Rich kids of instagram: Part Deux (46 Photos)

The nightmare isn’t over….


  • Hrdwood

    Makes me think that getting rich quick doesn't build character… it only reveals it… or lack of it.

    • Dan

      Take you philosophical bullshit and crack it down someone else's throat!

      • Take you

        Take you huh

  • Ken

    Haters gonna hate! There is not a damn person on Chive that would be any different if they were born into this kind of lifestyle!

    • hausmaus

      Wrong. Grew up with money and saw the sort of asshole it created. I don't begrudge people who have WORKED for their cash and do goofy shit with it, more power to them, but to just be given that sort of $$ and to be so obviously spoiled? Nah. And I think you don't give the majority of Chivers the credit they deserve. Just look at the calls for help that have happened here. Do you think the people donating cash are those super-rich turds? Nope. I am willing to bet that it is, a majority anyways, people who put their 40 in each week and dont take home a ton o' cash.

      • Anonymous

        Baby need their bottle?

  • hausmaus

    As I munch on the Ramen Noodles that make up 90% of my food intake after rent, Utils and food for my dog, I have NEVER hoped more for a plague to make these children bleed from the eyes and slowly wither away in front of their parents until all that is left is a puddle of sludge that was once these avatars of everything that is wrong with the super rich.

    • Anonymous

      hahaha, what a fuckin' dipshit. Think about what you just said for a second. Finished? Now you wish that upon rich kids who you don't even know as opposed to rapists/pedophiles, warlords, etc.

      Haters will hate, but you are just a fuckin' tool.

  • Stewart


    • Dan

      But I give no fucks for other countries…

    • ImpressMe

      Why do you assume they are all American kids? lol

  • Boom

    Anyone can get a gold AMEX you douche… #42. Why collect AMEX? If you have the black you don't need the others #imcompromisingforsomething #44

  • Marius Koch

    Normally I can put up with rich people just fine. Even filthy rich ones. When you've got money, you spend it on things you like. The more you have, the further away the limit is. I don't feel envy or hate towards most, only a healthy dose of "Wow, I'd love me some of that money".

    But this? This is pathetic. This makes me sad, it's like watching a huge pile of money pissed on and set on fire. This is throwing away money like they have something to compensate for. Shopping, buying a nice bottle of wine, a nice car, even a big boat – fine. This is just plain bullsh*t. Idiots.

  • Anonymous

    I think it's funny how so many chive fans ridicule these people of privilege only to applaud the "sooooo… you got wasted" post. I doubt anyone here actually knows any of these people well enough to call them a douche but jealousy can even make the coolest person an unbearable crybaby. Regarding people who say these kids will never work a day in their life, I just hope that your 16 hour shift at the coal mine won't lead to you being a bigger sourpuss.

  • Wisti

    I'd like the money…but I'm not jealous of any of these…

  • Stef

    just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

    • Dan


    • ImpressMe

      Why not?

  • garthwayne

    im completely happy working my ass off the rest of my life, you dont need any of that to be happy

    • Dan

      Fuckin liar

  • chivettebecky

    It would be great to have all this money and all…but seriously, how annoying do most of these people look? Is it a requirement to dress like a douche? Fail.

  • luke atmydik

    awesome so they know how to spend their parents money…

  • Andrew Glassford

    what the fuck is THE? photo36

  • Diabadass

    I thought I had it rough, did y'all see that beer pong setup?

  • cp7

    #36 2 cokes = $20.. wow..

  • Dayum!

    What is the over/under on the % of these kids that end up in Rehab before age 25? 80%?

    • Dan

      What is the chance you end up in jail for robbery… 80%

  • cman

    #28 is a fake 750 Ml of patron silver is like 50 bucks not over a grand.

    • ass duck

      Jamaican dollars, that is also their ripoff tax rate …

  • Kelly

    And to think I am having trouble paying my bills … what a shame

  • birdhaus32

    why would you spend $42K on $4-500 worth of booze?!

  • ImpressMe

    Oh come on, if you all came from families with that kind of money you would be doing a lot of the same things….Hell, I know I would….though I would like to think I could be rich and have a great time without going for the gold in the Douche Olympics…. #22 #42 and #45 Gold medal winners right there….

  • @j_calabaza

    #28 Even if I had money, I wouldn't pay $7k for Patron.
    #42 Show us an AmEx Black card. McKayla Maroney is not impressed by your gold card…

  • COTE

    that's a lot of douchbaggery in in one post.

  • NebraskaGuy

    Should be called: Rich kids of instagram: Part DOUCHE!

  • kdaniellesu10

    I couldn't even bear to look at the photos. I came only for the comments.

  • Retired Navy

    Someone told me many years ago that there are two job types in America. One with a name tag and one without. Ok after 25 years of wearing a name tag on my uniforms in the Navy, I feel I accomplished something good in my life. Not great, not outstanding, just good. I can live with that. I feel good about myself not having to go through life like these people in this post. Yep I earned my man card. Daddy did'nt have to buy it for me.

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