature. But it's an acceptable trade-off to lose sweat evaporation (and heat dissipation) from the surface area of your feet (including soles) in exchange for avoiding blisters and cold feet. As for it "permanently messing up your feet": I'm pretty skeptical of that claim. My armpits are okay, and I've used antiperspirant there daily for 43 years. Basically, whether on your feet or your armpits, you end up sweating right through it after a certain amount of time, and self-cleansing/diluting all the active ingredients eventually. And most times you'll end up bathing soon after exercise anyway.

  • Frank

    I've use a headlight polishing kit with several steps in sandpaper grit down to a 3000 grit buffing paste. It was a lot of work, but it yielded great results. Unfortunately, they didn't stay clear anywhere near as long as they did when they were new. I think in about a year, they were pretty cloudy again.

  • Busternut

    #11 I'm going to guess at the embossed numbers giving extra grip, otherwise the cards are the same size no matter which orientation they're in.

  • Victoria, BC Chiver

    was eating a wicked stir fry dinner with lots of onions while i was reading this..saw #11 and tried it..never thought i would gag at the smell of my own bad breath! bahahahaha..

    • Victoria, BC Chiver

      sorry, my bad..it was #12..lol..

  • BombayTK

    Another thing that will cut down on blisters when hiking or running besides deodorant is avoiding hiking or running.

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  • https://www.facebook.com/arandomperson7 Joe Dinger

    #15 I work at an at&t store, I use old sim cards to crack open the back of some phones. They work just as well as guitar picks

  • http://www.thecheapskatemom.com hannah

    This post rocks!!! I love offbeat ideas like this and I'm happy to find your site. I've read that a layer baby oil works to help keep you warm in winter too.

  • Anna yee Woo

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  • Jezamiah


    Don't lie you licked your wrists too didn't you? 😛

  • calvinandhobbes

    #22 if you do this consider yourself gay, this is only for women any man should be able to swing a hammer without hitting themselves or others

  • a Non

    Been doing that #16 Nutella thing for YEARS! All my tumblers are old nutella jars. Stems from when I was a little girl (a good 20 odd years ago) when my mother refused to throw anything away.

  • NYChive

    That's cold, dude. Funny, but cold.

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