Farrah Soudani thanks the Chivers (6 Photos, 2 Videos)

A few weeks ago, we brought you the story of Farrah Soudani, a 22 year-old girl badly injured in the theater shootings in Aurora, CO. Farrah's injuries were so extensive nobody knew if the fragile girl would live; she lost a kidney, her spleen, and her left leg needed reconstructing. Farrah had no medical insurance.

After the shootings, hundreds of Chivers from Colorado contacted me about Farrah and we took immediate action and posted Farrah's story. I sent the Chivers to a GoFundMe donation page set up for Farrah by Victoria Albright, a family friend who took the initiative to set up the page with Farrah's mother's blessing. Within two days, the Chivers had donated more than $160,000 to Farrah, a record for GoFundMe.

On Friday, the money was successfully transferred into an Irrevocable Special Needs Trust in Farrah's name. Immediately after, both sides of Farrah's family, Mother Heidi and Father Sam Soudani, joined together at press conference to tell Farrah's story and publicly thank the Chivers (videos below).

Since that time, the hospital has forgiven Farrah's hospital bills but Farrah now faces a lifetime of expensive rehab, both mental and physical. Her once-hazy future has been made much brighter by the Chivers amazing generosity.

Farrah has a long road ahead of her, she is yet to walk and but she is determined to overcome any obstacles in order to return her life to normal again. The Chivers have helped pave the way. Farrah sent these photos to me and asked me to thank all the Chivers for what they've done. You stepped up and helped when she needed it the most.

On a personal note, many of you know that I grant very few interviews. We are the underground social network and I don't need mainstream media to spread the word of theCHIVE. I choose instead to let theCHIVE speak for itself. Leo and I decided a long time ago that it would be the positive actions of the Chive community that would spread theCHIVE good word in hopes, of course, that the Chivers would continue to be the positive place it remains today.

And you haven't let us down, your generosity and kind spirit has changed people's lives and theCHIVE continues to make the world a better place one Chive On at a time. Because the Chivers have demanded to help others in need more often, we have created a new non-profit worthy of the Chivers prodigious capacity for helping others, Chive Charities. We're manning up.

In the coming weeks, we will unveil Chive Charities, theCHIVE's official in-house charity, it will be the new mouthpiece for the underprivileged, it will give a voice to the orphaned disorders of the world, and it will change the charity paradigm forever.

Too often these days, charitable donations go to bloated "general funds" and trickle down to the individual only after greedy execs and lavish overheads pluck your money. Online charity threatens the old model, as well it should, and Chive Charities will lead the charge.

For the uninitiated, few understand the core that makes theCHIVE tick, it's just a website they say, it just posts funny photos and hot chicks, right? I just smile and nod. Because I know something they don't.


John n' Leo

Donate to Farrah RIGHT HERE.

Enjoy the media coverage below about theCHIVERS “Remarkable fundraising effort.” Donate to Farrah RIGHT HERE.

  • Shadow Chiver

    So proud to be able to help and be part of a community that is able to make a positive impact on someone's live when they need it. Chive on people great job !

  • http://twitter.com/Cuervomk @Cuervomk

    How old is she?.. she can burn her bra if she's old enough in return… just a suggestion..

  • https://www.facebook.com/htrim Hollie Marie Trim

    Proud to be a Chive/ Berry mix! You do good work and keep my days filled with entertainment.

  • http://twitter.com/Ed103 @Ed103

    I come here for Cat Saturday, but I stay because of things like this.

  • Captain7710

    So proud of her and her strength, so proud to be a fellow Chiver that helped out in all of this!

  • BIG D

    very well done!…i'm proud to be a chiver and you guys should be proud of the followers you have built…chive is THE very best!

  • colo

    This was posted on this site: http://www.farrahspledge.com
    dammit I think the CHIVE has been duped

    "Have you READ the Trust? I have read it all and watched all 35+ minutes of Victoria’s press conference. I am also a donor who contributed to the Gofundme site weeks ago.

    Since that time Victoria’s insincere and money-focused demeanor has rubbed me wrong over and over again.

    In my opinion the Trust is basically worthless. It was set up by Victoria herself. It names Farrah as the Beneficiary, but gives her absolutely no power to access any of the money. ALL decisions about spending can be made ONLY by the Trustees. Guess who they are? Victoria herself and her friend of 20 years, Jack Butler.

