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  • KeepCalm

    #5 needs to have a slide in it.

  • Danno Maurer

    #25 Isn't that the moose-knuckle lady?

  • Rubes27

    Like Cars? German Ones?

    Come visit my blog!:

    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • Gryphonchilde

    Your argument is invalid.

  • @Violaceousgirl

    BEST DMA ever. #3 looks like awesome fun

  • marcussam

    #25 Maybe even she was punched by Chris Brown …

  • username


  • RG Player

    #2 Awesome. #7 Work Walmart overnight and you see this regularly from both employees and customers. 😉

  • username

    #21 What is going on here?

  • Robert

    #11 My first thought was of Carnivale!

  • Jeff

    #29 what are life sens?

  • reaperACTUAL


  • The Dude

    How life will be if Obama is reelected. #8

  • socal dude

    #20 Monkeys are not people, this comparison just is sick.

    This is very poor taste chive.

    • Amanda

      But you're OK with the guy that looks like a bear?

      • socal dude


        • @Violaceousgirl

          we're 96% the same genes. its pretty close imo. we're just far enough apart to not be in competition with one another.

          • @Violaceousgirl

            unfortunately for the neanderthals…too close for comfort.

  • jin

    #35 damnit that guy is awesome!

  • Gallus

    I sure hope #11 is not a permanent tat, though I do wish the girl would turn around …

  • Rory

    Check out my site inspired by theChive.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Lanky

    #11 Find her. I'm in love.

  • Poke4Life

    I lost my shit in my office over #30 #32 & #35

  • Poke4Life

    Sorry, #29

  • moeshere foxdale

    #12 Way cool…And Very,Very Sexy…

  • Jess

    #25 I love Rihanna's tweets. She just does not give a fuck.

  • lol

    #25 i can see it

  • MyComputer

    #4 xkcd
    #12 and #33 are incredible. Go creative people!

  • Ham

    Take my money!! #31

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