Rich kids of instagram: Part Deux (46 Photos)

The nightmare isn’t over….


  • G$farmer

    I feel poor, thx.

    • GDIAF

      Must be nice living off mommy and daddy!! LoL

      • Me.

        #30 I want but the rest…. I'd rather be my anti egotistical actually real to myself, self.

    • Obviously

      Some people are so poor all they have is money…… but also jet skis

      • Me.

        Ever try to frown on a jet ski?

        • Me.

          People smile as they hit the pier.

    • Toodles

      #7 Hey Homo, 'lick my pouch'

      • This.

        Don't let him hear you…he will.

    • MLDM

      I don't know why I've looked at both these posts. They just fill me with white hot rage.

      • Reardoor

        Hmmm, 'white hot' huh….Obvious to me why.

    • Jaime Perez

      well this is depressing. I feel high class when i buy jack daniels mustard, but good lord what the hell. i hate people. thanks chive

    • grego

      i bet "a hard days work" is a quote they dont know too well

    • Heckuva

      That lifestyle looks so amazing though, think of all the opportunities they will have to go and explore the world. I would love, so much to live their lives, surely your lying if you say you wouldn't.

  • DesertIgloo

    Lifestyles of the rich and famous… And spoiled rotten

    • cptnmrca

      and douchiest

      • Dan

        fuckin hater

    • @immachiver

      fuck these kids. they aren't real people

      • sixdeadelves

        yeah, fuck them assholes, unless they want to share…but they probably don't…so…fuck those guys.

      • Squints

        exactly, I hate pretentious, spoiled fucking brats like this, get off your ass and work a day in your life you leeches. Oh and 50 GRAND for a bottle of champagne? I went to college for that much you fuckwads

  • loki_dog

    #1 Dont smile!…. look coooool

    • Emucratic

      #23 #28 #36

      It doesn't matter if their parents are millionaires or billionaires. I can't see any parent on this planet who would let his/her kid get away with such a ridiculous waste of money. No, way. What is their allowance? $10,000 a day?

      • This.

        as for #28 I might if i was righ…but #36 ?? Caviar? Keep that shit bring the boose.

    • tedstevens

      Where's Bane when you need him?

  • Lawrence

    You know what I would do if I had a million dollars? Two chicks at the same time.

    • moho512

      YES! Bring on the case of the Mondays shirts!

      • Fuccccck

        I have a feeling I'll be striking out on getting one of them as well…

        • Don Terry

          At least I know these rich fucks will get just as pissed as me when they can't get Chive shirts.

    • VillainForHire

      Sounds like someone has a case of the Fundays.

      • tv_paul

        Besides two chicks at the same time? Nothing. I would relax… I would sit on my ass all day… I would do nothing.

        • a-nom

          You don't need a million dollars to do that, my cousins broke, don't do s***….

        • Jim.

          I'd travel my ass off.

    • Duke

      don't need a million bucks to do that

    • ChadE

      Fuckin' A

    • GernBlansten

      This reminds me, in #33 shouldn't that be some kind of fancy Dijon Ketchup?

      • nepster

        Isn't this the scene from Jurassic park where two velociraptors start fighting that t-rex while the kids stuff their face with oreo's and shit?~good movie.

      • Leeks

        No it probably shouldn't be mustard ketchup. It should clearly be fancy ketchup, it comes in those little packets you get at fast food places.

      • :).

        Fuck that heinz is where it's at

    • Peter

      That's it? If you had a million dollars, that's what you'd do, two
      chicks at the same time?

      Damn straight, man. I've always wanted to do that. I figure if I were a
      millionaire, I could hook that up. Chicks dig guys with money.

      Well not all chicks….

      Well, the type that double up on a guy like me do.

      • Schnizz56

        One of the greatest dialogue exchanges in cinematic history!!

    • doubles

      That is like $500. What to do with the other 999,500.

    • Craig

      I always wanted to do that.

  • Sean

    Who's down for an angry mob and take their money they clearly don't need?

    • Dan

      Good luck dumb ass

    • Wiseone

      Total socialist move. Go out and earn your on you lazy bastard. 1st step is getting off chive.

      • fruityblergs

        Clearly, these kids worked really hard for that money too.

        • thedude325

          Well, their parents did and they wanted to spend it on their children. Isn't your problem. Let's just say if I had kids who charged up $40k for lunch, I'd be sending them into the military the next day.

      • Wiseonenotsowise

        How does one "earn your on?"

