A low down and dirty good time will ensue (36 Photos)

  • Corey

    Is that guy really
    Throwin up?

    • http://www.facebook.com/emily.gosling Emily Celeste Gosling

      And then eating it????

  • Who

    #25 I'll take the one on the right…damn I've made a huge mistake.

    • roldy

      #25 the one in the middle should be mass produce

      • DaddyD

        The one in the middle has been mass-produced. It's just that not all of the models are as nice as this one.

    • The James

      Yes. You should have gone with the left. She's obviously the better looking more outgoing type.

    • NothingToSeeHere

      FIND HER!!!

      • Jim

        Which one?

        • https://www.facebook.com/DannoRules Danno Maurer

          The one on the left has the perkiest bewbs…I'll take her

          • Kristen

            She'd turn you down too.

    • diego

      My new wallpaper – thanks chive!

    • I'm Me

      If you go with either the left or right who's gonna make you sandwiches

    • Xander

      Not surprisingly, equal levels of silicon to latex!

  • Sean

    #35 Poor, poor Woody…

    • http://rgplayer.blogspot.com/ RG Player

      Shallow bastards. Chick is cute. Just because she's got a little meat on her bones don't make her nasty and unattractive. I consider Woody very lucky. =D Most of you guys on this website probably weigh twice as much as her. =P

      • Master_Rahl

        I was thinking the same, RG. She's kinda cute, and thick in all the right places, I wouldn't mind knowing what Woody saw…

        • Kristen

          You two must be black.

          • goatpunch

            I've seen your comments a couple times. Either you are a mecha troll that is just looking for the angriest responses it can get, or you really are an awful awful human. I have yet to decide. I'm optimistic so i'm hoping for troll

        • http://emzilla.blog.com Emzilla

          You two just gave me a little faith in humanity.

      • Sean

        But… he saw terrible things…

  • Jamie


    • Jay T

      Lol fail!

    • GatOne

      You're doing it wrong.

    • Jamie sucks

      You are worse than Paula.

  • sjd

    I second that!

    • Canis Major

      Sasha Grey is a ho

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #13 nice trick, buddy. you didnt gross people out or anything. please continue drinking

    • Joey

      hahaha gamecock wrestling tshirt

    • MoarPEWPEWlessQQ

      O.o Eating contest duude, he can try and gross people out and he didn't get disqualified because no vomit hit the ground. Maybe he was drinking too though….

    • Xsoldier2000

      I laughed entirely too hard and too long at this… fantastic!

      • McSmizzle

        the guy's reaction in the background just kills me hahaha

  • aus

    #29 is that ben affleck

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      *Please don't let anyone have posted this already….Please don't let anyone have posted this already….dammit!!

    • Anomanom

      More like Ben Asslick, amirite!

  • _DoC_

    #11 Are your pants made of latex? Cause I can…um…see myself in them….

    • Jimbo

      Good one! And awesome picture.

    • Chris

      Actually it is a statue….

      • chesterdrawers

        Is it as hard as my ween right now…

  • Twiztidct

    #36 Hey look it is the Masked Magician…

    • Zombie kid

      I like turtles.

  • riot

    #10 that’s some cameltWHOA

    • https://www.facebook.com/mwyoung2 Michael Young

      Damn it, you beat me to it. I scrolled straight down to say that, too. lol

    • MiNty fresh

      That's no camel boys, you've encountered the moose knuckle! Approach very carefully

    • Knuckles Grymm

      I'd tongue that 'toe….

    • Notme

      I think she is enjoying it

  • Shadow Chiver

    The gifs on this post are priceless !!

  • Christian

    Me after this:

  • LaurenGoMeow

    #12 creeps me out.. #19 "can't turn a hoe into a house wife"


      Reminds me of the overgrown babies from the movie nothing but trouble

      • Zaedrus

        Or the end of Terry Gilliam's movie Brazil

  • sjb89

    #35 Woody is going to need therapy.

  • Soldasd
  • whyme1973

    #4 Very dirty…would love to see more.

    • Haw

      FIND HER!

    • GdMacK

      Was this picture taken in Nova Scotia , near the Gosse Bridge?

    • P90

      Any chance this is chocolate?

      • Chuck Berry

        I hope not.

  • RealZoo

    #3..needs a little "banana in the tailpipe"…
    #10 & #11 …Please find them…ASAP!

  • M4jestic

    #7 approved

  • http://www.facebook.com/Asian4WhtSupremacy Jin Jung

    #25 Purple is a wee bit more expensive than the other two.
    #11 Mind that gap!

    • Fryy

      purple comes with free AIDS

  • Lucky ducker

    #33 have you seen the virgin Connie Swail?

    • Master_Rahl

      Friday: "Not that it's any of your business, but I spend the evening in the company of Connie Swail."
      Streebeck: "Don't you mean – the VIRGIN Connie Swail -?"
      Streebeck: "Wait a minute!"
      Good ole Dragnet.

      • xrt

        Love that part!

  • http://www.facebook.com/langer23 Christopher Lang

    Find the blonde on the right! #25

  • partysauce


  • Navin R. Johnson

    #25. I'll take the middle one please. (strangely the other 2 bare a striking resemblance to russian bballer Andrei Kirilenko)

  • Jazbo

    #16 ha ha that's from my hometown.

    • Joeeee

      you live in Charlotte, NC?

      • Jazbo

        No, San Franthithco.

  • HOLLA-u-la

    #16 Serial butt stabbers = promiscuous gay men

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