Man's best friend at War (30 HQ Photos)

  • Doom

    These photo's prove that dogs are our best friends. It makes me feel that if they fight beside our troops for our freedom they deserve some sort of rights.

  • Peteness

    i wonder wtf a dog is thinking the first time its forced out of a plane

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  • Anonymous

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  • Kenny

    #65 I couldn't do that job, if something happened to the dog I'd probably kill myself!

  • Anonymous


  • niko

    it is good to have a men best frend while your killing some people

  • thatshitcray

    This is awesome

  • Saipan Ed

    These photos are as fine a tribute to our dog friends/brothers/sisters as I've ever seen! I am so proud of our "guys" who've accepted these terrible wars as "duty". To have the companionship of these wonderful animal buddies during these trying times of "unpopular wars" must mean so much to them. The dogs in these photos are clearly loving what they do. They and their human partners are obviously best buds. This tribute to our 4 footed friends is so important and meaningful that I have no time to chastise those of you who've chosen to go on public record as being the fodder our cannons need to neutralize.
    Semper Fi……from a Cpl. at the Frozen Chosen. Those that count will "know", the rest will have to wonder. God Bless our Troops and their wonderful dogs.

  • Man of the North

    #61 "Get some, humans! get some!!"

  • SAM


  • happyclampopper

    I'd rather have a pack of dogs for company then some of the air heads posting on this about how the dogs are being mistreated. Look at those eyes, I don't see fear, I see everything a dog can be and it makes me smile.

  • Oli

    So awesome… From England.

  • shaylatansey

    Sexy, brave men with incredible animals? As a woman I'd have to say this is hands down my favorite group of photos I've seen on the Chive so far. Great stuff. More hot men in uniforms with animals, please. And can you send a couple my way?

  • 89lp63

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    How true….they are Man’s Best Friends……

  • Nathan

    I have a great deal of respect for what these brave animals do and for their handlers, but was horrified to learn that the military puts down over 3000 service animals each year, labeling them "unfit for adoption". Check out for information on adopting or rescuing these forgotten heros of our wars.

  • amplexus

    Very cool!

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  • V4Vendetta14

    #65 Anybody questioning mistreatment should look at this photo. The empty pair of boots side by side with the empty collar shows the way military men/women honor soldier dogs as they do their fellow soldier.

  • Anonymous

    […] […]

  • Crazy_Jake

    I for one was tickled that the dogs have sunglass as part of their gear.. Thats so cool.. Have to get that for my buddy.

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