Rich kids of instagram: Part Deux (46 Photos)

The nightmare isn’t over….


  • Davis

    Fuck it. I'm taking off early to go to my buddy's lake house. We're all poor but it's got what we need: water, house, grill, beer and paddle boat. Happy weekend

  • @RndmThtz

    The best part of this post is that most of them are ugly.

    • Dan

      You have to pick on something when you have nothing, don't you

  • @fchezenko


    $10 for a fucking Coke ??!!😳

    There's an old saying in Ireland ….

    " Ask me bollix !!"

  • Shadow Chiver

    I fee sad for their parents who I am sure worked their life away to accumulate the wealth only to have spoil kids to squander it away. I will bet my money that 99.9% of these kids have not earned a penny of the money they are spending…

    • MMC


      • Dan


  • MMC

    We live in glorious times, technology affords a tremendous opportunity to all who wish to seize it.

    You think you hate them for being spoiled brats. You hate that you dont have the $ it takes to do these sorts of things (whether or not you would spend it this way).

    until you realize this,understand the fact that you are a hater and you are indeed hatin.

    • Jeffrey

      You really think thats the only reason to hate these guys? You can't think of ANY other reason?

      • Dan

        You don't know them so don't judge them

  • Kevin O'Connell

    This post sucks but at least it confirms these people are all empty inside. "Look how much I spent this weekend! I'm soooo awesome" #13 needs to be punched in the face… no #1 – #45 does.

  • Jeffrey

    Well i guess its time to storm the bastille again…

  • Classical Matt

    #36 $20 for a Coke? Get out of town!

  • Anonymous

    Haters gonna hate

  • Juan R

    #35 , Am I the only one who wants these two?

  • njkcco

    What kills me is they will never have to work a day in their lives and not see anything wrong with it. In all actuality they are missing out. With that said, screw them pompous peckers .

  • erika

    #32 LOVE and not a hater.

  • EdAnt

    These guys give the rest of wealthy people a bad wrap. Rich parents should hire anti douche counseling for their kids.

    • Dan


  • Kator

    I don't hate rich people, I hate rich people who throw money away and basically give the rest of us the finger. Fuck these kids. You know what I'd do with unlimited resources? Build a company, help developing countries, or even the poor in my community. If you have more money than you can spend, then give something back, you non contributing assholes.

    • Dan

      No one is giving you the finger dumb ass… take your bleeding heart somewhere else

    • ImpressMe

      You don't know that they don't contribute….if someone took a pic of you having a blast at a party with your friends…should we all assume thats all you do and that you contribute nothing of worth?

  • Ispeakchive

    What is happening to the chive? This is far beyond lame Bob

  • Woop

    I feel sick looking at these pics. Their parents should be locked up for allowing this bs. Producing a generation of entitled douches who add no value to society.

    • Dan

      Just like the douches who Occupy Wall Street

  • j romano

    $10 for a coke?????

    • TheIlluxion

      what's worse is that it is in euros so it's a little more expensive than that.

  • PubicJones

    #28 My liquor store bill is around 15 bucks and I get all kinds of fucked up.

  • Bill

    #28 not that im against ripping these guys off, but did anyone else look at those prices? whats up with a liter of baileys costing $1700?

    • Boom

      Have to do the conversion, they're in Jamaica (found because of the GCT tax). Jamaican Dollar to US is about 89.15 to 1, so that bottle of Bailey's is really costing them $19.29 US dollars. They're just douchebags trying to make it look like they're spending more than they are…

  • Sean

    #40 qualifies as a "kid"?

  • Joe

    Fuck these guys for not even working for it. Hope they all burn in hell.

    • Dan

      Way to judge dick

  • Macro

    I hope they all die a horrible and embarrassing death.

    • Dan

      That death is saved for you… loser

  • lost in time

    #40 didn't get his monies worth on those tat's

  • MasterDrank

    I just bought some mcdonalds & blew my food budget for the rest of the week.. im going to be eating croutons till next paycheck.. god damn

    • Dan

      Stop eating fast food then

  • Cory

    #33 ketchup bottle upside down…WTF people! That bottle is clearly designed to sit on the cap. No class.

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