• Me.

    Guilty. man i miss my childhood

    • SuperiorTo8

      Who says you need to be a child to play those games?

      • http://www.facebook.com/zachary.franklin.731 Zachary Franklin

        Agreed. I think I still play 80% of these regularly.

  • First

    Hahahahahahahah first!

    • Kozy

      ^^^ Failsauce

  • Tiber_Septim

    Played all those games at one time or another guilty as charged and had a great time doing it

  • Joe Mamma

    I still do… every day!

  • grumpy

    I didn't know that only stepping in tiles with patterns that run parallel to your direction was a "thing." I thought I was the only one.

    Also, always set drinks down back in the same ring of water, OR you have to form a symmetrical pattern from the interlocking rings. Not as an OCD thing, but as a game.

  • Mike

    definitely did all of those

  • Stephen

    Back when life was simple and the only thing you got grief from was mom telling you to cut the grass.

  • SuperiorTo8

    Did all of those. But my favorite was racing the raindrops down the car windows

  • Andy_C6

    Still find myself doing these daily.

  • Ride

    Haha did em all and still do!

    also walking on a bridge with passing traffic underneath and try to not "get hit" by the cars passing below! =D

  • billy

    i cant believe he didnt have "who can go the highest or jump the furthest on swings"

  • F16Chiver

    I hated when you were trying to throw the ball close to the ceiling and it comes back down over your head and you have to get up and go get it. Game over.

  • cookit

    Thank you for giving me back my forgotten memories, good times

  • Squirrel

    Thank you Internet, for making me realize I am less and less unique every. Damn. Day.

  • Mac the unturn

    This was lame

  • H3yblinkin

    Wow I still do all of those things…

  • Kristin

    Our bus ride to/from school was very rural. I would watch the woods pass by, hoping I'd catch a glimpse of bigfoot taking a morning stroll…

  • Wallace Duflica

    The ground is lava!!!

  • Docnine

    1 of the get use to play a game you had fun the repeating pattern on the wall paper inside hospital

  • SantaFeTrain

    Played all of those except for brick walking. My car game was we jumped all the shadows in the road, and only landed in the sunny spots.

    • Katie

      Wow I used to do that too, forgot until I read your comment. Except I think I only landed in the shadows, because the road was hot in the sun naturally.

  • Gues

    I do motorbike jumping on the big hills next to motorways.

  • Sme

    Only if you've got OCD.

  • Katie

    I definitely did the little man running next to the car and jumping off of everything. We also counted tractor trailer trucks.

  • Amigo

    my running man was a skateboard

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2416964 Nate Williams

    wow… I was waiting for someone else to come out of the closet all these years about playing the car cut down game… Guess I finally can

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