Rich kids of instagram: Part Deux (46 Photos)

The nightmare isn’t over….


  • Rich B

    All that money and they are still using Instagram? Feel good knowing that in a zombie attack you can use them as bait as they dont know how to fight back.

  • Ree Aliteechek

    All that money and swag on display, yet not an ounce of either character or class in sight.

  • Mikey

    Where are all their Instagram pictures cocaine?

  • Nick Lowe

    I have never hated anyone I've never met so much…

  • pelkey

    really… seven grand for 1 bottle of patron?

  • Dead ODB

    Time to grind harder.

  • ass duck

    #28 guaranteed Jamaican dollars 1 jmd = 85 us

    • Boom

      Coorection 85 jamaican = 1 USD

  • YeahDawg23

    This whole gallery was unnecessary ! Who cares bout these douche nozzles anyway .

  • Mr. A

    Dont hate

  • Med

    2 Coca Cola for 20.00? Seems legit

  • $77000

    pay my student loans!!!

  • DChiver

    Money more or less makes no f**king difference… they still have problems in their lives…
    The only difference there is, is the ability to financially help someone else…
    Bill Gates is giving out almost all his money for social causes, now that's something to post about.

  • amierose86

    this is disgusting.

  • jefftavolieri


    100% of people who buy Ace of Spades champagne are douches. It was proven a scam put on by Jay-Z. They literally started selling $50 bottles of champagne for $300 overnight.

  • nathanm

    Fuck them. Try working for one day to earn that. Burn in hell bastards

  • thatguy

    Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but as far as the guys go… it required to dress and act like a complete faggot in order to be rich? If so I guess I'm ok being poor.

  • Gerrrit

    Why ( and where ) on earth does a litre Baileys Irish Cream cost $1720 ?
    I mean, I can more or less understand a million dollar watch, but this is plain idiocy.

    • Gerrrit

      Ah yes, Jamaican Dollars. $20 US. That figures ( literally )
      Thanks. ass duck

  • dave

    This belongs in the "Douche bag" gallery. #13 angers me for some reason. It's disrespectful to the beauty of a legendary car.

  • Brewdy

    #28 The funny thing is, that only costs about $500 at the local liquor store, haha. I don't mind the finer things I life, but I don't like to get screwed paying for them

  • Dustin

    #22 The truth about Trickle Down Economics.

  • Nick

    I've never instantly hated some one before while simultaneously bitch slapping them in my mind. Bravo chive you made me realize something about myself

  • Johnny

    I just hope they earned it.

  • GREG

    #37 haha that thing has propellers

  • yoddle101

    It must be nice never having to work a day in their life… fuckin french fry eating thong wearing losers… making me feel poor

  • Hooleyman

    And once the money disappears they're the ones that cant handle it and kill themselves …. lmfaoshmsfomhaidmt.

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