Dogs: sometimes they’re derpy, sometimes they’re awesome, but I always love ’em (39 Photos)

  • the guy

    I love dogs, thanks chive!

  • Drewby


    • William Teach

      Second place is the first loser.

      • Emzilla

        Give him credit, though. This is the first person I've ever actually seen successfully number their own posting order. First is usually somewhere around fourth.

  • BFM

    Morning Chivers

    • chive guy

      I don't think this is the real BFM… but just in case, good morning to you too.

  • DickFister

    FU cats. Your argument is invalid

    • Tiber_Septim

      that is truly awesome

    • HatBomb

      Hey now, you don't even have to train a cat to shit on your mail… Ok, maybe you have a point there.

    • Beev

      #17 I hate it when my cat does this. Oh wait, It doesn't…

      • munyshot

        That's because your cat is a… wait for it… a pussy.

  • Mark

    More dogs, less cats.

    • TMZzz

      fuck dogs

  • Matt

    #10 That is a terrifyingly magnificent canine

    • TomatoTipper

      Holy hell I always wanted a lion but I think this tops a lion. What kind of dog is it?

      • Nathan Bowen

        it's a chow

        • Firefighter23

          Turns your face into Chow

        • john

          Tibetan mastiff

        • ...

          It's a tibetan mastiff actually

          • ...

            Sorry didn't scroll down far enough john

      • LiT

        some call it photoshop, some call it fake.. look at the size of those backlegs for example, then look at a real tibetan mastiff. You decide

    • Shazam

      I shall name him Sabertooth, and he will be my mighty steed.

    • Troy

      Doesn't even look real…looks more like a pokemon.

    • Silent Brutus

      Fuck Cujo.

  • tv_paul

    #36 See this boy, the world is your toilet.

  • Spelling Police

    #27 Clean your house. Damn.

    • Wisti

      yeah…it'd take only 30 minutes with a vacuum cleaner…if you're that lazy you're too lazy to properly care for any living creature…

    • mick0311

      Or…that is a room specifically setup for puppies, and not worth cleaning every day. Probably not though, lol.

  • BigPup

    #39 Laughed WAY to hard… poor little guy lol

    • Loudboy

      ha I made this .gif from the vid I saw posted on just yesterday! cool 🙂

  • SAChiverSteven

    There you go cat haters.
    Now GTFO and stop crying about Cat Saturday!

    • KCO617

      Why can't we be friends…haven't you ever seen catdog?

    • JinGJ

      So, is your lisp also evident Steven?

    • TheJoeGreene

      Stop fucking your mom for 3 seconds and go play in traffic until you lose.

    • Laurie

      That's not a very Chive-like sentiment, especially for someone who thinks enough of the website to have Chiver in their name…

  • AssClown

    #28 "And this isn't even my final form."

    • ALF

      I think I saw this oin the movie THE THING wit kurt russell……..just sayin…..

  • Djibril

    Please, stop, Derp was started on South Park 5 years ago. Its so annoying

    • Enjay

      No one asked you

    • iChive

      Simpsons did it.

      • Will


  • Noodle

    This dog post is everything I thought it could be (:

    • TMZzz


  • Andy Valentine

    #39 – "Woof… woof… woof… oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck"

    • HatBomb

      Sometimes you get the ball, sometimes the ball gets you…

    • Raymond Fisher

      In Russia, ball bounce you!

  • ChiveBear

    Thanks Chive! It's about time, I hate cats!

    • TMZzz

      great now go kiss your shit eating dog loser

  • Jamie Vaughan

    Love Cat Saturday still, but you guys gotta do a dog post every week too!

    • Emzilla

      I'm a cat-dog kind of person, I would also like to see both posts weekly. 😀

  • judy

    #35 but why?
    #28 = hilarious

    • Nevrdies4gotn

      To help control the disappearance of pic-a-nic baskets.

    • cels0_o

      Fuck you that's why

    • Dan

      #35 – Because Russia, that's why 🙂

    • Armin

      Is actually a Šarplaninac and it's trained to kill all things with claws and sharp teeth. Its from the Balkan peninsula and it trained to protect herds of sheep from things like Wolfs, lynxes, and Bears.

      Here is the vid the picture was taken from :

  • Anthony DeGiulio

    #35 Dislike!

    • Firefighter23

      I can see that dude riding his bear murder hound into battle.

    • jrk

      The dog seems pretty cool too…

    • Kristen

      Quit being such a pusy, Tony.

      • Anthony DeGiulio

        Sorry, but we don't need to hunt bears. Even if we did, we wouldn't wear a red jogging suit to do it.

    • TheJoeGreene

      Stop typing with your uterus.

      • Anthony DeGiulio

        My uterus can type 95 wpm.

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  • Scott

    Awesome thread, keep these coming. And the costume in #11 is pure gold!!

  • GuntherSquirrel

    #18 Dayum

    • HatBomb

      Seriously, what is that? Where do I get one? I'll just have to arrange a half a cow to be delivered once weekly…

      • Axelgrinder

        If i had to take a stab at it, i would say a wolf hybrid. A wolf bred with, in most cases, either a Siberian Husky, Alaskan Malamute or a German Shepard!

        • Sparkles

          Size-wise, out of those three, I'd go with Malamute.

          • 1C451

            I think you might be right; I had a white one this size. He was one of the greatest dogs I've owned.

            • Kristen


      • zgl

        dire wolf ;p

    • Thatisterrifying

      Photoshop (thankfully)… look at her hand

      • McSmizzle

        or not… the thing probably ate it and that's her new fake one

  • Tiber_Septim

    #8 I'm not fat, I am just a lil Husky

    • cat hammer

      BaDum Cha!

    • shutupstan

      wrong again, stan. You're fat.

    • Notme

      You win the internet today

  • Oscar

    #10 I just peed a little

    • HatBomb

      I don't trust that chain, at all.

      • Emzilla

        This is what I expected The Beast to look like on Sandlot.

  • shawn

    what kind is #18?? that thing is beast!

    • truemountain

      King Shepherd

      • Jeana

        Not a King Shepherd. That is a motherf%cking wolf!!

    • guest

      dane sheppard

    • DickFister

      Beast? I think she's pretty cute …

    • stark

      Direwolf I think

      • zgl

        awh, beat me to it 😦

    • Big D

      There's only so far you can go before we have to start calling these horses lol

  • KeepinCalm

    #33 Moar of her

    • Scooter

      Definitely! And show that tattoo next time.

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