Hot Right Now: Hot girl doing a super cool hula hoop routine? You had me at girl… (Video)
  • mike

    the guy at the end looked like Rob Romano's futur father inlaw, the one who bought the Italian pizza resturant… i'ma gonna killa youa…

  • Ispeakchive

    weak and dated

  • twoedges


  • Jesus

    The face of the dude at the locker in the end…lol!

  • @Crystaller70

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  • Boo-f-in-hoo

    I dare all of you who weren't impressed to try and say that to him in person while he is whittling veggies down to dust. Also I figure this is the guy to have on your side in a knife fight.

  • Philip

    I'm a sushi chef and this guy looks like an amateur.

  • Roos

    What was the song playing in the background?

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