User submit: one good lookin' Marine (16 Photos)

  • George

    #3 definitely blonde 😀

    • IrishMan

      Yep blonde.

  • whyme1973

    #2 #3 #9 Damn! I always did love you WM's. I hope you send a lot more of your sexy self in for our enjoyment. Thank you for sharing.

  • Dan

    Probly getting fuck on the side by a friend

  • Dan

    I know I would

  • Jody

    I'm hittin it… so are three of my friends

    • d.c.

      I see what you did there, oohrah senior drill instructor!

  • JoeShmoe99

    I don't get it. The title of the post is "Photos of a hot girl Marine." But she's not the Marine. She's married to a Marine, who is deployed. Also, the Marines would never allow her to have pink-colored hair.

  • Busted

    Nice wedding ring.

    • GGwhatYoNameIs

      I only see #10 with a wedding ring on…

      Coming from a Veteran, I hope you're truly loyal. I really hope so. No Jodie letters.

      IF you do, know you're not a TRUE Chivette.

      • Kristeen

        Most of them are mirror shots, so you have to look at the other hand. And for the most part you can't see that hand but you can kind of see it in #3 and #6.

  • billy

    #8 is the best pic… I'd hit it…..

  • andy

    I think she'd look better with a bag on her head

  • PatrickM

    Deffinitely blonde

  • semperslutty

    classic military "married" broad. her: "hmm I'm bored and no one is worshiping my body, hey I know! I'll be a skank and post tons of pics on the net!" …pretty much just like my little brother (also a Marine) who just got served divorce papers in Afganistan… ten to one getting railed by his 'best friend' on the side. semper f*ckin gumby Go back to the strip club you started at

    • The Husband

      Its a shame you're brother married a whore, he most likely jumped into it for the money and benefits rather then the relationship just like the majority of all the other military members out there.

    • Baba Booey

      Exactly. Guarantee her old man will come back to her the same way he left her; freshly fucked

  • justsayin'.

    You're married. Stop posting attention whore pictures on the internet, get in the kitchen, and start making a care package to send to your husband. And pray that someone he's deployed with doesn't see this on the internet. Come on, honey. Stop acting like a 15 year old girl and be a GOOD military wife.

    • The Husband

      Just to clarify some things up, that is my wife and i am well aware these pictures are here and i encouraged her to send them in.

      • The Husbands A Fool

        How can you condone your wife, then, flashing her tits and ass all over the internet? You encouraged her to show the internet her tits and ass? Shame on you. Have more respect for your wife! Put aside all the shit people out here have been saying about her, how is she to respect herself when you're telling her its okay to whore her body to the internet for fucking attention? pathetic.

        • Just sayin

          Yup, she's definitely an attention whore. I would say 2 out of 3 military wives are.

          • Wow

            How can you people say such horrible things about someone you don't know . If it didn't say anything about military y'all would have different opinions garunteed. I really thought chivers were better than that. If her husband says he encouraged this then good for him, and shame on y'all.

  • Chris

    I think she looks good both ways

  • aaron

    can i just not look at your face

  • Zippy

    Leno chino

  • ksc

    she is obviously from the south yall. they get married around 19 and are divorced around 21-22.

    southern people are weird.

    • GGwhatYoNameIs

      Actually they don't. I've lived in the south my whole life and the only ones that get married and divorced that young are no different than the ones who do in the midwest, north, east coast, west coast or any other damn location in the country. I've met more young married people through my military career that were from other locations other more so than those who are FROM the south.

      Don't go knockin' on us because it's a different lifestyle than other places. That's straight rude and ignorant.

      I've met some weird ass people, more so than the southerners, that live in the middle and northern parts of the country… I chalk it up to each INDIVIDUAL not the whole location.

  • SoFLRider

    #2 She's average. We're guys, she's showing a little cleavage and ass, but if she was at the bar I nor any of my friends would want to talk to her or buy her a drink unless all she was wearing is these boyshorts.

  • Soldasd
  • tats4113

    You are hot as hell and you look fantastic as a redhead!!!

  • Shocked

    Who would've guessed that chivers were so judgemental.

  • Metallnot

    #3 yum!<img src="; width="1" height="1" />

  • Fingerblaster

    She looks like a child.

  • Anonymous

    damn you look good either way. i would like to take pictures of you with less clothing. lucky husband you have.

  • Anonymous

    damn nice ass and tits, and you are gorgeous.

  • Rozy

    The people with negative comments obviously are not true Chivers. That's not what these sites are about. Her husband is supportive and and maybe it makes him happy to get on his favorite site and see his beautiful wife on it. KCCO!!

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