    I think the Trust served mainly as a PR vehicle for Victoria, and a way for her to divert attention from her obsession with the money and with the power of control over the money. For some reason everyone thinks the money is protected now. What they seem to be missing is that the Trust provides NO oversight by anyone and allows Victoria and Jack to spend the money basically any way they want, “for Farrah’s benefit”. But there is no one but the Trustees who can decide what that means and it’s completely up to their judgment. No one else is allowed to weigh in at all.

    I really do not think Victoria wants to steal all the money, but my gut tells me she is FAR more concerned with herself and with wielding power and control over the money. I also think she’s smart enough to wait. The public will not care about any of this once a couple months pass. Everyone will forget and the Trust will have money in it that can be spent very loosely later. I am aware that the Trust stipulates that the Trustees will receive no “compensation”, but it clearly allows the Trustees to reimburse themselves for any personal expenses they want. And again no one has any power to prevent them from reimbursing themselves for as many expenses as they want.

    Here’s the thing. If Victoria was so worried about getting the money protected and demonstrating that she has pure intentions, why set up a Trust where SHE HERSELF controls the money, and where there is no reporting required? This money was DONATED. if Victoria respected that, she should have set up a requirement that all spending be accounted for, and they should have sought out Trustees that did NOT include Victoria herself.

    People seem to think the money has been moved to a place where it is “safe” from misuse by people like Victoria, but that is not exactly the case. It has simply been formally placed into a structure that cements Victoria (and her friend) in total control of every penny of the money, while simultaneously providing Victoria herself with legal protection and unassailable power over the money (together with her co-trustee Jack). All they have to do is be smart and spend the majority on Farrah’s care and make sure everyone sees that happening. That will allow them to misappropriate smaller amounts freely. None of these suspicions would even exist at all if Victoria truly truly had “given the money over” to Farrah or to anyone else. In other words if she had not been a Trustee herself, she could never touch the money and there would be no doubt as to her intentions.

    I definitely feel a lot of insincerity and self-serving signals from Victoria in her daily written updates and in her tone, choice of words, etc at the press conference. At one point a reporter asked her what motivated her to get so involved and do so much. She actually cut him off and blurted out this answer: “One hundred and sixty thousand dollars, ha ha!” she actually laughed about it and seemed almost giddy. Why did she not answer something like “I felt so much sadness for my friend and her injured daughter and I just needed to help”. Instead she immediately focused on the money. Listen to the press conference. She seems to continually mention the money. I know, that was one of the main topics of the press conference, but maybe it’s the WAY she talks about it. I just get a funny feeing. Also her friend Jack, the other Trustee, seemed to be going way overboard to defend Victoria’s character with his comments. Like they are trying to hard…

    Well, I hope Victoria really is sincere, but I think people should recognize that while this Trust does protect the money, it just does not protect it from Victoria."

  • colo

    followed by this comment at http://www.farrahspledge.com

    Thank you for stating this so succinctly, Cory. The fears we, as Farrah’s Allies, have all had have now been realized. We hope everyone will take the time to read the trust, word for word, and call these people out. You are encouraged to contact the Colorado Attorney General’s office to look into it.

    It is posted here: http://www.frascona.com/resource/farrah_soudani_i

    The press conference videos are here: http://www.youtube.com/user/FarrahSoudani?feature

    There is an article here: http://thechive.com/2012/08/20/farrah-soudani-tha
    which the GoFundMe page is now promoting. The Chive might be interested, if indeed the Chivers are as involved in this as it seems, to know that the money they donated is now completely in Victoria’s hands.

    Feel free to leave a comment there, and on any other article online that you can find, including these. The only way people will know is if they are alerted. Victoria has disabled all comments on her GoFundMe page:

    Other coverage: http://kdvr.com/2012/08/17/big-money-raised-on-th

  • http://www.facebook.com/ed.asakura Ed Asakura

    This is pretty crazy…I don't know what to make of this… Victoria always seemed to be either a hanger-on looking for attention or a really caring, giving, altruistic person. Being a cynical American, I assumed she was the former. The only thing that made me question that is the fact that she posted articles that made her out to be a villain. But a more recent set of articles now puts Marty (the cousin) in question.

    This new report cites both parents, which the earlier Washington Post piece did not, and they all say that Farrah is now with her Mother, that no one has seen Marty or know what he's up to. Very strange. I would like to think that The Chive was not duped and that John is a good judge of character. We'll have to wait a little bit to see.

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