    • Chaos

      Liberal logic, just take from those that have it. Problem solved.

    • jscw

      Or deserve it

  • I_am_golf_c0m

    #9 #10 #12 the only thing that stopped me from punching my screen… feed the rest to walmart people

    • Nickleby

      Go ahead. Most WalMart people would instantly lose their money right back to the people you took it from. Buying frozen pot pies, chips, cigs and beer with their EBT cards – cards disguised to look like credit cards so users are not "stigmatized".

      Aside from the dork disrepecting the hood of his Rolls, ain't nuthin' wrong with these photos.

      • assman

        you are an idiot and the joke went over your head. When he said feed the rest to the walmart people he wasn't saying give them the money but ACTUALLY feed them to walmart people. I think you should be a tasty morsel for them walmart people too you elitist shit heel.

  • justsayn

    #28 look at the tip 6 grand for having to put up with a douch for a few hours.

    • Slicknick

      You could of had that same party at your house for about $300.

      • english

        could have or could've

    • VillainForHire

      Meanwhile, in Africa…

    • no one cares

      i dont think thats from a bar. looks more like its from a liquor store. ive never seen a bottle of patron that cost 7k. of course i dont know where in the world they charge 17.5% tax so who knows

      • Anomanom

        Either way someone paid ridiculously for that booze. I could get all of that at the liquor store for 200-300 USD.

      • maraloc

        Liquor store where you have to tip? lol

      • KCO617

        You're not very up on your club pricing. Clubs can charge 800 for a 750ml of absolute when you can buy it for 35 at a liquor store. The more exclusive the club, the more expensive it becomes. Also, some places don't itemize it all on the receipt…and that's a table gratuity if I ever saw one.

    • I'm saying

      $ 7,158.23 for one bottle of 750mL Patron Silver? Something tells me that's not USD.

    • Aristotle

      It could be bottle service at a club.

    • im awesome

      maybe that's per case?

    • Cam

      GCT is Gross Consumption Tax. Tax in Jamaica.

      • Cam

        General. Sorry, not gross.

    • Silly

      PRETTY SURE THOSE ARE PESOS…..Patron in the US would be closer to $300 a bottle

      • alan

        Patron silver in us is about 48.00 not 300. Worth every penney too.

        • techno_viking

          In a club it is about $300. And no, it's not worth every penny. Patron is a shit tequila.

          • fordman

            one line through the dollar sign means peso, not USD

            • Scott Higingbotham

              Have you checked your keyboard to be sure?

        • Paco

          Try Don Julio

    • Boom

      Have to do the conversion, they're in Jamaica (found because of the GCT tax). Jamaican Dollar to US is about 89.15 to 1, so that bottle of Bailey's is really costing them $19.29 US dollars. They're just douchebags trying to make it look like they're spending more than they are…

      • Mike D

        Or maybe they think they are spending a fortune because they are stupid

      • Rick

        Thank you for giving the correct explanation. And stil, nobody will read it, and keep posting the same things

      • Whiskey Rose Knight

        Oh god, THANK YOU for answering that. I almost had a heart attack (shitty liquor for that much? Where the fuck ARE they?) and I agree with your assessment that they're douchebags.

      • Rob

        Whatever the scale is…rich people don't drink prosecco that costs 1/3 of a bottle of cafe patron. HELL, I wouldn't drink that bum swill!

  • Cgyachilles

    I didn't need to see the dick holes of hipstergram

  • Forgot

    douchebags – all of em. Use that money for some good.

    • KCCO

      They can spend it however they want.

    • Dan

      How about they pay off all the lazy bastards on Occupy Wall Street… they don't want to work for shit!

      • assman

        willing to bet these rich spoiled tools don't work for shit either. how about give some of their money to the hard working people that elevated them to this level.

        • ObamaBlows

          Isn't that what they're doing? Tipping a waiter $6k? Paying for the technicians to repair their Ferraris and Lambos? Paying the lawn crew to maintain their expansive lawns with manicured topiary? Hell, they're even paying for some baby-making, crackhead to sit at home, watch Judge Joe and send one of their 12 children by 11 men to the mailbox to get their "assistance" check – through their taxes. Who cares if they waste millions on stupid purchases? They, or their parents, earned it. Does someone tell YOU how to dispense with your property?

    • mallardmountain

      I'm betting they put more towards charity than you do.

      • TFP

        Only to get the Tax breaks and as a % of total income your probably wrong.

