Best photos of the week (55 Photos)

  • Baba Booey

    #45-nice racks!
    #36-Go Kings Go!

  • Mighty

    #26 wow I'm in love, will u Sara marry.

  • Joshua

    #32 wouldn't you be the one fucked by an alien? unless your semen is green.. you know, whatev.

  • stalin

    #45 i just traded my girlfriend in for video games, want to play video games? 😉

  • Erik

    #42 moar please!

  • Josh

    #45 Thank you

  • ojonathanjjohvvvbjn

    This is 1st time iv e ever felt compeled enough to comment but 54 is fucking amazing

  • Alex

    #7 find herrrrrrrrrr!!!! For te love of boobs and beer all over the world. Find this one.

  • Jmo

    #26 my girlfriend and I had one of those…till I the door opened by itself unexpectedly and she went flying through the air. Good thing I caught her. It was funny, but we never used it again

    • Bob

      What is the name of this product? I would like to try it out with my girlfriend. I'll make sure the door is locked first.

  • Dead ODB

    Why am I on the chive at 8:30 in the morning, cause I like to party.

  • Rich

    #45 and #54 we need moar of….find them!!

  • Restless

    #32 looks like the alien fucked you!

  • asdf

    #2 who calls his daughter "the rules"?

    • notferme

      or Mom…?

  • Busternut

    #32 So you had sex with an alien, and it shot it's alien load into YOUR condom? You require a brick to the chops laddy-o.

  • Sampo

    #32 you mean got F*ck'd

  • DemonIAm

    #32. I'm no alien expert, but I think your story is wrong. It looks like the alien fucked you.

  • North


    Jesus Christ. I wear the same uniform as this slob. And I work my ass off to take care of myself and stay in shape. I am so sick of seeing this fat disgrace floating around the internet.

    • Brae

      You sound like a douche bag.I hope you get fat, so we don't have to see your douche bag comments anymore.

  • Force Kin

    #33 Wouldn't that be 'I was fucked by an alien'?

  • Force Kin

    sorry ….. #32

  • Ben

    haven't been here in a while, but thanks for changing how you collect pictures, because this is no longer a total recap of reddit's front page.

  • WAC


  • cnk

    # 32 said they just f#%ked an alien. But judging by the condom it looks like the alien f%€ked him!

  • kimohoyo

    We want to see that hump #7 & #26 moar of sara!!!!!!!!

  • Hills
    • Haw

      Thanks. Was trying to find a better pic!

  • cfbadger12

    #32….dont you know how condoms work? Looks like the alien fucked you

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