Gehrd blerss Merca (45 Photos)

  • Mikey

    Sillys, there is a Blackjack Pizza next to the gun shop.
    However, gun delivery….. hmmmmm
    I'd like a large pepperoni and a Glock 10mm delivered please.

  • LongIslandNY

    #36 **than**

  • jesse

    #43 douchebag!

  • jessica

    #41 I like this guy, his house is a big fuck you to the Homeowners Association………….

  • Michael Romanowicz

    I think we need 'Merica shirts Chive

  • Lyin-King


    Okay kids let get it straight.

    Yes the confederate flag had earlier symbols. Just like the Swatstika was not invented by the Nazi's.

    Its a cute game played by contrarians, cynics, apologists and highschool trolls.

    You missed the part where the flag in America represents a faction that declared war on the Union in defense of their way of life.

    A slave owning way of life. [Which also consisted of other things besides slavery true.]

    So save all the bullshit. The confederate flag is Merica is a symbol of an enemy of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    Try and snake around it anyway you want. Its culture, history, lineage blah blah blah.

    American Union forever. Keep waving confed flag around as a black man I am happy people do this.

    All the Confederate flag represents is THE LOOSING SIDE . So I'm happy people never forget.

  • Bob

    #27…No, but that's why there are other kinds of exercise you stupid fuck.

  • Chiver123

    #14 Americans are sexier when removing tampons!

  • David

    if you are so ignorant as to believe that the Stars & Bars " the confederate flag" stands for the KKK and slavery. Then i ask you to check your bed linen…. White sheets represent the KKK more than a flag

  • Tiger Woods

    Im a canadian currently visiting Montana. You Merican's and your guns. I couldve walked into a mass sporting goods store and bought an automatic rifle. thats psychotic. no wonder people get shot every day.

  • Rusticles

    Wow. chill the fuck out on all the confederate flag comments. Jesus, just look at the fucking picture & move on. Don't get so affended by a flag!!! I'm sure the girl in pic #9 is a fucking klan member. Sure.

  • tigerstyle

    #13, american flags all over a Japanese bike, eh?

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