Rich kids of instagram: Part Deux (46 Photos)

The nightmare isn’t over….


  • Ricky Gallardo

    This is why military service should be mandatory in the US. After watching Syrian women and children dodge bullets to escape their country with nothing with the clothes on their backs, only for the right to be herded in to a refugee camp in the Jordanian desert, kind of puts a wallet full of amex cards in to some serious fucking perspective.

  • Catwoman

    A storm is coming. They will wonder how they could ever have so much and leave so little for the rest of us.

  • James

    It's funny because they are douchebags….right…?

  • Sizzle Rockwell

    They are all going straight to hell.

  • Dave

    One meal cost more than my wife and I will make this year. They all need to be forced to watch Shindlers List then go work at a soup kitchen.

  • kelsey


  • willy mcgonigal

    I see such misplaced anger in here towards a group of people we know nothing about. Any one of these people for all we know could be an entrepreneur or self successful in any way. I am an entrepreneur I am working my ass off every second of every day doing what most people would think impossible or even might not understand Through blood sweat and tears I will EARN the ability to afford my children every luxury and expense that each one of these people have. I look at this and it drives me to wake up every day and be ten times the man I was yesterday. So I ask every one in here why hate these people? Is it out of envy? Jealousy? What ever the case may be its more then likely what separates the wealthy from the people who male excuses as to why they arnt wealthy. Its ignorence.

  • Allie

    #28 didn't even tip 20%,, that cheap douche. I bet the remaining percentage of that tip went to the excessive amount of hair gel he wears, based off all the other dudes in this album.

  • Squash

    #28. $1700 on baileys hahaha. Hope that came with a bottle of lube.

  • Fistorn

    i don't care how rich i was, i would never pay $10 for a coke.

  • Ritti

    It’s a sad reality. I don’t believe they are happier than most teenagers across America. To never have to want is to never appreciate what you achieve. Either way they will never be able to exceed the success of their fathers and will forever live in some degree of failure.

  • Flerndorf

    Funny thing…. The way you hate these people for their success( actually most likely their parents success) is exactly the way a lot of poor people around the world feel about YOU. Like George Obama who lives in Kenya on $100 a year

  • Anti anti

    So if they were black rap stars, would it be ok?

  • Jordan

    Ten dollars a coca cola?? Wtf?

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  • Sieggelwald

    I fear this post made my kill list cumbersomely long…

  • dragon

    Someone actually buys that repugnant shit called belvedere vodka! Go to the dollarstore and drink rubbing alcohol and save ur dad 4280.00 and change u spoiled mistake ur folks wish they could take back! Should have named u dollar condom!

  • JACO JryBom

    Can we post the work it takes a normal person to make that much money? Or what the cost one of those bottles of wine will provide for a family of four in food? It's sick to think what hoarding money does to a society.

  • nouu

    i live near a rich neighborhood, the air actually seems fresher ther…don't give me some shit about money doesn't buy happiness.

  • Jonny

    Everyone's hating on the rich kids, but they're still gonna die like the rest of us…

  • evan

    #43, gettin that fosho.

  • BostonGeorge

    Money CAN buy happiness.

  • Lea Magnito

    Materialism will validate your existence in the context of a capitalist society. Ultimately, materialism is the cause of spiritual poverty.

  • fckengruven

    I cant even front right now i just drank a 40z of HATERAID.

  • enoturismo

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