User submit: one good lookin' Marine (16 Photos)

  • Rozy

    Just the thoughts of another Marines wife, and the girl that introduced her to theCHIVE.


    Pictures without wedding ring are mirror shots, they are reversed, what you think is her left hand is really her right.

  • Myrle

    “I’m 20 years old . I’m very happily married to a deployed Marine. I can’t decide if I make a better blonde or redhead . Can y’all help me decide?”

  • Yup

    Maybe she should get added to the awesome power of the texting circle of "Make her Famous boys" you all know what to do…

  • Hi guard

    Go blonde on top and red down below that way I can use my hose to put the fire out

  • cesar

    I think u going 2 look Good wit blond hair i love chic wit gold. Color hair

  • YUSoStupid

    All of you are idiots. Stop talking about how you wouldnt talk to her in a bar. That's a bunch of bullshit. You'd be lucky if a girl like her even gave your stupid ass a second glance. Being a douche on the web doesn't make you cool.

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