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  • Juice


    • First Killer

      Wow, you are little bitch.

  • baammm

    #20 is how the west was won

    • Early Cuyler

      when we beat back the japanese in the war of 1812. Bring our boys home : , ) MERCA!


    #41 is a certified badass

    • Brad

      like a boss

    • KeepinCalm

      I would agree if he did it in protest to not being allowed to fly the stars and stripes. Unfortunately that isn't the case, kind of a bummer really =/

      • shane21613

        Very true, this house is 200 yards from me.

    • Larry

      thats a win in my book.

  • gooch

    #5 Lets not praise douchebaggery

    • @DrDrai1122

      Can anyone give me a source to buy this tank top?

      • Dick

        You can buy it wherever douche bag apparel is sold

        • ILIKEFISH

          Dick and Gooch are pretty much just saying, "No, I never went to college but I'll show my contempt using tired, recycled internet insults." BTW, "douche bag" is one word, douchebag.

          • MylesofStyles


            It's true because it's on the internet.

            • Danno Maurer

              AMERICA – fuck yeah – so lick my dick and suck on my balls

              • TEAM AMERICA

                TEAM AMERICA…..and Stiffler……nice

            • MilesofStiles

              Not when used in the pejorative. This is referred to as an, "evolution in language."
              Source: Internet

              Stop the douche bigotry.

              • _DoC_

                You mean "DE-evolution" in language where ignorant people combine words like "douche bag" so often that so-called "Internet Sources" create usages for where they somehow might apply as long as it belittles douche bags?

                Stop the ignorant douchery bigotroted idodigadigitady. (if used enough in the pejorative, do you think we can get "internet sources" to accept that as correctly spelled too?)

                • MylesofStyles

                  I am going to use the word "idodigadigitady" at least once with every person I speak to at work today.

          • Dick

            Oh man! Thank you for pointing that out! You can go back to butt fisting yourself now you thundercunt.

            • _DoC_

              Someones been ready "50 Shades of Grey"

          • rsjem1979

            If I produce my diploma and college transcript, can I call the two guys in the picture douchebags?


      This is Classic Team America movie quote and the number one, one liner! MERICA…..FUK YEAH !!! seriously how can you hate that lol?

      • nuccabay

        peeps who are liking this comment clearly have not seen the movie and have no sense of humor….this is probably the best song matt and trey have put out and they have some gems!

    • Jon

      Guy on the left is in the navy asshole.

      • _DoC_

        He's in the navy asshole? Hate to be that guy…

      • Dick

        Don't tell me he volunteered for that?!?!

  • JOHN

    #28 isn't THAT Merican. Why isn't any of it fried?

    • CW Muse

      DEEP FRIED Twinkies!
      You twink

    • Smelted Pelted

      The Oreos, Twinkies, and Onion Rings are.

    • hard time

      onion rings – now NOT fried.

    • ...

      Someone has a merican education. (side note I was conflicted if I should use a or an when dropping the a from the word went with a as it follows the rules better)

  • CW Muse

    Bring Out the Gimp

    • in1ear&outurmother

      "The gimp is sleeping…" =^/

  • Mr. Milk

    Waiting for the Oh, Canada post.

    • baammm

      no doubt! or the blame canada post

    • hmmm?

      can we just merge countries for like no reason?

  • wally

    #7&#11 and you wonder why theres so many mass murders…OH CANADA

    • Bob

      Just because they own guns, that does not make them mass murderers.

      • morebeer

        but they sure likes a good killin….

      • Clevernamehere

        Nope, just shortens the odds by quite a bit.

        • Aristotle

          False, delusional, silly nonsense.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Convenient firearms won't give me murderous urges, but if I get them anyway… Oh, I forgot, everyone being armed will make you safer. Never mind!

      • wally

        yeah when everyone can carry a 9mm and not machine guns

  • Hey


    • Jayonis

      Silly Americans hahaha

  • Pedro

    #11 Want to hang with this family

    • JAFitC

      Seems like a firing squad is more likely than a hanging.

      • Bubba

        Is that Sarah Palin on the left?

  • tralfaz

    #9 Wow The Chive has a commemorative Civil War corn hole set.

    Shut up and TAKE MY MONEY!

    • Confederate

      New Chive post: Racist Brunettes

      • Gallus

        Why must the Saint Amdrew's flag be racist? Can't it be cultural?

        • Mickael Duncan

          Yes it can be. A culture of slavery and racism.

    • UrMumsFishtank

      Isn't this racist? That's the racist side flag or the deep south…..right????

      • UrMumsFishtank

        **of the deep south

        • andfukyamoms

          No, it is not racist. Read a little.

