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    I don't care what her shirt says, she's gorgeous. And if she even plays video games occasionally, +1 in my book.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #42 #45 my lil view of heaven


    #15 I'm sure those two do!

  • bdg

    #26 Sara Jean I now have a new dream!!!! Thank You!!!!

  • bdg

    #42 and #45 God has blessed you abundantly so will you please give us MOAR!!!!!!!

  • donwong

    #45 AAATTEN! HUT! ( I salute u babe ) … Well ur tits anyway muwhahahahaha

  • Bangerang

    #32 do you guys not understand this? If the the jizz is green the alien was wearing. That means the alien fucked YOU.

    • Woody Hayes

      um…look closely at the handwriting…did it ever occur to you that that was written by a female?

  • matt

    #47 Might actually be an effective way to heat the house.

    • ross

      don't you mean cool?

      • LeSigh

        No he means heat… ie the refrigerator will produce more heat than the freezer will cool the apartment…

  • nope.

    #45 i will gladly trade my soul for your phone number

  • the devil

    Totally unrelated to this post, but my first visit back to Toronto in twelve years, and on my last night in town, I see someone walking in the Skywalk from the Rogers Centre after the Jays beat the Rangers wearing a black KCCO. I yell out to the guy "Chive ON!" and he and his buddy both yell back "Chive on, brother!"

    This is the most awesome site with the most awesome people on the internet! Chive on everybody!

  • millertime

    Need to find #12…..soooooooo sexy!

  • mittens

    What's an extra metatarsal between friends? It's not like she's got a full blown pair of clubs or something.

    • mittens r slow

      Reply fail. Re: the weird feet on #8

  • Sam


    Still a better horror story than JAWS 4.

  • Luimi_



  • mittens

    I can't believe no one said that yet. +1

  • interested

    please moar #45

  • mugsii

    best creal bowl ever! #36 It pays to be a winner!

  • justabill

    #25 Better than both movies.

  • MikeG01SF

    #31 is epic. Chive on

  • Huge


    Girls or Boys bathroom…

  • Russ

    #54 hello there, samantha saint… 😉

    • Frank

      Does this shirt make my nipples look big?

  • bkfrijoles

    #12 riddle me this, is it an Innie or and Outie??

  • TheIlluxion

    the worst weeks best is weeks aside from #26(.Sarah Jean I ❤ Thee) Chive is reachin' lately.. Faux ginger in #45 is fappable, but the rest rusrs?

  • Mr. Somewhat Awesome

    Again… #45!

  • Sebastian

    #32 is really dumb . should be the other way around

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