Gehrd blerss Merca (45 Photos)

  • B Dub

    So much awesomeness in #15!!! Forget the Mullet, I'm bringing the fanny pack back baby!! Besides, nobody wants to take a roundhouse kick to the face when you're wearing those bad boys.

    • CW Muse

      At Rex Kwan Do, we use the buddy system. No more flying solo.


    #34 where's the photo of the small business owner or Doc being mugged, then stabbed outside of the Democratic party of Philly?

  • Grant

    Robin Williams calls Canada "the loft apartment above a really great party."

    We might be overweight and gas-guzzling and firearm-happy, but damn it, we love it. America is the land where people live however the fuck they want to, and while that may disgust others to an extent, who really gives a crap? If you want to eat a shit ton of fried food, go right ahead. Americans also may have a ton of guns, but all that really means is that we have a civilian army of 100 million strong. Don't fuck with the U.S.

  • Ryan Phillips

    #14 MOAR!

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    #14 #42 fuck yeah

  • TommyB

    #37 We totally need to Re-define what disabled means: If you're well and healthy enough to handle a >500# motorcycle…chances are you probably could be re-classified as 'able-bodied'

    • Eric Walker

      Maybe he has knee or leg problems. Missing a leg (maybe artificial).

      I think there are plenty of people out there with handicap stickers that don't need them, but I can't judge the owner of this bike without seeing him.

  • youwannaberedneck

    #35 IS A MORON !!!!!!!!!………."hey!…sweet truck!!…sorry about your dick" I remember think that every time I see people like this now. Thank You chive 🙂

  • Gursch

    #15 #28 #45 deep fried twinkies and instagram? Merica, fuck yeah!

  • captainmalcolm

    #9 #14 #42 #44
    I'm not sure what the rest of you are looking at, but this is what I saw in this post.

  • GernBlansten

    #32 So you know, we don't want credit for her…. Trinidad can keep that shit.

  • Rubes27

    Like Cars? German Ones?

    Come visit my blog!:

    All Cars. All Awesome. All of the Time.

  • Big5Hole


    Not American.

    • silky

      Mrs Potatohead is actually a toy invented in the good ol' US of A



    Meters? This is 'Merica, motherfuckers. How many goddamn yards or feet?

    • Grant

      Well played, sir.

    • Metric

      Im not entirely sure but I think American football is the only real sport that actually uses American units??? oh wait Golf……but fuk golf…..IDK after having being going to school for Mechanical Engineering for 3 years and almost done I'd have to say Metric is MUCH MUCH better and easier……for example could you tell me without going to google…. wtf a Slug is? …..sorry but metric is better and most likely will eventually prevail……

      • NOISE

        Thanks for missing the joke in my comment, Captain Buzzkill. You forgot baseball and basketball, they use "American units" too. And since we're talking about motherfucking MERICA, NASCAR uses miles.

        No fucking shit that metric is easier to use – who would've guessed that a decimalized system is easier than arbitrary units?

        • Metric

          Sorry Noise… just cant imagine how many people I run into who are very serious about how America has to keep its odd measuring system…….there are crazies who will throw fists over it! but as a joke fine…haha

        • Cecil

          Imperial Standard measure of Units.

          Just to make sure I understand your argument. If say, 'The Situation' starts measuring stuff in say Hairspray cans, and then some random sport takes the lead and starts measuring its field in Hairspray Cans, that makes it a good idea?

          • NOISE

            …What? Reading comprehension, motherfucker.

            Using hairspray cans would be as fucking stupid as your name, and also the Imperial Units (or as we like to apparently refer to them around here, 'Merican Units)

      • fuck metric

        baseball, basketball, two more off the top of my head that use 'Merica's units…..don't be a dumbass

        • silky

          he said real sports

      • HillbillyNinja

        You know, it doesnt really make a good goddamn what system of measurement is being used on a part drawing, as long as you specify which one you are using. No offense, but engineers are the worst about assuming that everyone uses the same units they do. " This part too small!" " Well, is was drawn in metric, so we used millimeters." "But I used cenimeters!"

    • Sam

      Funny how your 'Merican military uses the metric system though…..

  • Anthony DeGiulio

    #22 I don't see anything but some gas pumps..

  • Kyle


  • Dickmitten

    ironic how #14 uses measurements that America doesn't.

    • Dickmitten

      DAMN IT, meant #12

      • _DoC_

        I take it you're not in the Military?

  • bob

    #42 is just SEXY and made Monday morning a little easier to deal with Thanks for sharing

  • TCSthesecond

    #27 why would I want to burn it off?

  • Dave

    #41 Why would you want to fly the flag in your garden? People know they are in America.

  • morebeer

    Whelp….there's your problem, except for #42, you're cool…

  • dr313

    #9 was hot till i saw the flag. Nice try

    • Pointless

      Blah blah blah.. Which one? The stars and stripes? Damn Communist.

  • Luke

    Everyones like 'Merica and god bless 'Merica but don't you see this is a troll post? haha

  • Louellen

    Alright boys listen up. I'm going in on it. Obviously this flag means a lot of different things to many people. I'm going to tell y'all like my pa told me. A lot of people don't like this flag and they will hate you for it. We come from a different kind of cloth than y'all up there. My point is, who gives a fuck what y'all think about it. We know what it means. I've got a proud soul and I've never relied on my government for shit, but to uphold my amendments. Food, school, housing, not shit. That's what the flag means to me and my family. We are survivors. You don't have to be country folk, redneck, or white to fly this flag. You just gotta be YOU. Bitches…

  • ibleedgreenngold

    #41 is pure awesome sauce!

  • salmon

    #41 right back at ya! sure ill take down the flag…….

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