Rich kids of instagram: Part Deux (46 Photos)

The nightmare isn’t over….


  • billy2hats

    these people should be made to live in the real world for 6 months

  • Chris

    #25 Come on now ,this thread contains some SERIOUSLY rich people in this gallery. Some idiot in cheap clothes with three standard bottles of Dom doesn't belong!

  • gs425

    If you are riding the bus and you a man in a woman driving in a $300k car, do you think, "how come they are not on the bus with me" or do you think "someday, I will have one of those cars"?

  • -k9


  • assman

    Sir Richard Branson said it right: "…it shouldn't be a competition to see who has the biggest boat, instead we should use this wealth to better humanity as a whole."

  • Damian

    Don't worry these kids will blow the families money, leaving them poor in a few decades. #28 is a good example, lol 7K for a bottle of patron only a 8,000% markup.

  • nuccabay

    #43 is bad ass, even if it does belong to a douche

  • earl

    #36 I dont know about you guys, but once I get past $10 bottles of water, it all starts to taste the same

    • Bry

      Doing some research on Nikki Beach they use Thai Baht money system. So it's not 107524.00 American money like they want you to believe it is really only, 3,412.37, which is still a small chunk of change but looks a lot better now!

      • Not Thailand

        This place is in France – http://www.nikkibeach. com/contact.php. Same website, same telephone number, so its in Euros. Which makes it even worse..

  • skinger

    I don't understand why all the class warfare? Nothing wrong with being a 1%er… looks like they know how to handle their money. I hate these bastards, no wait, I love these bastards, no… I'm confused.

  • skinger

    Sure they have lots of money to flaunt, but can they get laid? Damn it to hell… I hate my life.

  • Rob

    Mas putos

  • bisketz

    So this is what toolbags look like. Good to know. Glad thee parents are rich, to bad they berthed fuggin morons.

  • skinger

    Whoever said, "money can't buy happiness" should give a good, hard look at these pictures. They sure look happy to me.

  • Linz

    Mo money mo problems, like what car to drive today. Undeserving asses.

  • matthew parisi

    I'm heading out to beat up a rich kid now

  • skinger

    I would like to party with #12. I would do anything for her, as long as it wasn't humiliating. Oh who am I kidding? I would let her humiliate me as long as the benjamins kept rolling.

  • Zachary McNew

    #28 $12 for 3 "THE"s….WTF

  • Art52

    Years ago I worked for a company where the owner's rich Corvette-driving son was my age and he would always be bragging about his family's skiing trips, cruises, etc., of which he knew I couldn't afford. He was feeling richer-than-usual one day and challenged me to an arm-wrestling contest in the company parking lot and I slammed him, nearly breaking his wrist. There are some things $$ can't buy…

  • Cal Fire FOBS


    What a waste of good money.

  • Tim

    i am satisfied with my 3 boys and happy life with a beautiful wife that i am trying to post on the Chive. I gotta get her to let me take some pics.

  • regular person

    i wish i had some money

  • Alan

    You realize this is how all of us look to most people in Cuba, Haiti, and a hundred other places.

  • nicole

    Mckayla Maroney's scowl at the end of this would top it all off perfectly.

  • peasant

    Give them a break guys, their lives must be really hard…….

  • Brannon John Marsh

    Just makes me sick

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