          • causaubon

            uhm… yeah, it is. maybe you should "read a little" and stop being an apologist.

      • Emily DuRant

        it is NOT racist. it's the symbol of the confederacy and of the south, it is not anti-black or anything like that and it's a common misconception about the south that it means anti-black.

        • notfromthedirtysouth

          read a book once in a while and understand what the confederacy stands for- it was (is) a racist culture.

          • dusty0601

            1800's America was a racist culture. Read a book once in a while.

    • naluukti

      First, St. Andrew's Cross is the Scottish flag. See The other example of "St. Andrew's cross" in a flag is the inverse colours, as seen on the Russion Navy Ensign. An X does not St. Andrew's make.

      Second, while the maintained belief in the South and the original reason they seceded is the idea of Southern culture and state's rights, everywhere else in the world the Confederate Flag is a symbol or hatred and rascism, and is as offensive as a Nazi flag (seriously Chive, what the hell were you thinking?!)

      This is the result, in part, of a very successful PR campaign on the behalf of one Abraham Effin Lincoln, and because of the fact that the South lost totally lost that war. Not that they had much of a chance to start with. The Civil War was a question of production, and the South could not match the North, especially after the loss of New Orleans and the fact that the North wasn't even doing their own dying (they got the Irish to do it for them).

      Third, the idea that what we know as "the Confederate Flag" was actually the Conferderate Flag is a load of premium-grade feces. It was used by few units, and even then half of the time it was square. The first Confederate flag was known as "the Stars and Bars" – three horizontal bars: red, white, red, and a blue square with a circle of stars in the upper left – and was used for the majority of the war. They then scrapped that for the second national flag: a square "Conferderate flag" in the upper left on a white field. Some have called this version of the Confederate national flag "Ol' Retreaty," as the large white field could easily be mistaken for a flag of truce, and they were suffering serious losses at the time. The last Confederate flag was "Ol' Retreaty" with a vertical red bar on the far right, called "the blood-soaked banner," and was used for about two months before defeat.

      Lastly, while some Southerners see the flag as a symbol for national pride, it has also been adopted by many rascist organizations to represent the supremacy of whites over blacks and jews. Again, this is why the rest of the world sees this flag as a symbol of rascism and is extraordinarily offended by it. Seriously, Chive, WTF? This is like posting swastika's and pictures of Nazi rallies everywhere and being all "But they're, like, Buddhist peace symbols." Come on, you know better than this.

  • tv_paul

    #15 The American Dream Family?Let me mullet over.

    • Party in the Front

      Why do I get the feeling the "Now" picture would be very funny?

    • commander cool


    • Shannon Coverdale

      Had to thumb up

  • doodles

    god bless Canada

  • chiver

    #18 should also have a wide load sign

    • Emzilla

      There is at the very least, a caution sign. 🙂

  • Jin Jung

    #14 #42 God bless indeed.

    • Silly

      add #42 to the Find Her list

  • chiver

    I wish more 'mericans looked like #42 instead of #23

    • mike

      Amen and Hallelujah!

    • Orcslayer

      are they the couple from Wall-E???

  • James Ramos

    #42 Merica at its finest!

    • silky

      She's Canadian

    • Nate Bablitz

      but not most realistic…the reality of the situation is that more of you look like the morbidly obese in disability scooters than look like this.

      • thedude325

        Actually realistically there are shit tons of hot girls in America.

        • silky

          I hope so, just 0.1% of America's population would still be 300,000 people, which qualifies as a shit ton.

  • Wisti

    #41 I love you

  • Brad

    Get this man a medal #41

    • Patriotic bullshit

      America is sometimes the most ridiculous place on this planet. Nowhere are there more flags flying which cannot be seen by foreigners. Drive through a neighbourhood in any city and it's like each homeowner is saying "This part is the USA!". "Over here too!" "This part is also the USA!" Dum-dum-dumdum dummmb.

      • thedude325

        Yea, we're proud of our country. Deal with it.

      • Gallus

        It is like the TV ads say, "On 9/11 terrorists set out to change America. They succeeded!" We had slipped into apathy, now patriotism is back. I am a flag waver. Sorry about you.

  • r00s7a

    #15 Let that mullet wave like Ol Glory!!!!! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    • Duber

      I think that is Amy Poehler?

  • fattypratty

    What is funny about #42 is that there is a good chance that she is a model from Eastern Europe or Brazil.

    …Rediculously hot and boner inducing either way…

    • CaptMike

      So you're assuming that she couldn't possibly be American? Cause you think all Americans are fat?….and ugly? You, sir, are an idiot!

