• Dylan Bunch

    Nice. I wish I knew girls like this.

  • Cam Girl caught me;)

    Woman with cam on her butt is responsible for the break up of many relationships, high pulses, primitive behavior & boy in a candy store stares.

    "Butt" then again if she makes all the guys stare it isn't her fault but if their staring then maybe their relationships aren't too strong in the first place lol.

    Can you really blame them gorgeous bum 😉 & awesome chicks, loved the video 😛

  • Annie

    add me on skype annie.james88 pay to play babies

  • Red

    Great scot, Marty you're not going to believe these! these checks just hypothesized and caught males staring at gals rear ends! Do you know what this means?! Now that they have evidence, not a damn thing will change! Next they have the bewb cam!! What then Marty what then?! We must go back in time and prevent this from happening! Marty? Marty?

  • dude

    Even Jesus likes DAT ASS!

  • xtrain

    I just saw this, I honestly believe she had something else drawing attention though cuz it appears that everyone looked. I do have to admit I check out ladies booties. I mean come on ladies were guys, thats what we do. Dont look so damn HOT and we wont.

  • Sappa

    I'd let her catch me.

  • Jeremy

    is this video serious right now? Did you ever think that they're staring because of this thought: "hey is that a camera attached to that girl's butt?"

  • bubba86

    get over yourself, vain ego-chicks like this are a dime a dozen

  • LetsRace

    The camera is pointing the wrong way.

  • Burt

    WOW!!! You didn't know that guys check out girls?!? You wear clothes to draw attention to your ass, we be lookin!

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