Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose (34 Photos)

  • nathan

    #4 what kind of fish is that?

    • jables

      Cabezon eating a Black Rockfish ("snapper")

  • Harry Longbahls Jr

    #33 who the fuck gives a fuck?!?!

    • joe shabadoo

      oddly enough, i was going to comment the same thing…..

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #11 They also ate your popcorn!! The humanity!

  • supersport

    #5 Isn't it ironic…… Don't ya think?

  • Wannamaker

    YA NICK!! At least the Stamps have one highlight this season (#14)

  • joe g

    #16 i put some thing in her meater

  • MirandaKaye

    #9 Croaked

  • mrkerrdontplay

    #28 this is a fucking loser's mantra

    • USMC8654Justice

      they basically stole this from fight club

  • Dr. JFever

    #16 stolen from Playboy

  • GeoQuin4

    #11 You were robbed by someone you know… Nothing else being disturbed like that basically tells you they knew exactly what you had and exactly what they wanted and nothing else…

  • Jen

    #26 breaks my heart

    • Joe

      But Chivers won't give a fuck….they just want to fuck them, don't you chivers…

  • Larry

    #31 What am I missing in this pic?

    • Frosterson

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • Motofoxe

      Read the title at the top of the page. "Awesome wins and Terrible Fails" and "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose". Looks like they've won.

  • Val127

    #10 did actually end well. austrian base jumper felix baumgartner made the jumpe amazingly. he is now planing to jump from the edge of space, meaning 36 kilometers above the earth, and reach supersonic speed in free fall. the program is called "red bull stratos" if your interessted.

  • 0331

    Not racist if it says White.

  • ^tools

    Well it seems to be rather appropriate due to the fact that the album title is win or lose…fucking retards

  • Damien Loki

    #5 Bad Luck Brian?

  • crazydog

    #8 no, no I don't.

    I think about boobs to make it through

  • Mmm_Beer

    #10 Holy Shit (ignore the pun). Did the guy die???

  • zgl

    #29 real? dude got wrecked!

  • Mark

    #29 CRAP!

  • Anthony Jenell Sena

    #32 dominican pride

  • Dana Xu

    King for a day. Congrats

  • Fuhrer D


    Easy contest to win.

  • Luke

    HMM OK then, let me tell you about something that just happened the other day. My friends mom is an active member in our church and is a very nice and kind lady who gives to charity frequently and has been in multiple mission trips to Africa to help build houses and also gives out shoes/food/water. She was coming home from work on Saturday when she opened her garage to find a burglar. Seeing her he pulled out a 9mm Beretta and before he ran off, shot her in the face. The bullet entered through her left eye and exited through her left cheek then embedded in her shoulder. She is in stable condition but will lose her left eye. Not very funny at all in my opinion, but keep posting stupid pictures without thinking.

    • Luke

      Oh and i forgot to mention, while this was happening her children were in Oklahoma and her husband was in California therefore she had nobody to be there for her in her time of need. She passed out from blood loss fairly quick but luckily a neighbor called the ambulance after hearing the gunshot and seeing her about 5 mins later.

      • James

        Troll level = -1

      • brandunn

        I wish her all the best and a speedy recovery, but as soon as she wakes up get her away from the computer. if she sees this, if she sees THIS and sees that people on the internet are writing such terrible things specifically about the tragedy that she's enduring and you're the one lone defender of her honor, oh; she's not a douche? well then she'll probably know this isn't remotely about her and will give no fucks.

    • Nobody cares

      Boo hoo, everybody should be hypersensitive at all times.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a lingcod

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