      • videologic

        he didn't say that "she couldn't possibly american" and he didn't say he thinks all Americans are fat either.

  • tv_paul

    #33 Man vs food Adam Richman do you accept this eating challenge?

  • RDH

    #34 What is that Democrat doing in front of Republican headquarters?

    • Captain Obvious

      Meanwhile, outside the Democratic Party of Philly, a child is robbed at gunpoint of her fiscal solvency for the remainder of her life.

      • Ive been there

        And unicorns, don't forget unicorn's. There is also a Romney shitting rainbows in the Republican fantasy.

        • Captain Obvious

          What a logical and well-reasoned rebuttal. Is that anything like the sturdy platforms of "Hope" or "Change" I heard so much about 4 years ago?

          • Dick

            Hey Whitebread…. Unicorn boy is right. Now fuckoff and die

            • Poke4Life

              AAhh, the all too common Liberal response, "Screw the facts, I'm right!" Well done, Dick…

    • Moknowsbest

      hahahaha funniest comment today!!!!!!

    • UWYO

      Its not a Democrat, its Herman Cain. He wants back in….

  • Dan

    Caption: Fuckin' 'American Bitch!

  • derp

    #9- please do not associate your confederate flag (and all that it stood for) with a site so great as this. Does it bother anyone else that the confederate flag (which was/is WIDELY associated with the KKK and slavery) is still so proudly worn and displayed in the US?

    • TeamVenture

      I was scrolling through the comments, wondering if anyone would mention that.

    • silky

      You're forgetting that the Southern states seceded when Lincoln was voted in as President, claiming the Northern States had too much power and could elect and pass whatever legislation they wanted with no regard for the Southern States.

      If the Civil War was about slavery, why did slave states side with the Union? Why did Lincoln make no official mention of ending slavery until after the decisive victory at Gettysburg?

      The confederate flag is misappropriated by racists to mean exactly what it did not mean at all.

      • derp

        …and that's why you'll see SOOO many black folks sporting the confedrate colors? One of the original populations of people seeking independance from their oppressors?

        …and if the slave states sided with the Union, why did they continue to supply loyalist armies to the Southern cause? seriously?

        • Emzilla

          You must not live in the south. There are quite a few black people with confederate pride. It's just they're no fun to show on the internet. I mean, which tickles your funny bone more, a black guy with a little confederate flag on his shirt or the back glass of his truck, or a hillbilly with a mullet, missing teeth and a gun with 6 confederate flags in his front yard, sitting in a lawn chair drinking Natural Light?

        • truth

          If you think the Union was some kind of civil-rights, racial-equality utopia, then you are from some 'back-water, deliverance-country village'. The EP was "a fit and necessary war measure for suppressing the rebellion of the Southern states". Who said that? Abraham Lincoln. It was to strip the Southern states of their primary labor force. The South did have the most slave work force in the nation, so the Proclamation was a sound military strategy.

          Furthermore, Lincoln sought to portray the Civil war to be a war against slavery in hopes to sway international opinion against the Southern Confederacy. The CSA was courting both Great Britain and France for military supplies/support, and would likely to received it had it not been for Lincoln's PR spin. Having recently abolishing slavery in their countries, both Great Britain and France backed away from supporting the CSA when this PR campaign was enacted.

          The Civil War was about state's rights and pride. It was, however distasteful as it may seem to us Southerners now, also about race. Any nation, be it the USofA or the ill-fated CSoA, that aligns itself with a barbaric cultural practice like slavery is wrong. The Confederate Flag is not a symbol of racial prejudice and hate, atleast not to many of those people who fought under its banner. There were far too many good people who died fighting for a cause greater than slavery. To oversimplify the war to being only about slavery is insulting and ignorant.

          • Isaac

            Agree, but we had a lot international support in the south. King Cotton and the rest of the world wanted it. Agricultural, along with that was why south had most labor. The lack of an efficient southern naval force couldn't stop the north from sinking cotton ships. Thus why the south invented the first Iron clads and first submarine. To get the cotton out of Charleston for the cashola and arms. A lot of you northerners need to read some Robert E Lee. That is the definition of what most of south was. Torn, like he was. The few, and greed drove slavery just like it does today. The"south" fought for so much more. How many Confederate soldiers do you think had slaves? They also killed the north 4 to 1, despite the better equipment and arms

        • ccoffman17

          If you think the Civil War was all about slavery, please note that the Union State of Maryland still had slavery after the Emancipation Proclamation (albeit only for a couple years)… The Confederate Flag may be perceived as a symbol of racism by certain individuals, however they should understand that there are many people that brandish the Confederate Flag out of respect and pride for a once independent nation.

