Caution: slippery when wet (31 Photos)

  • spanky

    #11 holy catfish what a set of juggs

    • CaptMike

      Amy Reid my favorite pornstar

      • BSmike

        If that's Amy Reid, it looks unfortunately photoshopped 😦

    • Lugh

      She looks like a fucking burn victim with all that plastic surgery on her face. Nasty.

      • CaptMike

        I didn't see any nasty plastic surgery on her face cause bewbs

        • Lugh

          Tatooed eyebrows, cheeks stretched so tight you could bounce quarters off of them, fake, puffy lips, and massively fake tits. No thanks.

          In the immortal words of Sir-Mix-a-Lot, "silicone parts are for toys."

          • PayHeed

            Weird, it's like she does porn or something…

          • CaptMike

            Oh no, a pornstar that has fake somethings….
            also, the quote is "silicone parts are MADE for toys" how dare you misquote Sir Mix

            • addict

              Believe it or not, her tits are NOT fake. Watch 10 seconds of one of her vids.

            • Pablo

              Her breasts are natural and spectacular, but that pic is photoshoped and makes them look fake and bigger tahn how they really are.

          • goatpunch

            actually watch her porn. She isn't fake. She has just always been the butterface of the porn world. Her boobs are real though. Too bad her face has just never been very pretty. On the other hand, i wouldn't kick her outta bed for eatin crackers either

            • bud

              and here it is. that final moment when you can put all of those hard learned pornography hours into a well thought out structured paragraph.

              • dumdumdum

                *slow clap*

            • ChurchoftheFonz

              I'd only kick her out of bed so I could fuck her on the floor….

    • Ballistik

      First of all these are not real, Unless Amy Reid had her tits done then this is not her, if she did then your comment about her tits being real is obviously wrong. Just sayin….

    • stephen

      she is the hottest woman!

  • AB

    Yep. New fav. Post of the week.

    • Emzilla

      Let's hope this becomes weekly…

    • Sparkles

      Can…can this be a regular thing?

    • Machew

      You damn right! #26 and #27 … incredible. I say we replace Cat Saturday with Wet Weekend

    • Cha-Ching

      Breast post yet…

  • Boom

    Cha cha cha

  • acupofjoe

    DAY UM! #8

    • suucks

      they r posting it the third time now… it s getting boring…

      • acupofjoe

        That's an ass you can look at all day sir.

    • goatpunch

      so apparently it looks like day um is the new internet phrase everyone is going to use. (see more comments below) Well maybe at least moar can go away, although this is the first time I've seen the phrase and I ma already tired of it. Here we go I guess. ahem:

      #26 DAY UM!

      Did it work? Am I instantly cool now? Will everyone instantly upvote me for using the new cool internet phrase? YAHOO FOR MEMETARDS!

      No I don't want to make memetards a meme, though it would be interesting irony

      • acupofjoe

        Relax goatpunch…it's just an ass worth admiring. And the word DAY UM was pretty damn funny when auto-tuned in it's original context.

      • Roco

        KCCO dude

  • jmthibs

    some times you just have to throw caution into the wind

  • BigPup

    #9 My pants just got tight… weird.

    • JoeShmoe99

      I know they're fake, but . . . JESUS.

      • Yep

        Yep, they're fake. Natassia Dreams

        • BBB

          It's a trap!

          • Eric

            Thank you for the warning

        • JoeShmoe99

          Ms. Dreams is black. This girl is not.

  • r00s7a

    #15 What kind of nastiness is she bathing in? She better be naked…

    • younsee

      Was wondering the same thing. Looks like leaves and grass.

      • zgl

        leaves, grass, and raspberry kool aid.

  • BigPup

    #31 Holy round perfectness!

    • Weston_B

      Good god.

    • FACT

      holy fat ass

    • Orcslayer

      Rosa Acosta

  • GernBlansten

    Dammit. I'm not getting anything done today…..

    • Alex

      Yeah… "today" 😛

    • Big Ole Weiner

      It's Friday, you shouldn't be.

  • HumpDan

    #24 not the patron!

    • @RugerHoyt

      If one was going to waste good Patron, I would prefer them do to it in this fashion.

      • ChurchoftheFonz

        Abso-fucking-lutely PERFECT!!!!

    • Jess

      There preferred method of doing body shots. Break out the limes!

    • GernBlansten

      Just pretend it's corn oil……

  • JSt31

    Great post, wow

  • MikeG01SF

    Great….now im wet

  • Gareth Pride

    #20 Redheads…my kryptonite…. I love you all!!

  • BigPup

    #2 More pictures, less clothes. Your cooperation is appreciated.

    • Handi

      This girl is gorgeous

    • elkosa

      Find her!

  • The Dude

    #31 is astonishing!

    • Kyle429

      ASStonishing, amirite?


  • joe g

    #24 i want to slide in to that

  • Jin Jung

    #4 I guess that's another way to wash the delicates.

    • GuntherSquirrel

      She really likes that agitator…

    • tv_paul

      She's just waiting for that spin cycle to kick in.

      • ChurchoftheFonz

        Me t-t-t-t-t-t-t-toooooo!!!!!!!!

    • ChurchoftheFonz

      Well played, my good man, very well played!

      • elo2


  • grinchpoop

    #4…sometimes I fart in the washer too…I am not ashamed

    • CaptMike

      Gives your clothes that slightly worn smell, like when you buy from Buckle

  • Truth

    #30 Naked or not…HOT!

    • chet lavoy

      push into that cushion would be satisfying

  • NDChiver

    #24 stop wasting good booze!

  • Sublime

    Now how am I suppose to get any work done thanks #4

  • Andrew


    • gflo

      jessica burciaga

    • Paul

      Victoria Beach

  • Chica

    Whoah… wow, bravo ladies… BRAVO!

  • Drew

    #18 mother of all that is delicious…….. dayumm

    • Metart

      Milla Viasotti

    • ghostdog1977

      Nena Senicar. Google her. NSFW.

  • Tiber_Septim

    #11 #12 cause, dayum

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