Farrah Soudani thanks the Chivers (6 Photos, 2 Videos)

A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of Farrah Soudani, a 22 year-old girl badly injured in the theater shootings in Aurora, CO. Farrah's injuries were so extensive nobody knew if the fragile girl would live; she lost a kidney, her spleen, and her left leg needed reconstructing. Farrah had no medical insurance.

After the shootings, hundreds of Chivers from Colorado contacted me about Farrah and we took immediate action and posted Farrah's story. I sent the Chivers to a GoFundMe donation page set up for Farrah by Victoria Albright, a family friend who took the initiative to set up the page with Farrah's mother's blessing. Within two days, the Chivers had donated more than $160,000 to Farrah, a record for GoFundMe.

On Friday, the money was successfully transferred into an Irrevocable Special Needs Trust in Farrah's name. Immediately after, both sides of Farrah's family, Mother Heidi and Father Sam Soudani, joined together at press conference to tell Farrah's story and publicly thank the Chivers (videos below).

Since that time, the hospital has forgiven Farrah's hospital bills but Farrah now faces a lifetime of expensive rehab, both mental and physical. Her once-hazy future has been made much brighter by the Chivers amazing generosity.

Farrah has a long road ahead of her, she is yet to walk and but she is determined to overcome any obstacles in order to return her life to normal again. The Chivers have helped pave the way. Farrah sent these photos to me and asked me to thank all the Chivers for what they've done. You stepped up and helped when she needed it the most.

On a personal note, many of you know that I grant very few interviews. We are the underground social network and I don't need mainstream media to spread the word of theCHIVE. I choose instead to let theCHIVE speak for itself. Leo and I decided a long time ago that it would be the positive actions of the Chive community that would spread theCHIVE good word in hopes, of course, that the Chivers would continue to be the positive place it remains today.

And you haven't let us down, your generosity and kind spirit has changed people's lives and theCHIVE continues to make the world a better place one Chive On at a time. Because the Chivers have demanded to help others in need more often, we have created a new non-profit worthy of the Chivers prodigious capacity for helping others, Chive Charities. We're manning up.

In the coming weeks, we will unveil Chive Charities, theCHIVE's official in-house charity, it will be the new mouthpiece for the underprivileged, it will give a voice to the orphaned disorders of the world, and it will change the charity paradigm forever.

Too often these days, charitable donations go to bloated "general funds" and trickle down to the individual only after greedy execs and lavish overheads pluck your money. Online charity threatens the old model, as well it should, and Chive Charities will lead the charge.

For the uninitiated, few understand the core that makes theCHIVE tick, it's just a website they say, it just posts funny photos and hot chicks, right? I just smile and nod. Because I know something they don't.


John n' Leo

Donate to Farrah RIGHT HERE.

Enjoy the media coverage below about theCHIVERS “Remarkable fundraising effort.” Donate to Farrah RIGHT HERE.

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  • The dude

    Chive on Farrah! Chive on chivers! Props

  • https://www.facebook.com/shawna.stryker Shawna Stryker

    Awesome news for Farrah! KCCO!

  • MR C

    rock that rehab farrak, CHIVE ON!!

  • supersport


  • ShawnK1704

    way to be chivers. never fails to make me proud to say I am a chiver.. #6. what a great idea

  • badmatty

    proud to be part of this community!proud to be part of this community!

    Chive On!

  • Duke25

    Farrah for Chivette of the Week

    • HatBomb

      Agreed, even in hospital bed with life altering injuries, Farrah is still gorgeous.

  • Boat

    Like Serano said in Major League, "F@#$ you Jobu, I do it myself" That's the attitude Chive Charities is gonna take. Let's cut thru the crap and get help to people who need it. Chive on!

  • Canadian Chivette

    Hell yeah, Farrah! Keep kicking ass and recover smoothly!!!

  • Stan

    Why that bitch didn't have insurance?

    • Wisti

      1. She's a bitch why? I haven't heard a single thing about her that makes her earn that title.
      2. She was a healthy young girl who didn't expect to have a bomb go off next to her…As expensive as health insurance is it take a drastic injury to make it so it costs more in the long run to pay the medical bill outright rather than the adding up of insurance fees month after month and then the down payment of 40% of the bill anyways. Plus if she was going to college she got free health care anyways, so until she went into the hospital she was covered. Granted, bet you don't go to college 🙂

    • fish

      You refer to women you don't even know as "bitch"? No wonder you never get laid. Dumbshit.

    • Victoria


      Farrah was working for a company for 4 years; however, unfortunately she did not qualify for insurance. Independent insurance was cost prohibitive for her. It is an unfortunate reality.

  • https://www.facebook.com/buschw2512 William Busch

    chive, love what you do; truly … please look to getting into the annual "combined federal campaign" … i know, i know; "don't go mainstream" … but as you already know, there are indeed innumerable military chivers … let us contribute through established channels; quietly, and with affection … btw, am retired military, a.k.a., an ol' man, but i love what you do and the synergies you create … keep calm; chive on …

  • Quinn

    Proud chiver indeed! This is 100% why I chive! KCCO Farrah!

  • Verbal_Kint

    #6 I got goosebumps when I saw this. You guys are fucking awesome. Way to use your powers for good!

  • Marko

    SPCA or some other things like that. can we help animals too please?

  • IrishInNJ

    I would love if teamgleason.org/ was highlighted by the Chive.

    35 yr old Steve Gleason, the former New Orleans Saint who is fighting ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) has set up a charity to tackle this disease.

  • leroyjenkins

    Chive Charity shirts and wristbands??

  • guest

    Has anyone at theChive considered getting Taylor in contact with Farrah? Even just a simple phone call. They both seem to have incredible strength of character and I think Taylor could inspire even Eeyore.

  • BigSchem

    Proud to say I donated! Get well as soon as possible Farrah!

  • Cut

    Anybody have the thought that people harmed in a senseless act of violence going bankrupt b/c of the medical cost of an act out of their control shows how fucked up our healthcare system is?

    We need Single Payer Healthcare now.

  • micky

    How about Chive Charities Survival Straps as a way go generate some cash for the cause. A simple survival strap in Chive green with either “Chive On” or “KCCO”.

  • theKid

    always proud to be a Chiver.

  • Katie

    I am so so proud to be a part of such a wonderful community. A big "Chive On" to Farrah, her family, the Aurora survivors and of course the ever-wonderful Chivers 🙂

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=542340105 Dylan Smith

    This is why I chive

  • guest

    #4 This one just made me smile. KCCO Farrah!

  • Jen

    I can't wait to see the good that the chive community will bring!!! KCCO!

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