        • silky

          The only reason anti-slavery was popular up north was because the wealthy northerners needed cheap labour for their new factories due to intense industrialization. Who's cheaper than people who used to work for nothing? Sure there were tonnes of "undesirable" Irish coming in, but they still were more expensive to pay.

          • Jesus

            "Who's cheaper than people who used to work for nothing?"

            Bullshit. I don't believe that slavery was banned because it was moraly repugnant. It was inefficient. Think about it. Slaves, as the property of an owner, would be seen as human livestock. If a slave is your property, a smart slave owner would keep his slaves sufficiently fed, healthy, and happy enough, in order to achieve maximum efficiency. But with sweatshops, you put the onus of survival of the worker and his/her family on the worker. You pay them minimally (which would be cheaper than paying a slave's upkeep), have no concern over your workers' health (as you could hire someone tomorrow as a replacement), and can get away with working them twice as hard (else their families starve). You can't get away with shit like that if you're using human livestock. So, in reality, we have a far crueler system now.

        • Moknowsbest

          your argument is invalid and your lamp was hideous

    • SantaFeTrain

      I believe you are misguided as to what the Confederate flag stands for. It has been twisted by an extreme minority of this country to symbolize hatred and prejudice. The Confederate flag stands for independence, standing for one's own beliefs, and is a symbol of pride for many. While the War Between the States is a dark spot in our history, I hold pride in the fact that my ancestors stood up for what they believed in. Slavery was a later issue brought about to garner support for the North. I do not support slavery in any way, but I am proud to be a southerner.

      KCCO from Texas.

      • derp

        I would not say it is an extreme minority that believes these things… it may be a minority in whatever back-water deliverance-country village you live in.
        You say it stands for independance, standing for one's own beliefs and is a symbol of pride for many? There was already a flag for that: the stars and stripes. That was initially created to stand for independance from England, to stand for our own beliefs etc..


      Well I disagree with all 3 replies below….I grew up in WI and in a very prejudice town as far as I was ever concerned… and every single big truck/ redneck wanna be/ badass/ punk had to have that flag on there truck…..and Everyone knew it had nothing to do with being independent etc etc….they all knew what they really meant by it…..Those in the south may know some history associated with it, but the next time you go on vacation anywhere away from the south ask random people at a bar or where ever what they think!!…Then you might understand why people still look at the south differently!?…
      What you try to represent and how others interpret it are two completely different things.

      • C469

        I want you to take a step back and see what type of people fly it. It is usually Redneck's, including myself, and country folk. The flag has come to be known for just that. So long as people like you, and the idiots in your town keep the thoughts, that it is about slavery, alive, it will always become known to that. It takes people who believe in change to create change. Don't keep these thoughts alive. Think that it is flown by hicks, rednecks, and country folk. And by God you can include me in that and I am a proud Masshole. God Bless the USA.

        • WTF...THINKABOUTit!

          Look I see ur point…..I DO…..but a speech class I took once told me that you can never remove meaning from a word once it has been associated with something else…..for example "pole"….."cherry"…."dangerous curves"….etc etc….litterly think of how many words have more than one association attached to them…..You cant change what a FLAG stands for… just cant decide that you and a your community think of it is how everyone else will see it……It just doesn't work!!!! so…..I take the initiative and Create a new flag meaning exactly what your trying to say……for example GET Er Done……but please dont use that cause that guy is a lame as hell!

      • truth

        So because people from the Northern states use the flag as a symbol of racial hate, naturally the people from the Southern states are using it for the same purpose? You admit that the South may have some history associated with it, and as such have an alternative purpose for displaying the flag.

        If I may, let me point out a bit of hypocrisy in this matter. We take great pride in the US flag, both in the North and South. We are united behind it on a national front, and are proud of it on the International stage. However, there are countries that currently view it as the banner of a corrupt nation that has slaughtered millions of civilians in ill-planned/executed wars.

        Should we change our flag or hold our heads in shame when we see the American Flag on display?

        • Iceman2509

          Millions of civilians? Corrupt nation?
          You judge a nation by its people and values, not by the government. If that was the case, the whole world would hate the whole world.

          • weelee

            I think hes speaking of perception here… There are nations… & yes, people IN those nations who hate the US, see it as corrupt & discourage any involvement. Rightfully so in many countries… We are a people, who in their minds, throw old computers into their drinking water, killed their father/brother/ant/sister/cousin/dog/culture/neice/internetconnection/economy.

            So are they, so are you & so am I.