        • mallardmountain

          Did I say anything about % of total income? No. Rich family A donates 100k to charity. Your family donates 1k. 100k > 1k Trust me, I work for a non-profit, we'll take the 100k everyday over the 1k. Actually we'll take both. seriously…we'll take anything…something……..please?!

          • Jesus

            But when that 100k is pocket change to these guys, and that 1k is your month's rent, the relative significance of the donation changes. By your logic, are these rich kids better people simply because they donate more in an absolute sense (despite the fact that the amount is meaningless to them)? I won't be donating to any organization you're a part of any time soon.

            • ObamaBlows

              Lighten up, Hay-soos! Yes, the wealthy give more. Shocking news! Come down off the pulpit and KCCO!

    • ander

      Everybody says that but we'd all do the same as them if we were born into that world.

      • Jesus

        True enough. Perhaps we should call this post "Products of the Douchey Rich Parents Who Believe in Giving Their Kids a Free Ride".

    • Bojan Čude

      LOL try to hide the jealousy a little no?

  • @lackofabetter

    Life is hard sometimes

  • navemm506

    This should be called Part Douche

  • Machine head

    Ass duechery level: infinite

  • nodon

    They seem nice and well-grounded.

  • Petri Rahikkala

    Why do they all look like hipsters?

    • morebeer

      Because hipsters

  • Shant1k

    #7 I want to hit you with a brick, by throwing it at your face.

    • Matt

      I'd like to choke him out with his pretty scarf…

    • streethockey

      it is even worse than that. in some European upper class cliques, wearing the keffiyeh is a sign of support for Hamas (which would gladly throw his butt off a building, as they did when they took over Gaza).

    • Keyser_Soze

      you know how i know you're gay???

  • bud

    #13 this one hurts to look at. you can see a dimple in the hood 😦

    • MR. SIGH

      That's memorial park in Houston, TX. Want to know how douchey this is? NO ONE IS ALLOWED TO PARK where he is parked.

      • Static

        he's not parked… he's standing.


    • Brad

      id shoot that ghetto pickle eatin fag right between the eyes if i seen it in person. I dont care how much money you have, show some respect for the workers who made that car, mostly by pure hand. only 1 word
      describes that dude. NIG**R

      • TJ_Designs

        That's the best you could do with your limited vocabulary huh? It's understandable though, his ignorance begets your ignorance. KCCO or GTFO

      • Poor Brad

        You mad Bro? FUCK YOU Brad.

      • Whiskey Rose Knight

        Yeah, racists don't really have a place on the chive. GTFO.

    • streethockey

      I am guessing this is more vandalism than showing off money.

    • Sarcasm

      Some one knock him off of the car for the sake of all things automotive!!!!!!

    • Ryan Westbrook

      someone please punch this dude in the dick and steal his car cuz he obviously don't respect it…

  • ChiveFromWA

    So basically I need to buy a boat.

    • Dman

      a P Diddy style shrimping boat.

  • Paul.c


    • Pat_Bateman1

      They look happier than you sound.

    • @fchezenko

      IDE say they're fucking ecstatic !!!

    • Dan

      Oh, we are happy! Jealous fuck

    • andfukyamoms

      you ever seen someone frowning on a jet ski??

      • lol

        Maybe Sean Kingston.

    • Guest

      Probably happier than you….they could spend the money on learning to spell

  • James Silva

    i think i am going to rob a bank today now thanks for the motivation chive……

  • DickFister

    #1, #3, #5, #7, et al …
    Break out the Summer's Eve … we have multiple douche bag sightings!

  • dennis

    im a hater

  • Manner

    Well how about a F… OFF!!!

  • Vyle_Kidovich

    What has two thumbs and hates them all? This guy.

    • Dan

      What has two thumbs and could give a fuck what you think… this guy!

      • Vyle_Kidovich

        What has one mom who gave plenty of fucks last night?….that guy!

      • Romancipated

        fuck you, Dan. I hope you and every one of these self important ass hats, chokes to death on every nickel that they did not earn for themselves. You got bank from your own hard work then i got respect for you and your work. Got rich by winning the genetic lottery and then want to act like you are better than everyone else, then fuck you with a giant gilded dildo.

  • iamkaylaurnot

    people like this just suck.

    • Shant1k

      girls like you are just great!

  • tv_paul

    #34 Where are those great whites from shark week when you need them.

    • Matt

      Let's face it, if you DO have a yacht, who wouldn't want this slide?

    • Kodos

      I would OWN the shark… SNOWFLAKE?

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