      • thedude325

        I'm from the deep south. This is correct down here as well. Mostly the people who displayed the flag were teenagers who thought it looked cool. It wasn't a racist thing but more of a southern pride/ outdoorsman/ redneck thing.

    • Danno Maurer

      So your freedom of speech is better than mine? That's not Freedom. That's fascism. FREEDOM FOR ALL OR GTFO!

      • derp

        Anarchy is not freedom.

        • Right

          Freedom IS anarchy.

          • HillbillyNinja

            Why do anarchists always want to be the ones in charge?

        • Jesus

          Anarchy is absolute freedom… But that probably isn't a good thing.

    • Mons

      Is that a big banana in that truck??????

    • Bath Salty Dog

      The literal meaning of a Swastika is "to be good" but no one in the Western world views it as that anymore. Same idea. Good symbol ruined by fanatical retards.

      • silky

        Actually, the Swastika has no single original meaning. It is an universal symbol found in almost every prehistoric culture around the world, with different meanings in each. the word "swastika" may mean "to be good" but that is only a sanskrit loanword from Indian culture. For instance, in German, it is called "Hakenkreuz" or twisted cross.

    • boogieboogie

      derp enjoys little boys

    • wally

      You say the confederate flag represents slavery and the kkk ha you donkey… the american flag stands for the same thing then and maybe worse where you kill everything in your path for oil and money

      • Danno Maurer

        We don't do it for oil and money. We do it because fuck you.

        • wally

          that is why the world hates america because of douchbags like you

          • Iceman2509

            The world doesn't hate us. Don't get envy and hate confused.

            What oil? That is such a bullshit statement that has been over used and everybody believes it. But we are not getting oil from Iraq. Chian benefitted the most as they hold many of the drilling rights.

            • wally

              Whats the USA first agenda everytime the US go to war, get and secure the oil fields. Bush started that war to get into iraq for something his dad couldnt do, and that was to get Sadahm out of power. Thhere are much more worse people in power than him but yet those countries have nothing of value the US want. Im sure if Canada shut down trade with the US they would just try and take it

    • WyzardSTi

      Didn't we already have this discussion in FLBP today? Mind you…I'd think there will be the same type of posts in Oh, Canada if there were a Fleurdelisé on display…

      • Bath Salty Dog

        What is a Canada?

        • thedude325

          I believe it's an old wooden ship they used during the civil war….

      • wally

        ah the french, its called freedom and the fleurdelise is posted all across canada. we could have been american but they had no bombs in 1812 and…OH CANADA

        • Today, today?

          Go gives a shit anymore. I'll move to where the money and booze is.

      • silky

        since the lily, or fleur de lis, is the symbol of French royalty, no one in Canada gives a fuck about it. Sure, it's been misappropriated by Quebec, but no one gives a fuck about Quebec, and for good reason too.

    • Jake

      I like how the rest of the world talks about the south. That flag hasn't done a damn thing to anyone. Come down here to the south and start expressing your opinions about us and someone is going to send you back home with no teeth to eat your sweet grits.

      • matt

        ummm… so your solution to people thinking of the south as being intolerant is to be violently intolerant?

    • tohon

      I'm more offended that that flag is considered the confederate flag when it never was a designated flag of the rebels

    • Isaac

      Lets face it southerners. There is a lot of stupid people that has r.u.r.n.t. the Confederate flag. It will stand as a racial issue for a lot of people forever. It has been and is miss used and abused. The swastika once stood as a peace symbol. That's a lot why the nazi's chose it. Now look at what it stands for due to hate filled misuse. Look how a lot of the world views the American flag today. Lesson to all. Misguided use of any flag and representation can lead to the demise of its original intention. I honestly think we should force the KKK to stop the use of it. They demise it for what it is. Fight your argument there and you'll be heard as for its intention.

    • holydiver85

      I thought the same thing! Half of the people that display that flag have no idea what it represents. I just see toothless, uneducated, white trash.

      • dusty0601

        Because you clearly know exactly what it represents. Or maybe it's just you know what it represents to you. And if anybody doesn't think exactly the way you do, then they're just toothless, uneducated, white trash right?

        Ok, from now on the number 85 is associated with bestiality to me. Oh, look at your username! Why you dirty, sick, donkey fucking bastard!

    • dusty0601

      You know which flag the KKK used/used more than the rebel flag? The other one in this picture. You wanna ban that too?

    • Milo


    • heywood jablome

      the democratic party was/is widely associated with the KKK and slavery. should we ban them too? hey ~ not a bad idea at all!

    • Bob

      It was associated with that, but it's not what it stood for. If we start taking away everything that was associated with something that upset someone, we'd have nothing left of our culture.

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